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Avatar n tn When the skin boils ripen, they give out a discharge. Fever may sometimes accompany the boils. Zoey, if yours is pussed filled, it seems like it's a boil, however, the symptoms seems somewhat the same as mine, however , I don't notice any puss,discharge or fevers it's just very hard and sore.
Avatar n tn Today and yesterday I feel much much better but my legs are still swollen and I am still feeling slightly sick Is there any remedy to this besides doctor I have read that mostly they prescribe antibiotics, but I have no boils, the burn isnt hurting chronically anymore and I seem to be getting better but still have a stomachache (and I have lost 3 pounds because my stomach is upset and so I force myself to eat the stuff I need and thats it) Also I am drinking a lot but not an excessive amount o
Avatar n tn I get really bad heat rashes in that area when walking the beaches in florida. Found this home remedy. Straight vinager blotted on with a papper towel. Stings like hell for less than 30 seconds but the rash disappears within an hour.
Avatar f tn Heat on boils will normally drain on their own in 3days. Tea Tree Oil is good (OTC) I think is in UK, for using after heat on boils. For Thrush, hm-remedy is frequent gargles/rinses w/ 1/2tsp salt in 8oz of warm water. Make sure you don't transfer compress while warm from 1 boil to another. You will transfer germs. Wash hands alot as I'm sure they're raw by now! If you have recent lab copies, ck. glucose # to see if OK. If this doesn't clear soon, call Dr.
Avatar n tn Today I was looking at some medicals books and found inf. on boils so I have put tissue of warm water on it see wht will come out of it. Thn now looking online for any help wht so ever cause if its somthing simple i rather not go too the doctor. I'm trying too contol myslf from not touching it. But if it doesnt go away and still there i would go too a doctor its almost time for my pap test which i hate it everytime. I'm 32 and since i'm not sexual active i can rule out std's.
Avatar n tn then it started under my arms then it came to my jaw line and I have had them the size of a coin dollar. I have tried the heat application, honey remedy, cortisone, and the medicated bandaids and I have found that putting a small dot of cortisone on a boil then covering it with a medicated bandaid reduces it but eventually it comes back, Iam scared with red and black scars I cant wear bathing suits, shorts or spaghetti straps.
Avatar f tn The are some meds that have helped others dealing with pain. Hopefully they will post too and give their suggestions to you. Ultimately it boils down to being your choice. Quality of life vs pills? It is tough to say. I try to find alternative ways to deal or lessen pain. Everyone is different. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn I was told they are caused by excess oil buildup caused by heat pr as well as an overactive sebacious gland. The shampoo is manufactured by a company called Alcantara and you can by it from their distributor in Miami. Their phone is 305-593-1260. They ship anywhere in the US, Its called Regulator shampoo & dandruff prevention shampoo.
Avatar n tn ive had the same thing since i was about 13, i live in the UK so i can get meds, but they always seem to prescribe amoxycillin (4times a day 3hours after food) they work after things get bad after summer - but never completely erradicate them, and the bumps/spots/boils always come back in full swing soon enough.
Avatar n tn I was on my period and it has been aoround 90 degrees here. Do you think its the heat and that I was wearing a pad that caused moisture and bacteria to form these bumps?
424839 tn?1268189846 Just as diamonds crystallize when carbon buried deep underground is subjected to extremely high pressure and temperatures, so, when we forge our lives under the intense pressure of difficulties and in the severe heat of hardship, we can develop a beautiful and strong sense of self. It is human nature to desire recognition and to want to look better than what we are. When that desire seizes control of us, it is easy to lose sight of who we are and what our real purpose is.
Avatar n tn whl my experiened like while i hv the same symtomps wt u hv ppl bfre i got to this symptoms i hv been suffered frm some Red types of painful bolils came out throughout my skin after tht i hv consulted Doctor bt it does not work after tht i consulted to Homeopathic Doctor & he got to knw tht i hv blood infection so he hs prescribed me some medicines after tht i took tht all medicines wt he hs given me while result was gud bt my painfull boils were grown up & frm all the boils of my skin
Avatar n tn I'm glad you went to the doctor. I believe that boils are Sebaceous Cyst's. It does sound like we are talking about the same thing. This is the seccond time I have had this boil. I had it once in 2003. It did go away quickly, so quickly I forgot all about it. Then this year about 1 month ago it came back and was 4 times the size of the first one. the size of a dice. So I grabbed for my British Columbia Health Guide Handbook. It gives you an idea of what's wrong, befor you see the doc.
Avatar m tn both in higher amounts than the above one......valerian root..suntheanine.....and chamomile Bach flower remedy spray......this one is said to knock out stress on the spot... Ginsa gold panax ginseng....it is for energy and has to be the panax variety Coca energy restore...this one is loaded with a bunch of stuff and is supposed to be a rejuvinator Natures answer Astragalus root this is for energy And lastly planetary herbals yin chiao..this is for sickness......
Avatar n tn >_< I hate these. If cold is too uncomfortable, try a heading pack, the heat would bring the infection to a head after a while if it is something non-major and allow it to drain. (If it is just a skin infection.) Really though, better safe than sorry if you've never had something like this before. The first poster is right, go see physician.
