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Avatar n tn My 9 years old daughter has this blisters on arms and legs, her skin is dark so the blisters leave light spots on her, and she does not like to wear skirt, shorts,short sleeve. I am so sad about this, I have taken her to the dermatologist, creams nothing helps. she has had this blister for 6 months.
Avatar n tn my baby is 2 years, he has bliters on his legs, they are itching and then these blisters comes and go and they look sore.
Avatar n tn I also get migraines, but I have 3 blisters occuring on the same place on my right arch. They dry out, the skin flakes off and then blister again. In this process it is itchy until the blister occurs then it burns until I pop it. I have been using an anitfungal cream the Dr prescribed for 6 weeks now- religiously, NO CHANGE.
Avatar n tn i have littlt blister on the back of my legs and they r very itch can u tell me what they r
Avatar n tn over the past couple of days i have been getting these blisters, that when they are popped this clear liquid comes out. These blisters are on the palm of my hand. They are very small and in a group. some are single and others are packed together. there only on my hands not on any other part of my body. If anyone knows of has experience this before plz a comment it would be greatly appriciated.
Avatar f tn There are small brwon color blister kind of rashes on her feet and legs, when ever she stands for long in heat she develops itching. The itching is very irritating... please advise on it. i would like to know what exctly it is and is it normal in this age. Also if i will be able to identify the proble surely it will help me in getting the treatment done as soon as possible.
Avatar m tn She has a few other tiny spots on her arms and legs, and several other small blisters on her feet. The blisters look like second-degree burns, mostly clear fluid inside, though some did contain a bloody mix. She’s presently on two antibiotics and an antiviral as a precaution. Anybody seen anything like this before? Photos of her fingers are available here. The finger is coated with ointment. http://www.hoganconsulting.com/finger1.jpg http://www.hoganconsulting.com/finger2.
Avatar n tn Also I must add that I only get these spots on the bottoms of me feet and sides or my feet and sometimes the palms on my hands , only those two places, never on my legs or arms or torso.. If anyone can help me with figuring out what this is I sure would be grateful! I was given a steroid ointment, that doesint really do a thing, the only thing that seems to help just the itchying part, is ice cold water..
Avatar f tn My cousin has been having this rash for two months now and it is all over her body, it is starting to get on her face now too. This rash is warm and causes heat to her inside her body. She can't be outside or she starts itching a lot. Now her legs are getting swollen. Last night, her legs got numb and she could not move her legs, they got really heavy. She was outside and then she went inside the house into a room where it was warm, it was not cool.
Avatar f tn Why do I get tiny itty bitty bubble blisters all over my torso, including my stomach, back, chest, breasts, also my arms and legs when I'm exposed to any heat above 70 degrees in or outside? This has been going on for over 5 yrs. And they only have clear fluid in them, no odor, and they POP when touched forcefully. Need help!!
Avatar f tn I have rash on my arms, back and legs. In addition, I have big blisters on my hand. Rashes seem to be going away, however blisters and bumps aren't. I would like to know whether it's a heat rash or possibly poison oak or ivy. I'm attaching pictures of my hand. For the past week I have been taking Over-the-counter Benadryl tablets ( Diphenhydramine 25mg) 6 tablets a day, benadryl cream, and Hydrocortisone. Thank you p.s. Pictures in this link https://picasaweb.google.com/SeidoLA/SkinRash?
Avatar f tn Hi, Heat rash looks like a red cluster of pimples or small blisters. It is more likely to occur on the neck and upper chest, in the groin, under the breasts, and in elbow creases.People suffer heat-related illness when the body's temperature control system is overloaded. The body normally cools itself by sweating. But under some conditions, sweating just is not enough and may manifest as the rash, If you live in a humid and hot environment, this is more likely.
Avatar m tn Hi there, I can confirm the exact cause only after I examine you. These itchy blisters can be due to contact dermatitis, allergies, scabies, heat rash, sweat dermatitis etc. You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl and see if it helps .Application of calamine lotion at the rash will help in soothing the skin. If the symptoms persist then you may need topical or oral steroids for which you have to consult a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks after being here, I started getting small bumps on my fingers. These bumps appear to be tiny blisters under the skin. I have popped some of them, and a clear liquid comes out. They seem to spread quickly from finger to finger which makes me wonder if it is contagious. I now have these tiny bumps on my palms and my fingers. I have a lot of them and they really itch. The skin around them seems to get soft or changes texture when wet, which also makes it itchy.
1283793 tn?1271691392 My friend came home today, complaining that he had sever small blisters on his arms. They look like small pimples, but are clearly blisters. There are about 4-6 on each arm and hand... and they are accompanied by itching. It apparently happened because he works outside, in the sun... and it has happened before. It is only on his arms/hands and not anywhere else he is sunburned (ie face, legs...etc) What could this be? Is it an allergy to the sun... ? Please help! Thanks!
Avatar n tn my son has no fever but he does say it itches him and when it pops he says it burns its only on the legs never have seen them anyway else on his body and they are smell to nickel size clear blisters and clear liquid they tired Bactroban and mupirocin they told me to put it in the nose for 5 days two times and on his legs did that and they,re still coming.
