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Avatar m tn It has not happened since, so I thought it might have been heat stroke. Is it possible for long term damage to have occured and what kinds of test should I ask for?
Avatar n tn hi in the summer as i was running 6 miles with the army i collasped at the end and was told i had heat stroke, after that i was told to rest and do no exersise until i had a heat intolerance test , i waited 16 wks had the test and failed as i did the test my body temperature just kept rising until they pulled me off the machine , my body would not climatise to a safe temperature,as i did a treadmill test in a room which was heated up , after i was told i might of failed because i was unfit so no
5417666 tn?1367657140 Hi, Im 27 years old woman, couple weeks ago i was hit by mild stroke i couldnt feel half of left part i felt like my heart stops beating. 2 dayz later i went to see the Doctor he told me is nothing serious and then he gave me the Medication. i drank all the medication few days later the same problem occured. My Question is what causes this pinched Nerve? Is my Heart safe because this pain hit me straight in my heart? and when i breath is so pain full its like somebody twists my veins.
Avatar m tn It's actually someone like a real stroke but heat stroke or heat exhaustion affects the brain in a different way and the ongoing symptoms are related to the body's reaction to heat or sun. Not everyone experiences ongoing sensitivity, and yours may ease off. But in my case, it was permanent. I remember those two incidents very well to this day, man I was sick (unbelievable). So in a way I am not surprised.
1281603 tn?1283802299 Doctors stopped using the hot water test for MS when they discovered that some people didn't recover from the heat induced symptoms. They learned what you also need to know - stay out of hot baths and hot tubs until you get a better picture of what is going on with your health. Good luck on Monday and let us know how it goes with the doctor.
1847422 tn?1332870656 I was on the verge of heat stroke twice in my college years, and appart form the splitting headache, that is exactly how it feels. I usually don't do anything but go to my car and then inside again after it is 80 or higher. If it is hot enough to cause sweat, it is too hot for me! I went to the St. Patricks parade and it was 82. All I did was stand around and I was over-heated and really messed up (eyes acting up too) for almost 24 hours!
565254 tn?1224720053 People without MS who developed severe heat exhaustion (or even heat stroke if they service it) often report an intolerance to heat that they never had before. I have heard from patients that it was years before they returned to their prior state of being able to tolerate high temps. Those with actual heat stroke (shut down of sweating and many body systems, temps to 107 degrees and higher) often have permanent neuro damage.
667078 tn?1316004535 -) Alex to me it sounds like you could have heat stroke, this isn't good so please stay inside, fill the bath with cold as you can stand water and soak your core temp down, rehydrate with electorlite filled water if you have it, if not standard water will help a lot. If it doesn't help you cool down or your still throwing up, then please dont muck about and get to the ER! HUGS.............
Avatar n tn When the elevated body temperatures are sufficiently high, hyperthermia is a medical emergency and requires immediate treatment to prevent disability or death. The most common causes are heat stroke and adverse reactions to drugs. Heat stroke is an acute condition of hyperthermia that is caused by prolonged exposure to excessive heat or heat and humidity.
Avatar n tn Hi I am 21yrs old and recently suffered a (clot) stroke (3 months ago). I went in to see my Dr today and he said I can try for a baby in the new year. Please, I would really like to hear from everyone who had a baby post stroke, good or bad.
Avatar n tn It has been three months after the event and the following is part of a neuro consult--left hemisphere stroke, on CT chronic changes of subcortical white matter disease and remote focal infarctions associated with significant atrophy, significant spastic hemiparesis and language difficulty. He also feels she has reached a plateau with little expectation for future improvements. Probable underlying dementia superimposed on the stroke. I would like help dealing with her spasticity issues.
211940 tn?1267884866 I know that people with high BP have more of a risk of heat stroke. So I would NOT cut down on your BP meds during the summer, and be sure to stay cool and hydrated. I have low blood pressure, but my respiration does get more difficult when I'm overheated, and I get really tired afterwards. This is almost certainly due to being heat intolerant because of the MS.
798555 tn?1292791151 But like I said, I know people that are not that bothered by the heat. I dont know the exact deffinition of heat stroke, but 12 years ago after the finish of a hot outdoor endurance event I was "out" for roughly 1/2 hour. I only remember laying down in the shade next to my truck and asking some kid to dump some cold water on me, then it was a blur, like I passed out. Next day I felt like I had a hang over- from the heat and dehydration. It was wierd.
580765 tn?1274922960 I have noticed no correlation between the occurrence of the episodes and any other conditions, other than the progression of the stroke- like symptoms in and around the time of the racing episodes. A neurologist that I saw Tuesday ruled out MS and other neurological conditions, based on several clear MRIs, nerve conduction tests, and lumbar puncture results. He said that all of my symptoms were likely due to an electrial misfire in my heart.
Avatar m tn He is now able to drive a bit. But, the ear/nose/throat doc said that it seems he had a heat stroke in his ear, which damaged his vestibular nerve (which affects balance). Once it is damaged, it will not heal. But, therapy can help the body adjust to a 'new normal'. My husband hasn't quite gotten to that point yet. But we're hoping he will. I asked the doctor if we should avoid heat in the future to prevent a relapse and he didn't really have an answer.
Avatar n tn While your stroke risk is low, it is not completely zero. I would follow your physicians advise and consider either electrical or chemical control of this arrhythmia.
