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Avatar m tn To be honest, I did those things to try to decrease the night time itching and rash, but it seemed to help the night sweats too. I think you have rash and itching issues if I remember correctly so I don't think the sox are going to work for you. Every time I put sox or anything else on, I start to itch under the clothing. I stay mostly at home in bare feet, a tank top and undies. That helps the rash and itching. Waist bands, sox, long pants, long sleeves all make the rash and itching worse.
Avatar f tn · Shower – Taking a cool shower before bed may lower body temperature enough to prevent an attack of night sweats. Traditional Chinese Medicine perceives night sweating as an indication of a person’s state of health. According to Chinese medical theory, night sweats are associated with an imbalance of yin, where body fluids and nutrients are depleted. In TCM, the well-known yin-yang symbol is the embodiment of balance.
Avatar n tn And actually the back of his kness too. Almost like a heat rash. I guess with the night sweats it could be, but I just don't know. I will let you know if I get any new info. We see the doc on May 10 for my other son's annual checkup and I am bringing both boys. I'll ask some more questions then!!
Avatar n tn What are the chances that my night sweats could be somehow related to HIV symptoms - I think the night sweats were some months or years after the condom incident, but my memory is foggy on the exact dates. #2) Also, these days, it seems like every few months or so I go through a period where I have these intense, semi-awake dreams, and these also cause me some mild sweating. I wake up in the morning exhausted and sort of a little bit dizzy, although no fever or anything like that.
Avatar n tn He would feel better during the day but around 3-4 he would start going down hill. He had crazy chills and night sweats too. Now, as of last night, he has started with a fever in the middle of the night of around 102. He stays so tired too. Not sure if we should find a doc or if it will just go away but I am starting to worry. How are you feeling?
Avatar n tn I'm 42 & for the past year I've been on antibiotics 7x for chronic lung infections-I have no lung disease. I also suffer from chronic nausea, metallic taste, headeaches, dizzy spells, balance problems, extreme pressure in my head, night sweats, joint & muscle pain, alternating heat/cold in extremities, abdominal pain, recurring bouts of diahrea & constipation, and have been unable to tolerate anything with alcohol in it (ie. beverages, food or medicines).
Avatar n tn Since April of last year, I have experienced periods of INTENSE hot flashes and night sweats - sometimes 30 within 24 hours! These periods last 6-8 weeks and then the hot flashes reduce in intensity and occurance gradually over the next 10 weeks. Then, unfortunately, they start again. I am currently in my 3rd cycle of this pattern. I haven't had a period since November 2005. My GYN has done blood tests - I'm definately menopausal. I am not taking HRT.
Avatar n tn During this time I also have a flat, red, blotchy rash that appears. Do you get a rash too? The heat sensation and rash go away very quickly (seconds to minutes). If I expose myself to cold, it goes away even faster. I have had this since January. Sometimes I get it numerous times a day;sometimes I only get it once every couple days. I have many other symptoms going on as well, however. Symptoms of numbness in face (usually by right eye), tingling in hands/arms/legs.
Avatar m tn Heat Sugar & Alchohol mixed Stress
Avatar n tn Also now i am getting hot flashes, i sweat in the palm of my hand out of no where, it pools there, i also have night sweats and it pool on the lower of my back, i am getting headaches and a little insomnia.
Avatar f tn Haven't had too much problem during treatment or first few weeks after. I'm 7 wks post and have major dripping sweats (mostly at night but not always) I'm SO fatigued and often nausious. I'm getting worried I'm relapsing, first few weeks were so good! My doc shows concern for fatty liver and low cholesterol. Well, he doesnt say much but pretty darn readable! I'm such a wus, I just want to be done!! My diet is low fat, fresh foods, dont know how I could change it. Thanks for listening.
Avatar f tn I had gotten really drunk nothing happend then the next day I received oral sex from a girl I've known my whole life and I don't know if she even has hsv1 but I'm still worried she said when she was little she used to have allergic reaction to some foods and her lips would swell Well the day after my encounter my thighs started burning and tingling but I assumed it was just from the decel heater we have at work I'm around it constantly and we had just turned it on a few days b4 because bit was
Avatar n tn I've had night sweats for over 20 years. I'm not on HRT, pretty sure I finished menopause a few yrs ago. Good luck dealing with it, it's a real "damper" on my moods and clothes!
Avatar n tn In June, just when getting over a cold, I came down with extreme fatigue, aches and night fevers and sweats. I went to my doctor who checked me for mononucueosis and found nothing. Not satisfied, I treid another doctor. This doctor told me I had bronchitis and gave me an antibiotic that began with a Z (can't remember the name)(5 days worth). She also noticed that my heart beats too fast and gave me propanolol (10mg twice a day) to slow it down.
Avatar n tn Started in my stomach about 3 months ago, coming and going. But now just in my left calf. Very happy to see I am not the only one. I have been having night sweats and mood swings lately, maybe menopause is on its way. YUCK! I will be checking back to see if anyone has any answers. Good luck to us all.
Avatar m tn Still today I see few of them showing up and disappearing. When I asked someone they told me, it is due to heat and called heat rash. I stayed in place where it sweats profusely, and really skin burns. But now I am in very cold place, and you know it is already winter. If these are due to heat rash, they should be gone by now. When I asked the girl, she told me there is no such thing for her, if you have doubt get tested. Can anyone analyze and tell me what are my chances of having HIV.
