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Avatar f tn I called a local Health Line for advice and they said it was Heat Stroke and wanted to call him and ambulance but he refused. He had Chest pain, difficulty breathing, dizzy etc. He's ok today, still dizzy, hot etc. It's another 39 degree day here. What do I need to look out for? Should he have gone to the ER? It's NYE here ATM (Australia 7.30pm) and want to avoid the ER. Any Advice? Thanks!
377493 tn?1356505749 I have a very fair skinned/fair haired 17 month old and want to make sure I am taking the appropriate steps to prevent heat stroke, sun stroke, etc. I know the obvious ones...sun screen, I always put a hat on him (which, to be honest, he promptly takes off..lol), always always have lots of water and continuously offer it and keep him in the shade as much as possible. He loves to be outdoors and we spend as much time as possible doing outdoor activities and playing outside.
Avatar f tn However I will try to provide you with some useful information. A heat stroke occurs when the body fails to dissipate heat sufficiently, and results in thermoregulatory failure. It can cause an alteration in a person’s level of consciousness, and is a life threatening emergency. Body temperature must be at least 104ºF, and its common causes include physical exertion in a hot environment, and lack of adequate fluid intake.
Avatar n tn As soon as it starts to get warm outside, I become extremely uncomfortable and suffer from weakness, headaches, dizziness, and sometimes vomiting. Ever since the heat stroke I have become vigilant when it comes to keeping myself hydrated, and trying to stay cool. But it seems like no matter what I do, I still can't manage to handle the heat. I'm worried because my coach and team can no longer depend on me to be able to finish a game if it is hot outside.
927213 tn?1270014966 dry gums as the heat prostration progresses, weakness, confusion or inattention, vomiting or diarrhea and sometimes bleeding. As the condition progresses towards heat prostration or heat stroke there may be obvious paleness or graying to the gums.] If those early signs were absent, then I would be more inclined to think it could be spinal trouble, or possibly something else. Many things can cause a dog to go 'off its legs'. Sometimes kidney complaints can do this. Has she been spayed?
Avatar f tn July of 2010, I had a bad and assume heat stroke. I was sitting outside watching a game of softball. I had drunk a bottle of water before I went and had a bottle of gatorade while I was there. All of a sudden, I didn't feel good at all. I told my friend I had to leave. She looked at me and said I was beat red. By the time I got back to my truck, I was very dizzy and starting to blackout. My friend said I was walking like I was drunk.
Avatar f tn July of 2010, I had a bad and assume heat stroke. I was sitting outside watching a game of softball. I had drunk a bottle of water before I went and had a bottle of gatorade while I was there. All of a sudden, I didn't feel good at all. I told my friend I had to leave. She looked at me and said I was beat red. By the time I got back to my truck, I was very dizzy and starting to blackout. My friend said I was walking like I was drunk.
Avatar f tn We thought it was heat stroke to beging with, we had a heat wave and he works outside and does not hydrate himself the way he should, went the the ER on day #6 of illness and was hydrated, several blood tests taken and told to rest and liquid diet for 24 hours. Did this and no improvement. Took stool sample in to hospital on Day #7 and everything was normal. Back to ER on day #9, did CT scan or abdomen and more blood work. Now told it's a virus and given phenergan which makes it worse.
Avatar f tn I have had migraines for over 3 years since my stroke which the neurologists seem to think were caused by my stroke. And I have since read many posts from others who have migraines after their strokes. But there are many treatments that the doctors can do. You need to find a headache specialist or at least a neurologist.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 32 years old and sufferred a small stroke on August 7. I am doing pretty well except for some numbness in my left hand and SEVERE headaches. Has anyone ever experienced severe headaches after having a stroke? I was put back in the hospital earlier this week because the pain was so bad, and nothing I was taking was having any effect on it. Even in the hospital, I was on an IV of dilaudid and that only helped minimally.
Avatar n tn It has been three months after the event and the following is part of a neuro consult--left hemisphere stroke, on CT chronic changes of subcortical white matter disease and remote focal infarctions associated with significant atrophy, significant spastic hemiparesis and language difficulty. He also feels she has reached a plateau with little expectation for future improvements. Probable underlying dementia superimposed on the stroke. I would like help dealing with her spasticity issues.
Avatar n tn Hi, The possible causes of your symptoms are - medication withdrawal, heat stroke, dehydration, low blood sugar, side effect of the medication you are taking or vaso vagal syncope. There is no way to attribute the symptoms to any one diagnosis without a complete clinical examination. You should consult your doctor about the symptoms you are having. Post us about any doubts that you have. Regards.
Avatar f tn Rotten Egg Burps (the WORST part) followed by nausea, severe cramps, vomiting, diarrea, the works. Only after throwing up everything I'd ever eaten in my entire life would it go away eventually. Doctors never knew what was wrong and there's still nothing much online about the cause of this illness. After logging what I ate for quite a while, we figured out that the common denominator was RED DYE #40!
