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Avatar f tn This will probably get moved, but I would like a thread where we could say "Thank You" to the people who have been instrumental in our recovery or for someone who has supported you efforts to get clean. I want to thank my husband and daughters. They have been such a rock for me during the past 5 months. My father died on January 1st and it was a very difficult time for me and they never left my side. I also want to apologize for all the embarassment I caused them during my using.
Avatar f tn t let a pill the size of a pea control your life. And your happiness. Those little pills took my life and literally rocked it in every way. But I rose above it. You can too......I am here for you and wish you every ounce of luck...I mean it...
Avatar f tn High emotions CAN affect the baby. Like being highly stressed for days at a time, or crying for hours, stuff like that. It just means that if you're irritated, and you STAY irritated for a long period of time, the baby's heart rate might get a little higher or it might kick more from the anxiety. Try to calm yourself down and think of happy things. Being a little stressed won't hurt, but too much stress, too often, can potentially cause health problems for the baby.
Avatar n tn I tried to trick him into telling me but all he.
662972 tn?1270166301 We would talk or text on phone daily and always on one of my days off we would go out and do something see a movie, shopping, etc... She didnt drive so I would take her to her doctor's appt and wait on her to get done sometimes 4 and 5 hours spent waiting but that was ok because she was my best friend so I thought. I would go by her house an get her just so she could go get a cappachino from convience store then take her back.
Avatar f tn How did you tell your parents you were pregnant? I texted my mom because I was too scared to call her. She called me as soon as she got the text. She didn't believe me because it was close to April fools day lol she called my dad on 3 way and I told him as I was balling my eyes out...I had to tell him I was pregnant 3 times because he said he couldn't hear me...I think he was just shocked lol well they both are excited about being grandparents for the first time.
Avatar f tn Everything happens for a reason. Try to keep your mind occupied to ease through this moment. Rely on your close friends n family n stay positive for the baby (I know its easier said than done).
446156 tn?1275859576 Well I went to work this morning like always. Around noon today I got a text message that blew my mind. To make a long story short it said that my friend was found in a ditch this morning an she was dead. TOLD YOU IT WAS NUTS! I was shocked! I tried to call her cell phone an no one answered. So I sent a text back. I asked if it was a joke because it was not funny. Some one wrote me back an said that my friend had left her cell at work the day before an she was her co-worker.
Avatar m tn How do I open my heart up to meet someone new? I havent had luck with the last 2 guys ive met and have given up on dating in general. Both were playing games..they were either weird as far as their behavior or just wanted sex. Dont want to meet anyone new because i feel like its going to be the same thing with every guy. I feel like im a nice person and just want to meet someone who is nice and respects me as a person and doesnt play games with me. Someone who is a postive person.
Avatar n tn Cycles are usually 28 days in length, (text book) So if you started on the 1st and you are "text book" then you would start again on the 28 th, It all depends on your cycles, sometimes you can just have an early period by a week or so, So yes it is possible.
1670856 tn?1316773768 s often a good idea for a while, and during that time you exercise, strengthen your heart and your mind. They are prescription drugs, so you need to ask your doctor. Maybe it's not even necessary. Try to remember; this is not heart related, but it gives symptoms through that organ. This is different from person to person. Some people get an upset stomach with anxiety, some people get tremor and some people get palpitations.
Avatar f tn Hi....well you seem to be doing ok except for the head cold....just stick with it there is always a reson we cant do it or put it off....as for the mental part it is what causes people to pick up again I call it the ''mental mindscrew''....even once the dope stops your still stuck with the addict in your head....this will not go away on its own and again it is why people pick up again.....
Avatar n tn No, genital herpes is an issue when you are giving birth to a baby so knowing your status prior to your partner trying to become pregnant and their status when they are pregnant is important. Really, herpes isn't near the big deal that you seem to be making it out to be.
Avatar m tn Hi and congrats It's a good thing you were in your recovery and not living in your mental disease. When I got clean I kept dealing for a while,, It was my only source of income and my husband was in jail for 2nd. degree murder,, We were closely tied to the bikers of the Hell's Angles. Kinda hard to say no to. It was hand delivered to my house on several occasions and Yes I did cave Twice. But what I have learned is once you claim your recovery no one takes it away You give it away.
52704 tn?1387020797 NA's Basic Text is available on-line. It's worth reading. I just read the first few chapters, which I haven't done since I was in rehab. It's good stuff. http://www.na.org/admin/include/spaw2/uploads/pdf/BT6E_Webposting.pdf A passage on page 14 caught my eye this time, which I somehow completely missed before: "Some sought a cure by geographic change. We blamed our surroundings and living situations for our problems.
Avatar m tn anyway fast forward, he would constantly send messages and never call me and everytime I asked him to call me when he has time, he said that he would but, never did and would continue to send text messages saying hey to see how i was doing but, never picked up the phone to speak to me. On a few occasions he would send me messages at 12 and 2, and in the morning knowing that im sleep just to say hey or whatever.
Avatar f tn ve seen this post on fb saying , cuddle your man and have your head on his left chest and ask if he ever cheated and listen to his heart rate lol Don't know if it's accurate but worth a try lol
Avatar f tn s still relevant, tell your friends to not update you on his dating site activity, and spend your time working out why you are still wanting to be with someone who treats you this way. You truly deserve so much better. Let us know what's been happening.
Avatar f tn How did you word your text? I mean, I cant just be like, Hey mom, im pregnant. Have a nice day.
4020799 tn?1355825570 Ive not said anything else and ive pretty much stayed out of the way today, i havent text him unless hes text me. Its hard when uve been together for 12 years n live together to try stop urself talking to someone but he has made all the effort today and ill be making sure hes the one that carries on being the one doin the hard work, im not putting my heart on the line anymore.
Avatar m tn Hi all, I've had an issue for a few months now that no doctor have been able to adequate explain. The symptoms are as follows: * I've gotten sensitive to light. Looking at the sky (not the sun, obviously) during a bright day hurts my eyes in a way it didn't use to. * I'm suddenly seeing a lot more eye floaters than I used to. I also see round, bright spots in my vision that float like floaters.
Avatar n tn I also don't think your pregnant. I took text 3,days before I even missed my period. All came back positive.
Avatar f tn The only advice I really have is keep trying to reach out to her. Let her know that your still there for her. If she is your best friend then don't give up. Right now she may need some space and you should give her some. Just check in on her via text every so often that way it gives her the option to respond back when she feels she wants to.