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Avatar m tn I never mentioned it because I don't want to make a big deal about something that can be as simple as a heat rash. I'm trying to go through my head what it could be. I was walking a lot so there was plenty of sweat and rubbing in my tight jeans. Unrelated, but I've been on minocycline for a few months. Sometimes I forgot to take my pill throughout the week of the vacation. I got a couple of spider bites.
Avatar n tn i have tried washing the area 2-3 times a day with dial antibacterial soap and spread neosporin on the bumps before bed. they stayed persistent for the past few weeks with new bumps forming. there is no itch but if i happen to scratch one they can be a little painful. i had one erupt on my testicle and a small hard yellow/white "head" came out of it and it bled a lot.
1648969 tn?1304960340 Hello, Apart from viral infections, an allergic reaction to different allergens can also cause such itchy red bumps all over the body. I suggest you to consult an allergist and get him allergy tested also. Diagnosis of allergies is done by skin ***** or patch tests and confirmation is done by blood tests like RAST. Give him some antihistaminics and make him wear cotton clothes. Also use mild soaps like Dove and apply some calamine lotion on the itchy bumps as it will help in soothing the skin.
Avatar n tn Some have gone completely but I still keep getting newer ones. Now I'm getting smaller bumps on my arms and legs. The entire rash does not itch. The only place it itches is in the back of my neck near my hairline. It gets much more prominent after a shower and it seems that new spots appear. No one has caught this from me so I'm assuming its not contagious since it has been over a month and I sleep in the same bed with my boyfriend every night.
Avatar m tn I have a small bumpy rash on my arm the bumps are a little red, it has never itched and it has been their for 4 months, what could it be ? I was putting calamine lotion on it and it was going away but now it went back to how it was at first...
Avatar m tn I had a rash on my ear and i had itched it when I was jerking off But also i had unprotected sex with a girl 2 days after i saw them, I was thinking it is just a heat rash. Please help, I will post pics when i found out how.
Avatar n tn I don't know if they bumps are from him or not. We had sex once, and I didn't noticed the bumps until about a month after we broke up. I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn You have noted of a white hard center in these bumps. The bumps also seem to appear on the areas which may be readily exposed to heat and dust. Do you frequently wear sleeveless shirts? If you have known allergies and if allergies seem to run in the family then these bumps may have an allergic component. The fact that this has appeared when you have relocated could be a factor. You may wash the areas gently with a mild cleanser. Apply a thin layer of Fluocinonide cream 0.
Avatar n tn For the last 20 years I have gotten small red bumps on the sides of my fingers. They don't blister. They start out as one or two and then I might get a few more and they seem to cluster up on only the sides of my fingers. They are not itchy but they are sore to the touch when you run your finger over them. It feels like you have a splinter. They are slightly raised and red in color. They will stay for varying lengths of time and then dry up and go away.
Avatar n tn I suddenly have developed tiny bumps on my upper lip. A few months ago this happened in just one little patch but it went away, and I can't remember if I did anything. But just a few days ago they appeared again on both sides of my upper lip. Then, the next day they had spread and now go all the way along the ridge of my upper lip. They aren't particularly noticeable except they change the shape of my lip, making it look smaller than it was in the places where they are on the very edge.
Avatar n tn please help!!!! has anyone ever had red bumps around their vagina? they seem to mostly be at the root of hairs that are growing in, some on inner thighs and some on top like where vagina begins/ lower abdomen ends. is this hpv or some other std? they dont itch or burn, and i wouldnt have known they were there until i undressed. i wore new leggings today, though i dont think that would explain why there were bumps around the top and around where hairs are growing in.
Avatar m tn Furthermore when I got home I googled pics of genital Herpes and it was exactly the same. Not sure how this is going to affect my marriage, it was a little tricky before this cetainly is not going to help.
8526246 tn?1405605476 Ive gotten for the last couple of weeks what I thought were like spider bites but aren't. They're big red itchy bumps that come one day and go away the next . I keep forgetting to ask my doctor what they are because when I'm at the office I already have tons of things to ask about. Are these pregnancy related? Does anyone know what they can be? Has anyone got them?
Avatar m tn Today was a pretty hot day, and i was working up on a roof, getting a bit sweaty, so im not sure if that contributed to it being easier to notice ( perhaps if its a fungus of some sort the heat and sweat would help it grow / present more?