Avatar n tn Last year they were much worse and they were mainly around my ankles but seemed to gravitate higher on my legs, a few on by stomach and sides and one or two on my arms. I tried the clear fingernail polish idea, it stung bad.. some then became filled with fluid pimple looking and then dried up. This time, again I have been cleaing and painting an apartment - eviction- in bad shape. Nasty.. meaning fithy humans and they didn't take care of their pets.
Avatar n tn Over last one week ( Since March 4th) I have noticed small to medium cluster of itchy blisters on my butt crack, as if it looked to me dry, little raised, Not red and No fluid inside and No pain on touch, but itchy, something that looked like a cluster of mosquito bites to my eye. And it has also spread to my inner sides of both buttocks. One of the bump seems large (size of a half peanut) flat and little raised with rough texture and grey in colour.
Avatar f tn With this condition, blisters appear on the abdomen, and in severe cases, the blisters can cover a wide area of the body. Sometimes the condition returns during future pregnancies. If your doctor diagnoses pemphigoid gestationis after checking your blisters, you and your baby will be monitored closely during the last part of pregnancy. Your doctor also may give you medications to control the outbreak of blisters and help relieve your discomfort.
Avatar n tn So I have this rash on my legs that has been there for about 5 days now. Please refer to images: http://imgur.com/DFDkyl&EV6fx (there are 2 images, so please be sure to view both). Basically, the rash covers my right inner side of the knee and extends a bit down my inner calf and up my inner thigh and on the left leg, there it's more sporatic and doesn't cover as large of an area.
Avatar f tn itching is between fingers, forming water blisters. Also creases in arms and legs, arm pits, behind knees, stomach, back;pretty much everywhere except head and face itch with a virtually invisible until being scratched so much they scab. My aunt does not drink or do drugs, so it has nothing to do with drug use or withdrawl. Doctor's have done bloodwork, biopsy, prescribed all sorts of anti-itch pills and creams, none of which seem to offer much relief.
Avatar f tn I have these very itchy red bumps that began on my feet (after I took my shoes off) and now it is just from my ankles up to my knees, but when I scratch them they seem to pop and a clear liquid comes out and then it becomes raw when before I thought they were bug bites, my boyfriend is perfectly fine and has nothing of the sort (maybe cause they are hairy?
Avatar n tn Water. Advil. Aloe. Epson. Lotion.Rest. PS I also heard Noxema is soothing too.
Avatar f tn About 12-24 hours after shaving (never right away), I develop and overpowering itch on the shaved areas (legs, armpits too, although the legs tend to itch the worst). This itch is so bad that I have woken up in the night reflexively scratching my legs until they bleed. I've tried all the suggestions the internet has to offer. I've tried: - nearly every shave lotion the market has to offer, including organic ones and regular body wash.
924242 tn?1243881179 hi i was wondering if you could help me ive come up in a rash all over my body i think its p[rickly heat as i came up after id been in the heat and its starting to really irritate me its all over my hands feet arms legs everywhere thnere like small blisters but pus has started coming out of them its really uncomfortable ive been taking antihistamiens and been putting eurax cream on me to try and stop the itching its been here for a bout one week and havnt been in the sun since the day it appeard
Avatar n tn I used to get the clear blisters all over my body, but face. Anyway, over the years this has decreased to just legs and arms. However, about couple of years ago I started getting clear/flesh colored bumps on my left hand. Not itchy, not painful, not burning, not scaly. Nothing, just there. I thought it was sudamina. I started scratching them. I noticed that the blister would pop and a clear liquid would come out. No smell, no pain. But, the spots would get red and then they turn brown.
Avatar f tn Another trick my teacher showed me was to run a little warm water - add lotion to it - the warm water will melt the lotion - then wash off your legs, etc. I do not use soap on my legs every day - I do this and it really helps. When I get to itching, I will do this too and sometimes it helps. *I have also noticed that if I eat a lot of wheat flour, I tend to itch more. Hope these help someone - it is miserable! I usually itch more in the winter, also.
Avatar n tn (Looks EXACTLY like a heat rash now) The rash started to spread to my back, upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, foot soles and my bottom. I do not have the rash on my hands/palms, armpits, neck, throat, shoulders or face. The rash is flat, no bumps it is completely under the skin it does NOT itch and it is not painful.. I am not sick at all. Also, when you put pressure on the spots the redness goes away and turns its normal skin color..
Avatar n tn Hi, There are several causes of blisters. 'Blisters are usually caused by injury to the skin from heat or from friction, which create a tear between the epidermis—the upper layer of the skin—and the layers beneath. Short periods of intense rubbing can cause a blister, but any rubbing of the skin at all can cause a blister if it is continued for long enough. Blisters form more easily on moist skin than on dry or soaked skin, and are more common in warm conditions.
Avatar n tn This recently happened to me, I went floating for 4 hours and got burnt on my front side, from my shoulders to my toes.I have blisters about everywhere. I got burnt on Sunday and it is now Thursday. I'm still in pain. It hurts to walk because my ankles are so swollen, and I have to work on my hurt legs. I even got ended up getting sick at work because the pain was unbearable, and possibly lack of hydration. I'm thinking about going to the clinic tomaro.