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867582 tn?1311627397 I wondered if maybe the coolness on my front from the vest led to a reduction in blood flow to my heart. Therefore, yesterday when I wore my vest, I did not use the cooling packs for the front of the vest - just those for my back. I wasn't as cool using that arrangement, but today I don't have any chest pain. Anyone else have the experience with coldness of chest from a cooling vest resulting in chest pain?
Avatar n tn Would you please provide me information on the use of a defibulator vest ie. how it works, what to monitor for when one is in use, ect............. I appreciate your help.
Avatar f tn Used vest for 1st 1/2 of Turbo Kick round 36
Avatar m tn t have any answers for you, but I hated seeing that no one bothered to answer your post. What is a life vest? Does your brother smoke, or did he ever? 97% is not a terrible oxygen level to have. It sounds like he needs REST to recover. Be sure he lets his doctors know how badly he is feeling. Good luck and God Bless...
1782859 tn?1315171470 you do need to find out what type of cardiomyopathy you have and what caused it because it may further weaken and enlarge your heart. CM makes it harder for your heart to pump blood and can lead to heart failure if left untreated. They either need to treat it, fix it or put in an defibrillator so you don't go into cardiac arrest; which could be deadly. could the M word be myocarditis?
Avatar f tn My 45 yr old husband just recently had 5 bypasses and they said the internal portion of his heart is dead. I don't know how much is dead, but was so shocked I didn't think to ask the doctor what kind of lifespan he may have. Temporarily they sent him home with oxygen and a life vest (defibulator vest). Can you help me to understand what we have to look forward to? I want to spend what time we have left enjoying our life together.
645800 tn?1466860955 t do that good of a job with cooling my home. Anyway around 8PM I was having my usual heart attack symptoms (have had 2 in the past) but since they had determined the last time it was my MS causing them I decided to try cooling off. I keep my bedroom at around 60 with a room AC since I tend to get a lot of muscle cramping if I'm too warm so I headed for my bedroom. After about 20 minutes the symptoms went away and I was feeling better. But I stayed in my bedroom for about 1 hour.
Avatar m tn My 47-year old husband is currently on his 9th day in what will likely end up to be an 11-day hospital visit. EF of 10%. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure about 6 weeks ago after several months of misdiagnosis. His doctor mentioned the possibility of his getting a Life Vest until he is eligible for ICD in 3 months. Does anybody have any experience with this?
Avatar n tn The prescribing doctor needs to send a detailed letter to your insurance company, explaining the need for the vest and hopefully this will clear things up. I also worked with the "appeals department" at the Life Vest company. They were very helpful.
Avatar f tn Worth a try- Unless you would rather use dangerous drugs like Fosamax etc which can give you cancer etc and and wreck your health for the vest go to www.nyknyc.com you can really save your bones for 75.00 worth a try.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately these are expensive too: http://www.arcticheat.com.au/ They make some neck coolers that are filled with crystals that turn into gel when they're soaked in water. Wrap the thing around your neck and it'll drop your temp by a couple of degrees. I've tried them in the Hill Country, and they work pretty good - but you have to keep them in the ice chest so they'll stay cold.
Avatar n tn 50 My Dad age 71 has recently had his 13th heart attack, not all have been major but some have. I have search the internet for information on an external experimental heart pump that weighs 3 pounds and is for those that cannot have surgery (which is my Dad). We saw this advertised on the news. We are also looking for some more information on a device that we saw in the newspaper. It was an external vest that gels the chest then shocks it if it senses that the heart is beating wrong.
Avatar f tn When you get your neb machine, make sure that you do your nebs before you vest so that your airways are as open as possible. I tend to do my Xopenex and pulmozyme/HTS before vesting and then do my session. I vest twice a day at a minimum, when sick, I go up to four a day if tolerated. That is curious about your ears and bronc, I bet it was the plane ride that did it though. The last time I flew, I could not hear for a few days and felt stuffy.
Avatar n tn Three months ago, my husband (57 years old) had heart attack with emergency quad bypass. After the surgery, and again after 3 1/2 weeks, the echo showed EF 30-35%. All has gone remarkably well with recovery, however, he has been wearing the life vest because of the lower EF. Now, after this week's echo (at 3 months), it shows no improvement, still EF 30-35%. Cardiologist says now he should have internal defib inserted. We are concerned about the benefits vs. any limitations he may have.
Avatar f tn I was also told that my kidney function was good, liver enzymes were slightly elevated due to BNP levels being 5600. I was sent home with a life vest because I had a run of v tach and a EF of 10%. What should I expect and prepare for as far as medical treatment?
667078 tn?1316000935 Love the play on words! I am glad you got your vest so quickly. Now you can enjoy the cool concert and the rest of the festivities. Glad that you got a chance to socialize with some of the other ladies from the barn. Sounds like life is good!
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645800 tn?1466860955 Well I finally got my cooling vest from the VA. Actually it is a cooling vest, wrist wraps, and neck wrap with 2 sets of cooling packs for each of them. These are the frozen water type and had been hoping they would have been the phase change type instead. The first thing I noticed was just how heavy the vest is with all of the packs inserted. In fact once I had all of the packs in I tried to put in on and almost fell over backward from the swinging of the weight.
Avatar n tn It is the same as getting a high fever if you get too hot, and it can hurt your heart, and brain. Once you get a definitive diagnosis, your health insurance will likely pay for things like the cooling vest. Be careful, and good luck.
Avatar f tn I got my vest from Polar Products. I think the vest holds 11 packs. I've had it for 6-9 months. It doesn't get a lot of use, but I have had one pack start to leak. I just bought a bunch of extra packs. I got an 8 pack for $48. http://www.polarproducts.com/polarshop/pc/viewCategories.asp?
645800 tn?1466860955 I hope you get your cooling vest. I am sorry for your frustrations. I can relate to the long waits and hassles. Oregon sounds better.
3360193 tn?1365871889 So its 17 degrees over here in Scotland (62 farenheit), yesterday it was 24 degrees (75 farenheit) just wondering what babes should be wearing when am out and about with him, yesterday he was wearing a vest, lightweight trousers and a tshirt with a light blanket over him when we went for a walk and understanably he was hot, when we came home i stripped him to his nappy and lay him on his playmat and it seemed to settle him.
Avatar f tn wore my vest this time, weighed at 21.6 lbs. good workout, my hip flexors hurt.