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739536 tn?1265669359 I hate the fact that everyone is at different time zones , The people I want to comune with are 15 hours behind me and light years ahead when it comes to treatment - I love you I hate you but HEY that was 15 hours ago !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Everytime I click on post i get this message stating that the maximum postings have been acheived and they open it up for later time zones. Somebody needs to tell the good doctors that there are 7 times zones in the USA. And other than sitting at a PC from 8am to 5PM in all of the time zones one is SOL, one may never get to post. It's the middle of the night right now for me.
Avatar f tn One month ago she seemed to deteriorate rapidly with severe coughing and breathlessness. The consultant obviously sent her for heart tests as caelyx can have an adverse effect on the heart. All results were good. She stopped taking the vit B6 as something in herself said to do this and she changed dramatically. What was happening was she was having an allergic reaction to the piridoxine and her throat was closing up ! Apparently quite rare but something to be aware of!
1544968 tn?1548521929 green = 480 to 600 yellow = 300 to 480 red = under 480
Avatar f tn I have been on LTD since April of '03 due to a painful neuropathy related to HCV. I am clear of the virus but retain significant nerve damage from the battle. My LTD insuror also assigned a lawyer to assist me in securing SSD. At my first appeal for SSD, I was awarded that, which greatly offsets the cost of my disability benefits for my LTD carrier.
408795 tn?1324935675 s been a number of forum members in Australia and the UK who have done it with no problems, except their meds were held by Customs for a few days, but at least they got them back. Has any of you Americans, ordered online from India or China and do you live in the USA? I'm talking about getting a FedEx package from China or India, which will most definitely be flagged, over to the nearest Customs office. What state do you live in and did you have a problem with Customs or not?
Avatar f tn Delivered LTD forms today. Worried that there will be a lapse in pay between EI and LTD. 7 weeks to worry.
Avatar m tn s has a good book, Heart Zone Training. It gives specific heart training zones to improve cardiovascular fitness. I take a medication to lower my heart rate. However, it would be preferred to lower heart rate through exercise, as side effects of mediation I do not care for. Also, continual stress may raise heart rate (Type A personality). May learn some relaxation techniques.
Avatar m tn The heart size is normal. Mediastinal and hilar contours are approximately as expected except that there is relatively increased density over an about 2.1 x 2.7 cm zone projected at the right hilum for the PA radiograph. There is a calcified right lateral superior lung zone region 0.6 x 0.9 cm subpleural nodule. There are fine fibronodular densities in both apical most lung zones and slight coarsening of the right suprahilar interstitial markings. A very dense ovoid 0.5 x 0.
4862508 tn?1360796307 Cardiovascular Research LTD. I wanted to find out where the ingredients are sourced from. I have been taking their MagTaurate 125mg supplement for 3 weeks and I am now feeling a tight pain intermittently in my chest. It is occurs within 1 hr after taking the supplement. My Dr says Mag/Taurate usually supports heart health. I obviously have quit using the supplement but I would like to contact the company.
Avatar f tn It took me 2 weeks to finally get a message onto the expert forum. I have no idea what time location it runs with, but Im in the UK and continually got "todays allowed blah blah". Does it run in US time zones? and if so what time is the refresh back to zero?
1801781 tn?1461629469 LB... I have a BIG A** smile on my face right now! Yoga has been a HUGE part of my recovery. I am thrilled you are giving it a shot as I've seen it transform so many lives. My heart is glad right now reading your words of hope and resilience...I'm so proud of you. Keep taking steps on this brave new path, your heart's desires will be realized.
Avatar n tn I have been reading about heart palpitations (skipped heart beats) and have some questions. I have been "spinning" now for about 7 years. I normally work out in the 80% zone for strenth training 3-4 times a week. At times I'll take a month off and hit the lower zones around 70% mhr. About a week in the lower zone and my heart starts this non sense.
Avatar n tn From there you figure different heart zones to work in. 70-80% they say is where you achieve good aerobic fitness. I take medication to slow my heart, as I have been diagnosed with inappropriate sinus tachycardia. However, I am still able to achieve HR in 70-90% of my target heart rate. However, I only spend a little time in upper ranges. I base my workouts on how my BP is doing. If i do overexert, too much time at upper ends, it can drive my HR up.
899491 tn?1243773627 I'm going to UK in the Spring. They say traveling from West to East really disruptive to bipolars. Some people have suggested to accumulate your body to the new time zone by getting your sleep patterns in sync. I'm just going to take two weeks off to travel. Take three days off, take the week trip and take four days to rest when I come back. I think that would work.
579258 tn?1250649343 Doubt I can join in the live sessions - because being in the UK I am 5 hours ahead of EST - so will hopefully be sleeping before you even start :(
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Avatar n tn All I ended up needing was a letter from SSD that they were denying or approving me and LTD would pay the balance owed. LTD paid more than SSD so They automatically denied me. But I got my LTD for 18 mos while healing. also I lost my Ins and was to get COBRA but couldn't afford it. I had Kaiser in CA and they had a program for those who fall in between the cracks so mine was paid for a year.
Avatar n tn I purchased a heart rate monitor to keep track of my target heart rate and have quickly noticed my heart rate is quite fast. My resting heart rate is 84 bpm. This was taken this morning when I woke up and was still lying in bed. A few days ago when I was working out I checked my heart rate and it was pretty steady at about 155 bpm. At one point when I increased the speed and incline of the treadmill, it peaked at about 180 bpm.
Avatar m tn s Hospital Foundation Ontario, Virttu Biologics Ltd, Voluntary Hospitals Association, Institute of Clinical Research, Genactis, NW England Health Authority
Avatar f tn and now the acne is twice as hard to get rid of. I do what I did before but my T zones are out of control. SO what in the world do I do??
Avatar n tn If it is still high, I would say take a day off or less strenuous workout, walking. Try Heart Zones Training.
Avatar f tn Is there any word when the CD24 test will be available? I understand that Bio Mark Ltd., a subsidiary of Micromedic Technologies Ltd., are preparing it for the market. I am very anxious to know about this test.