Avatar f tn It sometimes last all night. I also experience hot and cold flashs. When i get hot its like a heat stroke almost and when i get cold i feel like im laying in the snow. i feel fine in the mornings and through out the day. i took a pregnancy test it was negative. I hate going to the hospital we have here and don't want to travel to another one. But i just want to know if i should buck it up and go anyways...
Avatar n tn he's 59 years old, i'm 53. this is his second stroke. his 1st stroke wasn't as bad and he didn't act like this. example; one day last week i was sick in bed with a stomach virus. vomiting everytime i even thought about getting out of bed or tried drinking water. my husband got it in his mind that he had a doctor's appointment. he sat outside in our car all afternoon angry because i wouldn't take him to the doctor.
Avatar m tn After the first session, I was feeling unwell for a week to 10 days. vomiting sensation, nausea, headache, squeezing pain in chest area. I got scared and visited cardiologist and EKG and echocardiogram came back saying everything looks fine. Later I started to look about LHR in google and didn't fine a concrete evidence or answer about how safe it is with respect to long term side effects? Now my questions are. 1) UV rays causes cancer by breaking DNA bonds.
Avatar n tn heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Difficulty breathing begins in the early stages of heat stroke. "Symptoms of heat stroke in the early stages include high body temperature, (103 degrees F); a distinct absence of sweating (usually); hot red or flush dry skin; rapid pulse; difficulty breathing; constricted pupils; any/ all the signs or symptoms of heat exhaustion such as dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, or confusion, but more severe.
Avatar m tn He could have had an undiagnosed condition. But it could have been heat stroke. Even with regular drinks of water, a dog can develop heat stroke if exercising hard -or even moderately -in high temperatures like that. Even though your other dog was okay, and you did your best by giving regular hydration....there are most likely some who are more pre-disposed to developing heat stroke than others. I am sorry. My kindest thoughts.
Avatar n tn I would be concern if you feel dizzy and like vomiting, Those are symptoms of heat stroke. Drink plenty of cold water and don't be out at peak hours of heat. To be on the safe side, get yourself checked out.
Avatar n tn How long ago was your stroke? What kind of stroke did you have? What does your doctor have to say about the migraines?
Avatar f tn My job is most of the time being in the sun landscaper and lately Ive had bad headaches vomiting and sweating I know its a sign of heat stroke but what do i do stay inside the rest of my life I drink plenty of water so its not like Im dehydrated what is causing this and why am i so tired and weak
Avatar f tn Some days he has no problem with the heat more so than anyone else, but quite often lately he has been showing signs of heat exhaustion, when he was younger he suffered a heat stroke, we are pretty sure that's what it was, my question is does it seem more likely that this is an intolerance to the heat, or seem like an anxiety issue? I myself have generalized anxiety and when he tells me how he feels in the morning it sounds a whole lot like my panic attacks only I don't vomit with mine.
Avatar f tn Hi, I has a heat stroke on thursday, June 28, 2012. I had one, I was working, and got over heated. and I decided to go and sit on my dining room chair, and I close my eyes, and the next thing that I knew I was on the floor.
393685 tn?1425816122 all Im only 25 and have just been diagnosed with hyperthryoidism, i get the sweats, the palpataions, the hot flushes, the heat rash all over my face and neck, nausea, vomiting, heat sensitivity - (like feeling heat stroke in 23 degree whether) weakness - nevousness, shakiness. insomnia, out of breath... it could go on.. alot of the above issues make sense now.. which is a good thing..
5154295 tn?1372287796 Yesterday I got extremely sick- vomiting, light headed, fainty, I believe I had heat exhaustion. So I drank more water then I thought was possible a slept all day. Felt better when I woke up then couple hours later I started to feel that way again. So just drank more water and went to sleep for the night. Now I'm up and (TMI) I have diarrhea, my lower stomach has a burning sensation, my back is killing me, and when ever I get up to do something, I get sharp pains. I'm FTM and 19w3d...
Avatar m tn Are you sure he was cool enough and it wasn't heat stroke? Unless a necropsy was done by a Vet, there is no way to guess what caused his death. It could be any number of things from something internal, an injury, poisoning, etc. You didn't say that he had been showing any signs of illness like lethargy, being off his food, vomiting or diarrhea.
Avatar m tn Heat stroke can be life-threatening and requires emergency medical care, so seek help immediately for a high body temperature; flushed hot, dry skin with no sweating; vomiting; a weak, rapid pulse; decreased alertness; changes in consciousness; disorientation; confusion; impaired thinking and shallow, rapid breathing.
Avatar m tn the only other symptom i had was nausea and profuse sweating however i do live in Texas and a good ole heat stroke cud be the culprit. Help! I am serious this hurts like a muthafo and it is getting on my last nerve. I do not have the time for pain. It isnt on my schedule.