Heavy period bleeding clots

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Avatar f tn For last 1 year I am having very heavy bleeding with clots. Doctor did D/C for three times during this period. This problem started after birth of my young child by C/setion. Doctor also put merina coil for 2 times but it did not work. I had D&C about 20 days ago and doctor gave me injection Decapeptyl and put merina coil. But this also does not seem to be working. Any help on this.
Avatar f tn a few after i some spotting and it went then a pinkish lookin bleeding then on the 27th i had very heavy bleeding with blood clots the size of golf balls. i went to the hospital they told me it was just my period. but now 4 days later its getting worst having to change my tampon nearly every 10 mins. im worried n dont want to go back to the hospital incase they say im over reacting. im getting to the stage i feel like pulling my hair out. does any one no what this could be?
Avatar f tn My implantation bleeding was almost like a full period.
Avatar n tn For some reason its been 6 days and very heavy with varying sizes in the clots. I would think my period was about to end and then it'd get heavy again. Should I be worried?
Avatar n tn hello, i have had regular periods for the past 4 months and the bleeding is normal and this period i have just had was 2 days late and its been very heavy with large blood clots. I am changing pads every hour and still leaking. Is this normal?
1277082 tn?1344061420 well flow is heavy today not light and not spotting. but the tracker puts me back at one if I put anything heavier then the spotting in. but I am heavier then spotting. wtf, what is going on. I think its b/c I stopped taking my metformin and now my body is trying to adjust. I didnt want to take the pills I wanted the symptoms to end for a time.
Avatar m tn I had my period March 22 lasting 1 week. Starting bleeding April 3 again. Heavy,Bright Red,One big blood clot, small blood clots now. Today still bleeding heavy when I use the bathroom. Have had a lot of Dental problems and been taking medications for it. Does anyone know what could be going on. My periods are never right. and are always heavy. Never big blood clots. No cramps.
2060775 tn?1330780587 I have pcos and i have not had a period in 3 months i started my period very heavy very fast 3 days ago and i have big clots and horrible cramps is there anything that i can do for this at all?
Avatar f tn My first period was somewhat normal and I have started my second period sooner than I should have and it is very heavy and with some clots. Is this normal due to stopping taking birth control? I was on it for 8 years straight.
Avatar f tn Now I havn't had a period since May up until three days ago. The first two days wasnt heavy, but today I had to change my pad 3 times. Which is rare for me, and the pads were completely soaked. I also can feel when a clot passes. Then when I sit on the toilet, more clots pass. Could this be due to the fact that when my periods were long I barely clotted at all? Also, my younger sister had the same problem..long periods..and her gyno said she was fine. O_O Help.
Avatar m tn Have big are these clots. I was told if the bleeding became very heavy (more than a pad an hour) and/or had clots larger than a quarter to come in immediately. Do you still have your hospital discharge papers? For mine they put conditions where I would need to be seen if they happened and who to call in that situation. Call and ask your doctor what they want you to do.
Avatar n tn I have not had a period since 2005, just had my second baby and nursed for a year, had 2 c sections.
Avatar n tn Poor you, thats an awful lot of blood! lots of women have a heavy period after childbirth and some womens heavy is light compared to another womans, but this isn't normal for you..it does take months for things to settle down gynacologically after birth. Its good that you feel ok and there are no clots, it doesn't sound like anything to worry about but very annoying!
Avatar n tn I feel fine not weak or dizzy. I don't have any clots just straight bleeding. Does anyone know if this is normal? Oh, this is also my first period since I had my son in march.
Avatar n tn i recently had my iud removed and within 4 days had my period, very heavy bleeding changing my tampon every hour and large blood clots, want to know if anyone else has experienced this
Avatar f tn Well, if the soft cup isn't working, I'd switch methods. You may be passing a simple cyst which is not uncommon. It can look like a very heavy period with lots of discomfort and cramping. Not sure if this is what is going on and perhaps it is time for a trip to your ob/gyn. But this is my guess.
Avatar f tn I am having heavy bleeding and I am a little over 6 weeks pregnant I am not seeing any tissue or clots nor am I having any pain the doc said my cervics is closed and i saw the baby and a heartbeat can bleeding like this happen and the baby still be OK?
4113835 tn?1349920135 hello i've been on my period for 3 weeks and its very heavy and lots of clots. I have pcos diagnosed 4 years ago but my periods have been regural for a year now and they usually last from 3 to 7 days. this is unusual. what should i do?
Avatar n tn I've had happen to me before but it was always with a 3 day migraine, and I don't have one. Now my flow is really heavy and I have clots comming out. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else or whats going on with me.
Avatar n tn I am 45 years old and from june 24th to July 28th I had heavy bleeding, bloating and strong menstrual cramps with a strange odor and clots. I saw my gynecologist 3 times during that period. She prescribed 10 days of provera to stop the bleeding and when that didn't work she prescribed cyclokarpon for 3 days,I saw no change and mentioned if she could do a hysterectomy.
Avatar m tn Two days ago I noticed i started to bleed lightly and then it has now turned into a heavy period, nothing on the pad but drips, but when i wipe there is alot of red blood. I went to the doctor the sac was still there and it was still early to detect a HB. I was told the only thing was to wait it out. I dont go back to feb 10th and this is driving me nuts. I prepapred for best but expect the worst. Has anyone ever gone through this???? and have it be ok??? or not???
Avatar m tn It was like a really painful period with cramps and clots. Very heavy. sorry you can't get in sooner. If you keep bleeding, i'd call and see if you an move to an earlier appointment.
Avatar f tn I am turning 52 in 2 weeks. recenty had a heavy period, with clots. The last menstrual period I had was 32 months ago. I had a vaginal ultra sound on fri, and they found a fibroid. This made me feel better, funny to say this, but, I was relieved to know that their was a reason. I have been feeling alot of pressure on my bladder, a full feeling all the time. Also when the scan was done my bowel appeared to be full also. No wonder I am so uncomfortable.