Avatar n tn I would wake up sometimes on my back with this burning heat up my spine back and stomach. Now have this rash on my chest that looks like and feels like a sunburn. Sometimes I feel it on my knees and at times my body itches in different places, head, neck, arms, legs, wrists, feet, hands, and ankles. However, the only areas that show the red sunburn appearance are the chest and knees at times. All other areas become red only when scratched. It often bothers me at night and I sweat.
Avatar f tn I have had a severe sinus infection for about 5 days, with the nausea, disorientation, fever, night sweats, headache..... but yesterday when I woke up, I had a rash across my upper arm, shoulder, upper back, quadriceps and thighs. It looks like a heat rash, but is persisting... Although I'm feeling a bit better, and my sinuses are almost cleared, I've developed a pain in my upper right teeth today as well... Is the rash possibly related to the sinus problem?
189119 tn?1210170370 it is a very common problem while even on combo treatment. I did find that in time it did diminish. Keeping my skin COVERED in moisturizer (I found that Gold Bond Medicated Triple Threat Anti Itch was the one that really stayed on the longest so it worked the best) helped a LOT with the itchies. Unfortunately, I never found any "cure" for the night sweats and heat flashes kind of problems. I think it's just something we have to tough it out over.
Avatar n tn No enlargement of lymph nodes No marked night sweats or muscle or joint pain or headache. No flu like symptoms, except above - No sore throat also, but from Day 10 to 13 there has been a feeling of little irritation in the throat that subsides in a couple of hours. I am horribly worried about the Rash (is it HIV/STD) -Is rash in such cases generalized on entire trunk or body or can it come and go (subsides in a few hours) comes back again next day etc Is this ARS ?
Avatar f tn I know allot of negative comments and not much help, but i'm figuring it to be some sort of allergic reaction benedryl liquid form keeps the itching and scratching at bay, extreme heat hot tub baths without your soaps just simple epsom salt baths at night and be cautious of what new soaps or detergents we have used in our wash, dishes or on our bodies until we ourselves figure it out.
4765790 tn?1373110496 But,seriously, the majority of us have noticed that the sun and/or heat will make the rash bloom like the desert after a rain. My profile photo is what I looked like after being in the sun for a couple of hours, and that was after I had already completed treatment. The sun is the enemy for most of us on treatment. I could give you more suggestions, but I think they are all in the threads I have listed below. I am going to list links to 3 different threads, all from LookingForword.
Avatar m tn Now, as of the last couple of weeks or so she's showing some symptoms that are scaring me to death. First off hot flashes (WITHOUT sweats or sweating. Just release of heat. (She IS premenopausal (51 years old) and has been having hot flashes (mostly at night) without sweating for perhaps 5 - 6 months. Now she gets them a lot more, sometimes even during the day but mostly at night.
Avatar f tn But it didn’t look like poison ivy and it didn’t make sense because I was wearing sweats and the area with the rash was covered. Then my fiance’ connected the rash with the bruise. I have medical insurance and don’t normally avoid doctors, but experience has taught me that doctors are often clueless when it comes to “offbeat” symptoms so I took to the web and found this site and I’m glad I did. Thanks everyone!
Avatar n tn I am awaiting the results of a chest x-ray. I have had periodic drenching night sweats for years, usually right before my period, when I have the heat on and am using the down comforter, or when accompanied by vivid dreams. I have also had periodic deep-under-the-skin itching on the bottom of my foot for years. I am 38 and female. My paternal grandmother died of lymphoma at age 68. Naturally, I am concerned.
10866013 tn?1413403500 The rash has not gone away and some days are better than others, He is sensitive to heat and cold and gets hot sweats at night. After reading your post, the future doesn't look good. It is awful that he has to suffer, as the rash is very itchy and therefore he doesn't sleep well either. I believe this drug should be further tested as there are a lot of people suffering due to taking it. I hope your wife finds a cure or a way of relieving the symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have never experienced this rash before (altho I do have one tattoo that gets itchy with no bumps, I have 7 all together at first I thought this rash was a heat rash contained only in my tattoo. it developed after the hottest day we had so far this summer. first it developed only on the outline of my tattoo, and it has now spread to the entire tattoo, that has all colors. It is extremely itchy and has tiny fluid filled bumps. keeping it cool does help the itch.
Avatar n tn I asked one of my closest friends to come to the bathroom and she helped me apply powder to my redness, but i must say since i have been exercising, the redness didn't show up as much as i thought it would. I was so shattered about getting my rash on ball night. My redness shows up on my chest, neck, along my collar bone, down both my arms and my back. But on the night it was only on my arms my shoulders and maybe the size of a tennis ball on my chest.
Avatar n tn Also now i am getting hot flashes, i sweat in the palm of my hand out of no where, it pools there, i also have night sweats and it pool on the lower of my back, i am getting headaches and a little insomnia.
Avatar n tn No enlargement of an lymph nodes ( I check the ones in my neck, armpits, groin etc ) couple of times a day. No marked night sweats. No flu like symptoms that would make you go to a Doc – there have been some headaches but again subsides in a few hours. No sore throat also – but from Day 10 – 13 there has been a feeling of little irritation in the throat that subsides in a couple of hours. No marked muscle or joint pain. No lack of appetite..