Heavy period after d&c

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Avatar f tn Yeah it is probably your period from what I read your period usally returns about 4 to 8 weeks after a D&C. There is something about intercourse that helps get the ball rolling with your period if it is close to that time anyway. I had the same situation except I didn't have a D&C and my miscarriage had been over two months ago.
Avatar f tn That's normal. I had a d&c back in July. And first period hit beginning of August.It lasted longer and went from spotting to a steady flow for about 9 days. It was hard for me to tell if it was my period because I spotted off and on before that on hit.
1068361 tn?1290628159 hi all i'm wondering if anyone can give me more information about a "normal" first af after a d&c. my first af post d&c started yesterday, it is very light (red blood) and somewhat "clotty". is this normal? i thought the first period after a d&c was supposed to be very heavy. im very concerned about scarring and ashermans syndrome...please help!
Avatar n tn yes itz normal to have weird periods post D&C,she may face longer/shorter periods,less/heavy bleeding for about 2-3 periods post D&C,it can be irregular also.
Avatar f tn After my tubal I did the same thing! It started out as spotting and got heavier! For almost a month! My ob said it was normal but if it lasted longer then a month to come in! Good luck hope this helps!
474362 tn?1234752013 sorry for your loss I had d and c 6 weeks ago on thurs i started my first period on 8th of this month, I didnt think it was my period as the doc told me i wouldnt get a period till 6-8 weeks after d and c. It started with heavy brown discharge and then 2 days later i had my period. People told me to watch out for the first period after d and c but mine was the same as it used to be. The only difference was is i normally bleed for 7 days but i only bleed for 5 days.
Avatar f tn Hi, I saw your post .. Can you go from bleeding from a d&c into a period, I had a D&C on October 20, 2009 I have been bleeding every since for four weeks i went to the doctor to get my levels checked. I assumed i went right into a period is is possible?
1373996 tn?1278616462 ve heard a lot of ladies say that their first period following a m/c was very heavy as it is the uterus shedding any remnants. Some women only have a light bleed, to be honest either is perfectly normal.
1432875 tn?1283386480 I got my first period 6 weeks after my first m/c and that was 6 weeks from the last day I bled. I'm still waiting for my period after my second m/c. And you are right, it's different for everyone. I have heard it taking 8 weeks for some people, so who knows.
Avatar f tn your periods can be all messed up after the d and c. with my first, i did not get my period til 7 weeks later and i think it lasted for like 7-8 days which it usually only lasts 3-5 days. then with my second i got my period back 2 weeks later and it was normal. if you do not stop bleeding within the next day or 2, i would call your doctor and let them know, but your periods can be a mess for a while.
Avatar n tn I had a D and C on September 11th and got my first period after the procedure on October 16th, my question is, is it normal to bleed very heavily for the first period after a DnC? My period is usually 4 days and I only bleed heavily for the first two days. This period however, its the third day and Im still bleeding extremely heavily. Today, I noticed many large, what looked like blood clots, they were very dark. I just want to know if this is normal.
Avatar m tn You should insist on having another ultrasound after period to see whether your body has expelled it all.If not then D&C is the best option to clean up sothat you dont face complication in next pregnancy due to old tissues from previous pregnancy. I hope it helps.
Avatar f tn After my d n c, I experienced a light period for about 10days in the first month. In my second month, I experienced a heavy period for 6 days. Afterwards the 6th day, thereis this light period which has lasted for 8days after the heavy period. Is there something wrong with me?
Avatar f tn I doubt that it means your pregnant. When I had my D&C I didn't really bleed much afterwards (or even before), then a week and half after the D&C I had 7 days of bleeding (like a period but it wasn't). Then after that I ovulated and my period was exactly like it normally is. Some say that your period is better after a D&C and others say it's worse. It really depends on your body. If you went 4 weeks with no bleeding, I would guess it's your period.
Avatar n tn My first m/c I had a D&C and my period after it was normal. With my second m/c it was a natural m/c and it was very heavy. Passing the clots and all. I've had 4 cycles since my last m/c and it's just now getting back to normal. I still have a couple of days where it's extremely heavy and passing clots. It's just your body trying to recover and get back in sync. I wouldn't worry.
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage and dnc on april3 rd 2011 and i have yet to have my period only 2x of spotting my ob said that was probley my first period but ive always been rather heavy flo so i was like i really dont think so so after my m/c i took 2 hpt came out negative 3 weeks post m/c i wated a week did more test came back all poaitive then i had a beta test done it came back as a 5 not pregnant so i wated and nothing mean time i was using opk and got a ++++ so i bd and now im 6dpo in the tww we
Avatar f tn In my experience, I got my period 5 weeks after my D&C exactly. I bled for about 2 1/2 weeks so I would count 4-6 weeks after D&C not the end of bleeding. My doctor said there is a chance I might not have ovulated that month.
628735 tn?1273875777 I had a D&C 13 days ago after finding out my twins had no heartbeat. I should have been about 10 weeks but there size was only 8 1/2 weeks. after going to the OB 9 days after the surgery because of lower abdominal pain he said there was no infection and that there shouldn't be any pain. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced lower abdominal pain after a D&C for longer than expected?
Avatar f tn First period after d & c.. i got periods after 5 months and first few days light spotting then it stopped. Then again it started after 2 days. Then again it came with heavy bleeding on day time n less at night. It has been more than 10 days now. Can any1 pls tell me what shud i do?
501796 tn?1253328394 I had a D&C done one tuesday due to a sac but no embryo. I was 11wks 4 days. After my D&C i had no cramps and technically no bleeding. I ended bleeding that night. But it was not heavy it was very light. But tday i started to lightly bleed. Nothing major though. Just very light and sticky. Oh and the day i had my D&C i had clots like ure period was ending kind. And that was only once. Is this normal what i am having??