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363110 tn?1340924019 Boobs are moderately sore today. I've had nausea, headache, heartburn and tiredness and although I've been taking my keppra regularly Ive been exhibiting neurological symptoms, twitching...
Avatar f tn But right now I am a little worried because these last few weeks I thought have been having what was my usual PMS/ovulation symptoms. Mostly just a little cramping, some bloating and heartburn, and this past week the feeling I might start my period that day, but so far nothing. I looked up early pregnancy symptoms and saw that I haven't felt anything of that sort (like the dizziness, spotting, and the food cravings and the breast soreness).
1696240 tn?1308186623 I went through a period of even longer cycles which was a huge pain because I still started pms at the same 3 week mark and it would last awhile. Anxiety is tough. We all have it from time to time and pms can exacerbate it. I get horrible insomnia for about 2 or 3 nights right before my period. I also have more symptoms of anxiety, etc. One thing that helps is to make sure and exercise.
Avatar n tn I do not nore have I ever had regular periods but it is usually in the first or second week of the month. it is now the end of the second week and i have a lot of the signs of PMS and early pregnancy. My nipples are REALLY tender (more than usual) by breasts seem to have grown or feel fuller (never happened before) i have cramps off and on and i am tired all the time. but on the other hand i usually get crazy emotional but i havent yet and no cravings or feeling sick.
Avatar f tn I've had alot of blood tests and they checked my gallbladder...all normal. To them I am completely normal and when I come in and tell them what I'm going through they treat me like I'm a hypochondriac or faking it. I'm sick of talking to the doctors because they never figure anything out. I too was thinking maybe a hormonal imbalance but my gyno acted like thats not possible because I'm on birth control.
Avatar f tn I'm on the same boat. I am two days late. No PMS symptoms and I also have heartburn and my boobs are sore... Hopefully this means we are pregnant! :) Wait one week to test :) Just to be sure :) Good Luck!
Avatar n tn m experiencing and i dont think they have anything to do with my ITP. My Doctors are NOT helpful. They say I also suffer from depression and chronic anxiety. Even though I'm telling them that these symptoms only start 2-3 weeks before my period.I am normally a happy person, but I've been keeping a journal lately and I've noticed that before my period..my platelets seem to get quite low..5-10. I am tired of infusions..as this doesn"t eleviate these symptoms. Thy are..
1240664 tn?1322943142 8 weeks and 6 days since last period i feel cramping , headache a little nausea without throwing up and heartburn might be a stomache bug idk
676912 tn?1332816151 besides that just been moody as all hell, and wanting to cry over nothing. PMS or BFP? If AF shows soon going to start temping again...
Avatar m tn I am almost constantly bloated, I have occasional acute headaches, dizziness, bad flatulence, inconsistent bowels (often feeling constipated, but when I do go it comes out like diahrea). My menstrual cycle has become less regular, and my PMS has changed completely. My whole life I have experienced some nausea, depression and fatigue the day before my period starts, with cramps and a little nausea on the first day or two of it.
Avatar n tn my period is 5 days late i had 2 periods last month and now it has not come I having small cramps and heartburn and going too the bathroom more I have fibriods and i am 42 years old could i be going thru premature menopause me and my husband did have unprotected sex during my ovulation time twice could i be pregant had a hpt and one at the clinic both were neg could it be to soon my period has never never been late even with fibriods what should i do
Avatar m tn I understand your need to justify having a couple glasses of wine occasionally, however, I urge you to use self-discipline and abstain. Also alcohol intake contributes to acid reflux and heartburn! 4. Nexium is part of the Proton Pump Inhibitors class of drugs. Before I continue. I just want to clarify one thing. In no way am I suggesting to you to discontinue taking Nexium. I understand that it helps with your acid reflux and heartburn. It may offer temporary relief but at a HUGE health cost!
1659605 tn?1326836147 we went for our first prenatal today. I calculate I'm 5 weeks and 6 days along, which is a bit early for a first u/s. yesterday i had some pretty intense cramping, and then this morning i had a bit of brown spotting streaked in discharge on the tp. I havent had any spotting until now. Luckily it was the same day of our appointment. My OB is wonderful. I just love her. She did an u/s and she wasn't able to see a heartbeat.
Avatar f tn My breasts are extremely sore today, bloated, tired like usual now it seems, peeing alot and heartburn all of a sudden the past couple of days. I'm tired of wasting money on hpt's but I thought I waited long enough after my missed period to test again. Help please!!!
211043 tn?1337054301 Trigger almost gone - some heartburn and breast pain was worse today - some smell issues - felt very weird and dizzy/nauseous again (seems to happen same time each night so I think it's prometrium - even though it starts in evening and I don't take til right before bed) - had weird dreams CD 20 - 9dpIUI - belly still distended, but not as tender inside - bouts of nausea - just a touch of breast tenderness - no heartburn or smell - PMSing BIG TIME! ALL DAY!!!
