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Avatar n tn i had an endo and found hiatal hernia ,small ulcer,moderate gastritis, stricture which was dilated and mucosa chroic imflamation of esohagus. im on nexium 40 mg 2xd which am suppose to lesten but when i do it pain comes back in upper stomach .on this for 4 mo now .i get diahrea now with it.
Avatar n tn They may need to do an Upper GI to make sure you don't have an ulcer. Also, The chest pain and back pain needs to be checked too. I don't want you to put off going to the doctor but it does take a month or two for Zantac or Prilosec to heal an ulcer or you may reflux even if you don't feel it. Please get this checked out.
Avatar m tn I use zantac when i feel these symptoms, tylenol and lately pepto bismol and drinking veggie juice( i cant seem find just cabbage juice?). They all seem to work for a short term but nothing for a long time. People keep telling me to use prilosec but you see i am from Canada, where its just starting to make its way into this country and have not seen it on store shelves.I also do not have a family doctor and not like the states i cant just call any type of specialist without any referal.
Avatar f tn Prilosec and Nexium is for heartburn. Prilosec is taken over a 14 day period and can only be taken every 4 months. Not sure about dosing for Nexium but Prilosec is often prescribed because it is over the counter.
198627 tn?1203057607 it probably is just heartburn, however, if the pain is severe and you're feeling nauseated, you should go to the ER. It could be an ulcer. A couple months ago I thought I was just having severe heartburn, but it turned out to be 2 duodenal ulcers and it was a good thing I went to the er because they admitted me for 5 days. Better to be safe than sorry. Of course, it could be a heart attack as well, but you're pretty young for that.
Avatar m tn She said ulcers are caused by bacteria not heartburn and can only be treated by antibiotics? and a ulcer would cause bad stomach pain not just burning? I have to disagree because i have done tons of research and all my symptoms are general symptoms of a ulcer. i do take zantac, pepto bismol and have been eating bananas which i have read all help ease the symptoms and they really do but for a short period of time.
Avatar m tn Figuring it to be exhaustion I put up with it for a week. When the symptoms persisted I called the doc. His review was a peptic ulcer and prescribed 30mg of Prevacid along with 1g of Amoxil and Biaxin (not sure of amount). Since then, I have nausea in the morning upon waking even after eating and taking the pills. In the afternoon I start to cough and get a taste of mucus or bile. I am too young to have these problems. Please help or advise anyway you can.
1662361 tn?1302765972 my regular dr wants me to get an upper GI which i can not afford because he wants to see where the ulcer is, the hospital just says i have heartburn, I know heartburn and this is not it, this is pain like someone is tearing my stomach a part and its a sharp pain even into my back, everything makes it hurt worse. So does anyone know any ways to make it hurt less? I am trying to get some medical asstance so i can pay for the tests. Any ideas or advice is welcome.
Avatar f tn Still have the acid feeling in my mouth, a headache and sore neck and nausea and some other symptoms (chest/ back pain, plus feel like I have a slight temperature). Is it normal to feel so exhausted with gerd? All I feel like doing is sleeping. I have compensated for the lost sleep over the weekend but are still tired. Would I know if I had an ulcer? Generally if I do get reflux it passes fairly quickly. This feels different. Just concerned. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
655875 tn?1295698707 an Ulcer is NOTHING to mess with. My Dad had a bleeding Ulcer when I was 20 and her ALMOST died. He spent 2 WEEKS in ICU and took 18 units of blood to get it under control. PLEASE don't mess around IF you think that is what is going on with you!!! PLEASE keep us updated on how you are doing. You KNOW that we will worry about you!!! Looking forward to your update............
Avatar n tn I was fine for the first few days but then developed a cough for about 10 days but now I have persistant heartburn every night and at times during the day something I never experienced before. Its like my throat is on fire for the past 2 weeks. Ive tried unsuccessfully to give up smoking before and this never happened. Can anyone tell me if its normal and if so how long will it last, or should i be worried and visit the doctor.
Avatar n tn Is this a symptom of pancreas or ulcer promlems? I also have tenderness on my right side and heartburn almost everyday.Sometimes can be relived by drinking Alka Seltser a couple hours after eating.Pain is constant and feels like a heaviness at my ribs and shoulder blade.
Avatar f tn I have anxiety and high blood pressure I've also been dignosed with GERD and possible gastric ulcer. I have been having episodes with chest pain and my aniety kicks in raising my blood pressure.
Avatar n tn A couple days ago I had really horrible heartburn, I took some alka-seltzer for it and it eventually went away but even after it went away I've had a really bad stomach ache remaining and after anything I eat i feel nauseous and have thrown up a couple times as well. Can anyone tell me what it may be that i have or how i can treat it?
Avatar m tn I was given anti-biotics, amoxicillin and clarithromycin for 14 days and also omeprazole for a month. After I finished my medication, I again have the same problem, a very bad one. Is it still bacteria or I have some other problem? I have no symptoms of ulcer, I have already taken anti-biotics, but my problem doesn't seem to go. I am really worried. Should I continue taking omperazole?
