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Avatar n tn As of dec my back gets this red spots that do look like bug bites, and as they go away the area seems a little darker than my skin. I will look up!
1260255 tn?1288658164 at first I thought maybe a mosquito had snuck in through a screen, but now I am thinking differently. As noted, I had hives last year. I googled hives multiple sclerosis and came up with a lot of hits for hives an autoimmune diseases, including MS. Searching this forum for hives, a lot of the posts seem to be old. How many of you get hives and do your doctors recognize this as part of an autoimmune disease?
97615 tn?1212682189 Hi, Cholinergic urticaria is a subcategory of physical urticaria (aka hives) that is a skin rash brought on by a hypersensitive reaction to body heat. Symptoms follow any stimulus to sweat such as exercise (sometimes called exercise-induced urticaria), heat from the sun (which could also indicate solar urticaria), saunas, hot showers (reaction to water can also indicate water urticaria), spicy foods which may cause an increase in body temperature or even stress due to blushing or anger.
Avatar n tn Do you have anything other than the hives? I have a rash, hives, fever and get swollen in my joints and face. At one point I had 27 symptoms, they all came out of no where a year ago, when I was 25, Doctors could not figure it out. I had to figure it out and learned to control it through the Zyrtec and a special diet I tell EVERYONE to search Nightshade Foods, they are a group of foods that can get people very sick. They include tomatoes and Potatoes. I cant touch them now.
186166 tn?1385262982 A lot of people have been writing questions about early symptoms of HIV infection. Many of these people do not seem to have any risk for HIV, but may be having some kind of anxiety related to an encounter with a sex worker (or as in the case of question one, a strip club). Most have tested negative for HIV and are beyond the window period. They report a wide array of symptoms, some of them are very severe.
Avatar n tn Hi, Cholinergic urticaria is a subcategory of physical urticaria (aka hives) that is a skin rash brought on by a hypersensitive reaction to body heat. Symptoms follow any stimulus to sweat such as exercise (sometimes called exercise-induced urticaria), heat from the sun (which could also indicate solar urticaria), saunas, hot showers (reaction to water can also indicate water urticaria), spicy foods which may cause an increase in body temperature or even stress due to blushing or anger.
Avatar n tn There is a condition called physical allergy where the person can react to heat, cold, sunlight etc. Cholinergic urticaria is a subcategory of physical urticaria ( hives) that is a skin rash brought on by a hypersensitive reaction to body heat. Symptoms follow any stimulus to sweat such as exercise, heat from the sun, saunas, hot showers (reaction to water can also indicate water urticaria) or any stimulus that causes an increase in body temperature.
Avatar f tn I keep searching medhelp about this issue and there are alot of posts. I too am one of the suffer's of this rash from the VS bra's. After having the rash for over a year, I just gave up and have tried to live with it. Now to think that my bra's are the cause and not the seasonal roseace that the doctor said it was.
Avatar n tn can not believe that this could be the answer. ive been rash free ever since ive pulled all my vs bras out! ive been called by 4 people at vs asking questions. wonder what they are hiding. i want to know how to join the class action lawsuit against vs. any advice please email me at ***@****. thanks a bunch!
679591 tn?1226518861 I was seriously concerned about my health but luckily I thought I may be due to the VS bra and purchased new ones. I had the rash for about 2 months, I though it was just heat rash from the summer and hoped it would subside. I also had flu like symptoms for almost one month in the same period. I don't think it was caused by the bra necessarily but it could not have helped my immune system to be sickened by formaldehyde.
10947 tn?1281407852 Today is the first I have heard of this VS rash and I have it! I have just thought that it was a heat rash and I have been just using Gold Bond powder, has it helped NO has it cleared it up NO have I gone to the DR's NO ~ Why not ~ I am embarrassed! What kind of fungus it that? I didn't want to look stupid well now I really look stupid I have been dealing with this since early June 2008! Well I guess I am going to make a Dr. apt and tell him how stupid I am and he needs to fix it!
Avatar f tn I'm in IL and have the same problems with itchy rash under my breasts and I only use VS bras. I use to wear VS body by Victoria, and have changed to the BioFit. The rash is still there, sort of worse. What do I do now?
679084 tn?1226582972 I switch to another bra and it goes away. I thought it was just a heat rash. Could formaldihyde be in the strap as well? That place on my shoulder blade is just weird and ever present. Yikes! Thanks for being here!
Avatar n tn I had the EXACT same problem as lunamars - I developed a severe rash from a Wonderbra I had owned for a while. I switched back to my old VS bra and the rash went away. Last weekend I bought a new Angels by VS bra and the rash came back after wearing it one time. I'm very upset - have filed a complaint with CPSC. Now I'm going to try to get my money back from VS for the bra I wore one time. The worst part it is that I need a new bra and I have no idea what manufacturer is safe.
Avatar f tn I also have a VS bra that I suspected could have caused the severely itchy, very red rash under my breasts and spent over a year and a half going to an allergist and a dermatologist for treatment. I have several dated photos of my rash and would like to become part of a class action lawsuit.
530191 tn?1214166411 Hi, In the overwhelming majority of cases it is not "something" causing the chronic hives, it is "nothing." That is, in about 95% of chronic hives cases, the hives are "idiopathic" (a medical term that means there is no discernible cause). In about half of patients with chronic idiopathic hives, the explanation is that body's immune system is, in a sense, overactive. The urticaria is "autoimmune".