Avatar f tn I have been getting nauseous, sore nipples, headaches, heartburn, and I have been really tired. Yesterday it all kind stopped except the nausa, I had some really bad pain in my pelvis. It's on both sides right at the front it seems to hurt much more I'm sitting or laying down than when I'm standing. Its kinda of like a burning feeling and it doesnt feel like i hit somethings its more like my plevis feel like its farther out in my body now. I can't see a doctor for 15 days and I'm worried.
Avatar f tn constipation, diarrhea,colitis, headaches, memory loss, bad breath, impotence, rectal itching, mood swings, prostatitis, sore throat, abdominal pain, canker sores, persistent heartburn, nagging cough, muscle and joint pain, PMS, adrenal problems, congestion,extreme fatigue, hyperactivity, acne vaginitis, night sweats, dandruff, severe itching, depression,arthritis, hypothyroidism, endometriosis kidney and bla
1513413 tn?1291640681 But for encouragement the 5th IUI I had heartburn and vomiting at 6 DPIUI and I was more bloated than the others. I'm now 22 weeks :).
Avatar n tn oh gosh.. i am so confused between PMS and pregnancy symptoms.. are they similar? Coz i usually tend to look bloated, feel tired and have a larger appetite prior to PMS. Lately, I have been very very moody.. in fact, i cry at the slightest issue. I'm not sure if this time round is pregnancy symptoms.. I do hope it is. Have been waiting for good news.. my menses is due this week.. I pray and hope I will not get my menses.. wish me luck!
Avatar n tn lol] iv felt a bit queasy in the evenings and was extremly shky the other day even though id had breakfst, the soreness of my boobs has dyed off, but iam left with heartburn and the coming and goin of soreness and feelin slighlt sick.
773755 tn?1328123377 Constipation, diarrhea, dyskinesia of bile tracts, heartburn, reflux, nausea, vomiting,flatulence, some forms of gastritis and ulcer, disease of stomach and of duodenum, etc. KIDNEYS & URINARY SYSTEM 1. Protein, oxalates, urates in the urine 2. Frequent urination, especially at night 3. Bed wetting, cystitis, diuretic symptoms SKELETAL-MUSCULAR SYSTEM 1. Muscular weakness, physical fatigue 2.
Avatar n tn I went to the drs today they did a sono and couldnt see a gest sac, but found many fibroids, and sent me for hcg testing today and monday i will get results back, they think it maybe etopic, but also that baby may be hiding behind a fibroid, i have no pain no bleeding just nauceous and tender bb's sense of smell heighten, heartburn, tiredness, my eyes seem a bit blurry, only spotted very very lightly 2 days after my AF was suppose to show, and had pms cramps kept thinking i was gonna get my AF,
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago i was having heartburn everyday, nauseous, frequently urinating, and backaches! My boobs are usually sore a week or two before i get my period and that's how i know it's coming, but this time around my boobs are fine no soreness at all; so to me that's a sign that my period is not coming anytime soon. I am very confuse about what is going on with me:/ Could i be pregnant? Do your boobs always have to hurt when your pregnant? Is it to soon to tell if im pregnant or not?
199922 tn?1224790306 I have a Dr. appt. I'm hoping they can tell me for sure. I've been having heartburn still and I was so sick Friday night and again a little last night.
Avatar n tn I have a quick question: Is heartburn a sign or symptom of early pregnancy? I have been having alot of heartburn lately and I NEVER get heartburn, the only time I did was when I was pregnant with my son 2&1/2 years ago...I posted in another open forum about being pregnant.... "I haven't had af since march...dh and I had sex on Sept 5 and 12....what I need to know is when would I take an HPT...I can't go by when my next period is due as I HAVE NO CLUE...lol...
1351078 tn?1416316746 Ive been having heartburn and terribale cramps I broke and took a test the pee o a stick aholic i am and it was a bfn I know its too early .
Avatar n tn this all helped with pms. And the lousy feelings.. twiching is still there.. i hope this could be helpful to anybody else suffeing.. please eat a lot of raw veg fruit and drink pleanty of water..
Avatar m tn Its been 2 weeks and while I dont have a lot of anxiety (I do get 'anxious' to do the woohoo occasionally) and yet I still am constipated, now I remember the 1st week of the whole ordeal I took tums because I had acid, (Nothing new, I've always had heartburn and such) and that could be the cause. However I havent taken 1 tums for 2 weeks. Occasionaly I also have had steatorhea and diarhea from laxatives.
Avatar n tn I've been able to see that 6 or 7 months ago, I had severe heartburn the last 2-3 days of PMS. 4 to 5 months ago, the days of heartburn increased to 5-6 days surrounding the start of my cycle. In the last 2 months, it is lasting 2 weeks. I'm assuming that eventually I won't get a respite at all. And I've been faithfully taking the Prevacid 30mg every day and it seems to be doing NOTHING for me anymore except a couple weeks a month.