Avatar n tn I have had a stress test and a blood test and my heart seems to be strong and my blood pressure normally is fine. What do you think this could be and how do you think I could treat it? It has happended maybe 6 times in the last 60 days. Normally it lasts for several hours and I am so uncomfortable I can't sleep. In the last week I have had it twice. After it subsides I seem to feel fine so I really don't think it is my heart.
Avatar m tn Can anyone help, a couple of hours after i eat a meal i get heartburn and start feeling sick, the longer i wait for something to eat the more sick i feel. Once i have eaten then i feel ok again for a couple of hours, this has been going on now for a few weeks, i dont normally suffer from heartburn.
Avatar f tn I have been on and off prozac for 4 years and i now am experiencing heartburn. I take 20mg at night because it makes me dizzy but i dont get the heartburn until the afternoon the next day. I was wondering is it safe to take ranitidine 150mg effervescent? I took it all the time when needed before being back on prozac and it works i was wondering does it cause any side affect?
Avatar n tn However, if heartburn and other upper GI symptoms are present, you can consider an upper GI series or upper endoscopy to further evaluate for various causes of dyspepsia. This can include GERD, an ulcer or inflammation of the upper digestive tract. An abdominal ultrasound or 24-hr pH study can be considered if the symptoms continue. These options can be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar f tn You tell yourself that you're young and strong, but your body is saying something is wrong. All the doctors say it is stress and anxiety, and heartburn. They are testing me for an ulcer, but who knows? I wonder if there were always young people feeling this way or is it a more current trend? If that is the case, then something we all are eating, breathing, or experiencing is changing. I've never had any tramadic events and never had anxiety before.
11672216 tn?1420316603 If I forget to take the broccoli on a day when I ate dairy I will usually have bad heartburn and acid reflux and wake up. In this case I will put around 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of water and gulp it down (a bit nasty tasting but instant results). It is like putting water on a fire you will instantly feel the gas leave your stomach in what can only be described as an acidy belch (if not you may need more baking soda).
Avatar m tn I've had severe heartburn issues every since I was 14. I had an endoscopy when I was 16 and the doctors found nothing, so the prescribed me a rather high dose of Pantoprazole, which I had taken until I was 18. After a few years of being on the medicine, I noticed that the Pantoprazole alone wasn't enough to tame my daily heartburn, (which, ironically enough, wasn't set off by certain foods, but in fact tamed it.
378497 tn?1232147185 For about the last four weeks, I've had heartburn/reflux (real reflux, too) pretty much every single night. I almost never have had heartburn (unless in late pregnancy), and now, I'm waking up every night, reaching for the Zantac. I can't really take it pre-emptively right before bed because it might interfere with my BCP. Anyone had a problem like this? I don't take in much caffeine, this doesn't appear to be food related in any way. And when I say "reflux," I mean...
222011 tn?1265475648 Also, when I started thyroid med, I was first on the generic (levothyroxine) and it gave me lots of side effects including bringing back the reflux and heartburn!!!! (also caused burning flush skin, headache, diarrhea, mild nausea. MD thought it was the fillers in the generic). I did much better on synthroid the brand, but everyone is different, so it's sort of trial and error.
Avatar n tn Feels like I might have an ulcer in my esophogus. When the pain gets worse I also experience numbness in my face, feet, and arms/hands. Went to my Dr. and will not refer me to gastro until a 6 week run on medication for reflux.. Sound like an ulcer??
Avatar n tn I had the breath test done for H.Pylori and that came back negative. I used to have terrible heartburn until I stopped eating Carbs and Gluten. Still; had the heartburn after I stopped Gluten so I had to cut out my Carb intake. Actually, I soon as I stopped eating Carbs my Stools became brown again. They were yellow prior to this. Also, my stool goes from C to D, really depending on what I eat. So what do you guys suggest I do next and what is your idea of this? Thanks!
Avatar f tn For the past few days I have been feeling very nauseous after eating, sometimes with heartburn and sometimes without heartburn. What scares me is that a few years ago I had experience some blood on my toilet paper, sometimes it was a decent amount. I am also lactose intolerant. After switching to a plant based diet i haven't seen any blood, it's been about 2 years.
Avatar f tn Now i feel like my ulcer reoccured again coz im having heartburn,stomach pain and bloating and nauseous. My question is can i take pantoprazole again even though i just had pneumonia and still having shortness of breath and chest pain? Pls help coz i dont know what really is the cause of my difficulty in breathing is it from having pneumonia or my ulcer.
Avatar m tn If left untreated and ur diet and lifestyle don't change u may end up with an ulcer...but if u eat healthy and cut out the lifestyle that will lead to an ulcer than u may be able to dodge that bullet so to speak. See the Health Pages for tips for lifestyle and diet to help aid the meds u r on. http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?