Avatar m tn So the endo will likely reduce the dose on the next appointment. Why I'm still completely heat intolerant? Could it be something else beside hyperthyroidism? Maybe a Pheochromocytoma? Besides heat intolerance I still have some high blood pressure and tachycardia although not as bad as before Tapazole treatment. Blood tests 2/10/2015 TSH 2.67uIU/ml (0.27-4.20) --- NORMAL Free T3 5.09 pg/ml (2.0-4.4) --- HIGH Free T4 1.25 ng/dl (0.93-1.7) --- NORMAL Negative antinuclear antibodies.
489228 tn?1291535054 The antibiotics esp say not to ge in the sun. When I have I get a rash etc. but I looked it up and there is a risk of heat stroke! So I don't think it is something to play around with. We have had a heat wave here in MO so I daily am thankful for air. Funny my younger too kids have had it cushier just because of my age etc... but then maybe God knew Drew would go to Iraq, in that heat...
Avatar f tn I shook in bed for 30 mins, it woke my husband because I shook the whole bed. I then went and sat in the bathroom still shaking for another 15 mins. I felt heat spread from my mid-back up my spine. I thought, ok maybe I'll throw up now so I slowly stood up holding the bathroom vanity. The heat went straight up to my head and I called my husband in because I knew I was going to pass out. He caught me and says I was out for about 1 min or 90 secs without taking a breath.
1336491 tn?1340623141 There could be other reasons for this--coming down with a bug, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, maybe other situations, so it wouldn't prove anything. Even in the days when this was tried, it was done by a neurologist who had strong reason to suspect MS. But it wasn't safe then and isn't safe now. This is not something to play around with.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone Is heat intolerance the last symptom to go away when treating hyperthyroidism? Could it be something else besides hyperthyroidism? About 3 years ago I developed uncontrollable hypertension and some tachycardia. Only atenolol (up to 200 mg/day) was able to control it, although making me very weak, sleepy and depressed. Then blood tests revealed it was all caused by T3 hyperthyroidism. 2/10/2015 Free T3 5.09 pg/ml (2.0-4.4) high Free T4 1.21pg/ml (0.93-1.7) normal TSH 2.
Avatar f tn The lady giving the test said I should not have felt that much heat. I sucked it up and did it but I felt intense burning. I also had trouble with the tilt table test, which also made my ride home risky. I did not last 5 minutes of the 30 minute test. Once they tilted me up I started to pass out and feel like I was going to vomit. I begged them to stop when I felt like I was going to let loose of my bowels and bladder. Whew....I didn't but it was tough to hold it in.
Avatar n tn Macro-CK Malignancy Cerebrovascular disease Diabetic ketoacidosis
Avatar m tn I just went and picked up a copy of my holter monitor results, I had the test a week ago. At the bottom of the page this is what it reads, I'm freaked out. Monitoring started at 2.30 pm and continued for 23 hrs 59 mins. The average heart rate was 67BPM. The minimum heart rate was 36 BPM at 5.17 am. The maximum heart rate was 160 BPM, occuring at 7.42 am when i was in in jogging The patients rhythm included 10 hrs 51 mins 36 sec of bradycardia.
1572849 tn?1295837025 Sammy, I am sorry to hear you had a stroke. I had a major one in Jan. 2010. Mine affected my left side which deals the mental aspect and yours sounds like the right side which is mainly physical. Regardless, I know how hard it can be and your life is changed in an instant by having a stroke. With a stroke there are no easy answers. I stopped asking my doctor questions because he really didn't know and told me as much when he said, "a stroke is a mystery.
Avatar n tn And also I realized that my legs started having a pain and other symptoms after I took the test. Actually two days afer I took the test, my left leg strated hurting and later my right leg started hurting also. In the beginning, I had a lot of tingling in my legs and feet and I had a sharp pain from time to time and I felt some tendon or something in my legs was being pulled. And also my knees were popping too much.
554703 tn?1227501470 stress tests normal cardiolite (nuclear) stress test normal 3 echocardiograms normal stress echo normal ekgs normal cardiac ct normal massive blood tests normal x ray of head chest and neck normal mri of brain normal 3 ct of chest normal blood tests to screen for diabetes = elevated blood sugar/borderline diabetic ultrasound of legs(to look for clots) normal 2 ultrasounds of the abdomen =small non canceroous cyst on right kidney hormone blood tests neg lots of urine tests neg 24 hr heart halte
Avatar n tn Went back to doc, sent me immediately to hospital for Ultrasound, CT scan, EKG and blood test. They said no deep vein clots, said there may be nerve damage. Sent to neurologist, he thinks the same. Sending me for MRI thurs. The Red Cross has taken responsibility and is paying all out of pocket expenses, but what if I do have nerve damage from this, what am I supposed to do. I can’t sleep, drive comfortably, hurts just hanging my arm down by my side.
Avatar n tn i know they tell you not to take a home test, but i couldn't help myself. I thought maybe if i took one every couple of days, the results might be more accurate. i took a test 6/18 was negative. today 6/21 tested positive. Is it even possible?
Avatar f tn I also had blurred vision during this time. I had a CT to test me for a stroke/ brain tumor my CT and MRI came back good. I have had these symptoms almost daily for a month with a stutter. I have never stuttered in my life. My mind has been very foggy and sometimes I can not even do basic math. I occasionally am losing feeling in my limbs and sometimes it feels like my limbs are going to sleep while they are resting. Have you heard of this? What could be causing this?