Avatar n tn I am 27 year old female and have had these blisters on feet since i was 16. They start up small then getting bigger as the liquid fills up. At that point the pressure is too much then it bursts. After it drains and the skin is peeled, you can see a tiny hole that seems to lead into the flesh. The blisters are painless and do not stop me from walking around but the few times that it has gotten infected, it has caused me great pain.
Avatar n tn I also feel like everytime I take a shower it starts so it has to do with heat. I am going to try the jock itch med. and see if that helps. If not I'm calling a Dermatologist. I don't shave their so know its not from that. Thanks and good luck!
Avatar n tn i have them quite often. they are almost like boils down there. what i do is set in a hot tub of water for about 30 minutes. the heat will bring the infection to a head and when it does that you will be able to squeeze it.
Avatar n tn Oops! I didn't meant to say this to myself. :P By saying "To Cindy".
Avatar f tn I have dealt with hives for almost 10 years. Mine seem to be exacerbated in the summer heat, and they also seem to be brought on primarily by stress. I have some right now on my elbows, forearms and tops of my hands that started the day before my son went away to camp for the first time. I also had a really bad case in January that came on suddenly after a stressful encounter with a co-worker, and within hours my feet were so swollen they looked like puffer fish!
Avatar n tn Guys holly crap i have the exact same thing!!! I am so worried it could be because of sex. Ive had this fricking annoying itch on all the spots you guys mentioned and the bump on the side of my penis head. Is this because of sex? Are any of the guys that have it virgins???? I need to know this asap plz!
Avatar n tn I had the skin tag removed from my labia last week by the gynecologist using local anesthesia. Then she cauterized (use high heat) the wound to close it. I can assure you that the effect of such a procedure is very painful. I can't sit properly, I can't wear any clothing that rubs on to the wound, I can't lie on the side in the bed because the labia is getting 'squeezed'. It swells up during the day and it stings.
Avatar n tn Well you could have sweated and the scent could stil be in your bra. Make sure to put on a new (clean bra every morning) you know how some of us will reuse the same bra a couple of days later becuase if you wash them too much the elasctic gets shot. anyway.. another thing is to bring baby wipes and maybe a small bottle of febreeze to freshen up your bra in the middle of the day. I am sure you are a clean woman..
Avatar f tn You can either take an OTC pin worm remedy but please know they do not kill the eggs. You nan also use a black walnut husk tincture(15-20 drops a day) , wormwood and garlic to kill the adults. Cloves will kill the eggs, I used the clove oil around my rectum and vagina, that stopped the itching as well as killed the eggs. If you have garlic pills, you can break them and use as well. THE CLOVE OIL IS ESSENTIAL TO KILL THE EGGS.
Avatar n tn Learn the difference between what kinds of things you need to worry about and what kinds you don't. For me, it's common to get boils and/or cystic acne since I'm usually moist and hot down there. I try not to pop my boils, because wherever the blood and/or pus goes, it will start a new one. They are very infectious. They're extremely painful and sore and hot to the touch when they're inflamed. I've asked doctors about them and they say it's nothing to worry about.
Avatar n tn It's initial symptoms closely resemble the herpes virus, causing inflammation, vaginal sores, cuts, boils, fissures, or folliculitis. Other symptoms develop years later, so it is very important that you find out just what it is that is causing your symptoms. Don't be too quick to brush it off as nothing, Behcet's disease affects people of every age and every race. It is important you see a doctor who know's enough to help you.
Avatar n tn Mine is definately heat related. Funnily enough when i excersise most intensely (football, running etc) i'm fine but gradual and seemingly innocuous activity (golf practice, painting, cleaning) i get hot very qucikly and get an all over prickly ich sensation without any visiual symptoms. The most distressing times are at night in bed. I have to stand near an open window and if it persists still, I go and sleep in the spare room.
288415 tn?1231634102 that seems to help a little bit and i see lots of dry white skin and q-tip peices come out. this is driving me crazy and i can't believe there's no remedy yet. One thing that has also helped a little was putting a small amount of cortizone anti-itch (odor free) on a q-tip and putting that in my ears before leaving for work. At night it gets pretty bad too. I've woke myself up because i was itching my ear and didn't even know it.
Avatar m tn They are attracted to mammals by receptors for moisture, heat and CO2. They are aggressive and they often bite humans when their original food source has gone; as when the young birds leave the nest. They can quickly multiply into thousands, leaving the afflicted person with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Once a home is heavily infested, they are very difficult to fully eradicate. Are you 100% certain that this is not it?
5082295 tn?1371254511 then felt SOOOOOO guilty for doing that!!! I could prob. do this by myself IF I had the money to buy the herbal/vitamin/supplement remedy... I think I already mentioned the fact that I didn't feel ANY withdrawals and I was on a way lower dose than I am now (when I was on a weight loss plan that was a mixture of REALLLL good herbs/vit/supplements). It was a dream for me...I was walking up to 3 miles a DAY, cleaning, cooking...etc... but now I'm like a basket case GRRRR!!!!