Avatar m tn If before, could be infection causing it or more likely sweat bumps. This can be an allergy to the neosporin (cream vs. ointment), which I doubt, or to the bandage adhesive. If it lasts a long time, the cut is most probably infected and you want to see a doctor who can prescribe antibiotics and/or a stronger ointment to be used. Additionally, using hydrogen peroxide to clean the area (just pour over) helps.
567228 tn?1318359066 Hi, I was just recently diagnosed with Grave's disease on the 27th of June with only a TSH and FT4 results (I don't have the Grave's Opto), and was prescribed 15mg of methimazole twice a day (30mg total). I started taking it on the 2nd of July and it has been almost 3 weeks being on the ATD, but now I have itching w/welts that switch from one place to another on my body. It started about 2 days ago. It hasn't gotten to my face yet (and I hope it doesn't).
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, on three separate occasions(the last three times I have had more than one beer) I have had hives, a small red rash on my stomach that has lasted for 2 days, and most recently terrible diahrea where I couldn't stay out of the bathroom for more than five minutes and it lasted for 12 hours at least followed up by a bladder infection. There have been many times in the past where if I only had one I would have terrible headaches too.
8120829 tn?1408726459 I now use sublingual B12 spray but too much B12 causes blackheads all over my chest and belly. I also have hives when I'm hyperthyroid. Splinter haemorrages and hives are the symptoms that show up before any other hyper symptom. Hives are a possible symptom of both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.
Avatar f tn He also said that it might be hives on my lips. 1. My question is does herpes cause hives? 2. Also, do hives occur on the upper lip line border? They are red and do not look like any of the pics on net. They do itch before they come and once I itch they become red and by the next day they subside and some ooze some white liquid by some don't. 3. Also is an immunoblot test from labcorp more accurate than Elisa offered by Quest. Please let me know. Thanks!
179332 tn?1273250959 Just some info from my BP medication rash and hives reactions. I was on Lostartan, HCT (then Lasix) Amlopidine, Clonidine, also Glyburide for Diabetes (type 2) and daily baby aspirin. Had severe allergic reactions to all of them at different times in 2 short months. These all were medications I have taken close to 3 years. The common connection to most if not all is Sulfa which is distant chemical connection to all of these drugs.
Avatar n tn Hi, Hives are a nuisance, but are not usually dangerous. Still, in some cases hives can be a serious, even life-threatening condition. An allergic reaction could quickly affect your ability to breathe, so call 911 or go to an emergency room immediately if you have hives accompanied by hoarseness or wheezing, swelling in your tongue or face, tightness in your throat, fainting, or if you develop hives on your tongue.
Avatar f tn I was so careful to follow the instructions for the cream and washed bedding in hot water over and over. I shrunk clothes drying them on high heat, and my rash got better, but the itching never completely went away. I went back, and the dermatologist did a scraping and discovered I still had scabies. We all did the treatment again, and I took the pill form of treatment, too. I finally got rid of the scabies!!! From the start of the rash until I finally got rid of it was 8 months!!
3054080 tn?1358726456 It says that the Prednisone was given to reduce swelling and my allergic reaction (rash/hives). Yes, the symptoms happened after the hospitalization. I had my neck pain itself before that (but had not yet been referred to a specialist). The other neurological stuff came later. At first symptoms were few and far between. It is only in the last few months (markedly since September, 2011) that it has magnified so much. I guess I need to find a LLMD in the Nashville, TN area.
Avatar n tn I took 2 aleve on thursday morning (had been taking them all week), which had been helping with the pain, but had an allergic reaction (closed throat feeling), along with (what i thought was ) hives. Doc said i had shingles, gave me acyclovir, prednosine, and some vicodin. He told me to follow up this week with my reg doctor. I did that today, and my doc told me prednosine may not be effective, especially if i got a weird, "wired" feeling from it.
Avatar n tn It is more common and occurs more often in summer so my original suspicion was heat rash (not so). Stress is the number one cause of 90% of all ailments so of course it affects your outbreak. I have lived with my husband since I have had it and he has never transmitted it like one would with warts when in contact. No matter how they leave (self-induced popping, accidental popping, or healing on their own the skin that regrows cracks and is dry which is aging my hands faster then natural.
Avatar n tn By coincidence, I was putting Aquaphor Healing Ointment on my daughter's rash that the pediatrician recommended and I noticed it said for chapped lips too. I tried it. It has been working great for me. It stays on for hours, it doesn't taste like anything, it feels good, and you need just a small drop. My rash went away. This morning, I forgot my Aquaphor at home and grabbed a Chapstick I had in the car. Hours later a rash appeared again. I guess I am allergic to something in Chapstick.
Avatar f tn I run my arm under the cold water tap until it is 'frozen' and this helps for a while,I am going for ablood test tomorrow as I think my doctor is clutching at straws because he has no idea (beyond Hives) what it is. I am surprised he diagnosed Hives when I don't have a rash! You would think he would have looked into it further..instead us poor sufferers in desperation have to search the internet for answers. I actually feel elated that others know exactly the torturous nature of this condition.