Avatar m tn i need help desperately the past couple weeks i been noticing these small red bumps on my back and i dont know where they are coming from. There small and red and usually accompanied with dark spots after they go away. they started as one or two on my shoulder area but has grown to more numbers and started to appear on my lower back now and my shoulders no longer have them.
1744410 tn?1311292401 Okay, so I have these small red bumps all over my body. They are small, getting as big in circumference as maybe a BB (as in BB gun). They don't exactly itch constantly, only sometimes. Although they feel good to scratch. They swell up a bit, but never get white heads or pus, and when I squeeze them (gross I know), just clear liquid comes out, almost sweat like.
Avatar m tn I saw the pic and I think its heat bumps probably the Vaseline can heat up with friction can cause this ok :)
Avatar m tn Didd Yhhu See Thee Pics!' iPut Up Pics..
Avatar n tn Then, last Sunday I woke up with incredibly itchy bumps(so bad that it's actually woken me up at night) on both of my ankles, and at this time the other spots were gone. Now, I still have the itchy bumps(which don't seem to have gotten any better) and the small red spots on my legs have returned. I've pretty much ruled out allergies, since I haven't been in contact with anything different than normal. Same with bug bites, especially since they don't appear to look like a bite at all.
Avatar n tn I found that the itch is not severely unbearable, unless you itch the area where the bump is which then causes more bumps to pop up. I also linked the bumps to the summer heat. When I stay cool and put my itchy hands and feet in cool water the itching subdues and then the bumps eventually disappear, but it only takes a hectic hot summer day for them to pop back up.
Avatar m tn I have been getting painful bumps. First on my Ears, then my hands and then my feet, some are larger, others smaller, initially it was thought that there were cysts on my ears but that was later ruled out by a physician. They are red in color ,they itch, sometimes burn, cause me pain and swelling as well as. Heat seems to increase the pain and swelling but oddly cold relieves the pain and swelling.
Avatar n tn Signs and Symptoms The most common symptom of scabies is severe itching, which may be worse at night or after a hot bath. A scabies infection begins as small, itchy bumps, blisters, or pus-filled bumps that break when you scratch them. Itchy skin may become thick, scaly, scabbed, and crisscrossed with scratch marks.
Avatar n tn I also notice very very very very small blister type bumps on my fingers that i have popped and released some sort of fluid.. the bumps on my penis/butt/thighs do not seem to have any fluid in them.. just very itchy and red.. I have had sexual intercourse about 3 to 4 months ago.. and have noticed these irritations about 2 months ago.. can masterbation cause it to get worse?.. i was told by a friend that it may be bed bugs?.. is that possible? (fleas? or no?..
Avatar n tn For a long time I didnt notice any new bumps until about 5 months ago I noticed a couple more small red bumps a long my butt crack and underneath my thighs where the skin folds. I have one small bump on my thigh closer to front onto my leg...and another small one a little closer to my vagina. They are small and red and sometimes itch or get sore when they get rubbed too much. None of the bumps are around my anus or on my vagina, or even extremely close.
Avatar m tn Hello, These bumps look like heat rash or prickly heat. It tends to occur on areas of the body where skin touches skin, such as under the breasts, on the inner thighs, and under the arms. Tiny red spots with itching and pricking sensation are the characteristic appearance of this rash. Avoid using any lotions and creams for the meantime. Use a mild cleanser with moisturizing properties like Cetaphil. Also use cotton clothes and change the clothes twice if there is any increased sweating.
Avatar n tn The sensation is different from the itching caused by the bumps – it feels more like something biting and digging away the skin and can also get painful. http://upload2.net/page/download/gE9EueJP8peJ9C2/skin_troubles-sm.jpg.html The attached image shows my problem: 1. This is where the bumps started, and they are still there, as well as on the left foot. 2. The bumps made their way up the leg and above the knee is a week or two. 3.
Avatar m tn Thanks grace I will what bothers me is iam married and made a stupid drunken mistake and iam worried sick because my life will be over if its herpes went to docs he said its not herpes just heat rash as I work in India seen all pics on net looks nothing like anything on net
Avatar n tn Hello, I have raised bumps on my skin under my pubic hair. They have not spread nor have then shrunk in the past 7 days. The are clear in color and do not itch. There are only a few maybe half a dozen tiny bumps. I first thought they were ingrown hairs.I am kinda freaking out. I do work in my bed at night on my laptop and have it rest on that area. I am thinking back now to a few nights when i removed my laptop and my boxers were soaked with sweat. Could this be a result of heat plus friction?