Heavy period after miscarriage

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Avatar n tn Heavy first period after miscarriage. July 17, 2008 You have all made a valuable contribution to me. I miscarried at approximately 3 and a half months and 5 weeks after i am having my first period. It was accompanied by a lot of cramps, heavy bleeding and clots. I thought i had miscarried again. I am on day 4 and the bleeding has lessen. Thank Jesus for this. I had gotten a bit worried that we had unprotected sex so soon after my miscarriage.
Avatar n tn I had a baby 7 months ago and started taking the pill before I had my first period. I am having a very heavy period and its gone into my fourth day, its bright red and seems to have tissue in it and its not my pill free week yet. could there be something wrong?
Avatar f tn i had unprotected sex with my bf on abt 8th november and the next day my period started. this was a late period about 5 days. after 6 days my period ended. but after 9,10 days my period started again with heavy bleading and still continuous (14/12/2011).
Avatar f tn But if you had delayed menstrual cycles then get miscarriage ruled out. Hence to rule out miscarriage, you can confirm it by getting your HCG levels checked.In case of pregnancy loss,the value of HCG will return to a non-pregnant range(<5 mIU /L) about 4 - 6 weeks after a pregnancy loss. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn I gave birth 3 months ago and got my first period the second month after birth it lasted 5 days now 2 weeks later I have a heavy period.I have to change pad every 1-2 hours.I also have lower back pain and abdominal pain.Is this normal?
1354666 tn?1278448444 My boyfriend and I were ttc for a year before we got pregnant however, at 6 weeks and 3 days I miscarried (April 30, 2010) I bled for a little over 2 weeks and then stopped which is normal from what I have read and was told by the doctor. On June 2, 2010 I began having a light spotting which I assumed was my period and the doctors confirmed. I stopped for about a day or two and then had light spotting again for a day and then it stopped and a day or two later I spotted again for a day.
Avatar f tn The first period (even the first few) after a miscarriage can be very heavy and painful. the fact you also have endomitriosis makes it worse too, so it's all normal.
Avatar f tn He told me it was normal for a period to be heavy after a miscarriage because is basically cleaning out any extra tissues (which are the blood clots) leftover. Therefore everything should be back to normal afterwards but if the bleeding is gets heavier or it continues on for an extended period then it's best to go to the hospital ASAP because it's considered very dangerous.
Avatar f tn Was anybody's period extremely heavy and with bad cramping after their miscarriage. I also had a big clot .. is this normal?
Avatar f tn With my m/c my first period after was really heavy and lasted around 2 weeks, but I had only a few lighter days, a good 10 days was really heavy. I think it just takes awhile to get it all out of your system. My Dr. was notr surprised by my period and said it was good, meant that my body was doing it's job. Hope it stops soon for you though, it's not that fun.
Avatar f tn based on how my periods normally are. Is this normal for a first period after a miscarriage? I just dont know what i should have expected???? Please help.....How was your first period after miscarriage?
Avatar f tn my question is that how long would be a period last after a first miscarriage . will it last 3 days or more. will it be same as a normal period or heavy period.will i have any abdominal pain.
1373996 tn?1278620062 This is my first period after my miscarriage on June 8th. It started on the 6th and it is very, very heavy. It is very dark red at times and is thick. I almost thought that I was prego again because of my body signs, however now I am thinking that I might of had another miscarriage. Is that possible? Or are some first periods after a miscarriage this way?
1432875 tn?1283390080 I have heard that 4 weeks after your miscarriage you should start your period, and i've heard its four weeks after the last day of heavy bleeding, and ive heard that its 4 weeks after the last day of spotting, and ive heard that its 4 weeks after your levels drop to below 5, and iv heard that your levels drop to below 5 as soon as you are done bleeding, and i've heard that thats not necessarily true....
Avatar n tn I have usually had light periods during my normal cycles, but this first period after my miscarriage, it has been really heavy, and I've been passing a lot of huge bright red clots for 2 1/2 days so far. Is this normal? And is my body just trying to get back on track, or is there a bigger problem?
Avatar f tn I had an incomplete miscarriage at the end of August. After getting a d&c my period has not returned. I've only had a bit of spotting for two days last week. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn so perhaps my body is keeping with that. Has anyone else had their first period after miscarriage come exactly 3 weeks afterward?
Avatar n tn I had a d&c on August 11th at 8 weeks pregnant. Following this I had approx. 5 - 7 days of medium to light bleeding with slight discomfort. I did not get my period until yesterday (Sept 21st). Yesterday and last night I had painful cramps. I have never experienced pain like this before. These cramps were definitely the worst I have ever had. My period is also very heavy with a lot of clots. Is this normal?