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Avatar m tn ll see certain products that will contain either palm kernal or palm fruit oils. Neither one of them are great, but palm fruit oil is the better of the two and fractionated palm kernal oil is the worst of the bunch. Trans-fats should be avoided all together (although, like saturated fats, there trace amounts of naturally occuring trans fats in certain foods, but that shouldnt be worried about) Trans fats can be found in a lot of packaged and processed foods as well as most margarines.
Avatar f tn How do you smash your ear to your head? If you mean just push your ear with your palm until you hear the heartbeat (pulse) , then it may be best not to bother.
Avatar m tn I have a strong palm (hand) i ve use different cream both hand and body cream, all to no avail, please help me...
5685035 tn?1423932969 Journal I dont unpack for a reason i found a card from dad...I cant believe I treated him so badly...I cant believe I made him believe that i hated him!! When i just loved him with all my being the tears flow and I cant stop them I cant breathe HOW COULD I MAKE HIM FEEL THIS BAD!! I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON!!! Now hes not here I cant take it back...I hate me...I cant breathe .
Avatar n tn Should the cuff be on a level with your heart and should the palm of your hand be facing upwards. Is it true that if the cuff is below the heart you will get a higher reading than if it was level or higher than the heart? Thankyou from confused.
Avatar f tn Then someone else needs to do it on you they rub the needle on the side of your palm the opposite side where your thumb is then lift it up over your palm holding it by the end of the thread and hold it there if it starts making circular motions it's boy and if it swings side to side it's a girl and do it as many times as want.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have episodes when your heart starts racing for No reason and hands start sweating??
1144117 tn?1261588403 t a splint an ace bandage wrapped distal to proximal, meaning from the area furthest from your heart to the area closest to your heart may help the swelling and support the wrist. I guess you would have to ask a neighbor, family memeber or friend to do this for you. Remember not to wrap it so tightly that it hinders your circulation. Have you called your local county social service department? Sometimes they have programs or volunteer that can help you with activities.
377493 tn?1356502149 Daddy's Heart Apr 03, 2008 08:28AM - 3 comments Author: Unknown When I heard the news of you, I did the things most Daddies do. I opened up my heart so wide, For you to have a place inside. As each day passed, I'd think of you, I'd watch you grow, I was expecting too! I tried to imagine the person you'd be Would you look or act like me? I thought of the things that we would do, The times we'd share, just us two.
1446218 tn?1333104746 Palm size clot
Avatar f tn Has anyone had or heard of heart maze surgery to correct a fib? I'm scheduled to have one at the end of the month and I'm kind of scared.
Avatar m tn I got some gardening and yard work done. I sang with the choir on Palm Sunday, and made prt of rehearsal on Thursday. While I doubt my work abilities, I am glad to be alive, with Cathy, and have a job and a church.
Avatar f tn Stayed after church for community lunch ... great salads, etc. Ate my yam/lentil soup for dinner ... maybe too much starches for the day ... potato salads at lunch and soup at night ...
Avatar n tn Traveled to Palm Springs for an overnight trip suggested and paid for by Luc. Got a great deal at a beautiful resort $91/night. Had a delicious meal outside, went to a bar for a drink and in bed sleeping by 1130pm. Really enjoyed the day. Happy. Some back pain after the long drive but relieved quickly after walking awhile. Really enjoyed the trip.
1379611 tn?1595933684 Today, your heart will pump around 1,788 gallons (6,759 liters) of blood In your lifetime, your heart will pump 1.
Avatar n tn Since mid-May, I have had numbness in my right hand, outer three fingers and palm (thumb nor index finger are involved). My left palm and outer two fingers are also numb and pains. My heals are now experiencing pains when I first get up. My cardiologist states that it is not connected to my heart problems. My neurologist has not found the cause of the numbness as of yet. Does anyone know if the numbness in my hands could be connected to my heart problems.
Avatar m tn I've worked in orthopaedics for 16 years, and while I'm not a doctor, I know quite a bit about hand injuries. Numbness or cold is common with swelling and bruising. The fact that you can feel the tip of your finger is a great sign that the blood flow is intact. However, you likely fractured (broke) your finger, and that should be treated by a professional to reduce the risk of arthritis and future range of motion issues. Xrays should be taken to evaluate the bones.
458384 tn?1295720656 There will be a singing in your heart, There will be a rapture in your eyes; You will be a woman set apart, You will be so wonderful and wise. You will sleep, and when from dreams you start, As of one that wakes in Paradise, There will be a singing in your heart, There will be a rapture in your eyes.
Avatar m tn Is it possible to get one single unraised pinkish blister on your palm from HSV2 having spread to it or would one expect to see more than one of these such markings?
Avatar n tn Pretty much ate the world today. Should have made a note, but pretty much, I remember eating about 4 packets of kettle chips, 2 packets of Migoreng, and at least 6 huge cookies. Also extremely moody and sensitive. Bloody discharge continues.
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Avatar m tn It healed by day 114 and was followed by night sweats, fatigue, shortness of breath for 5 days (day 106-116). During this time i have also been experiencing heart palpitations throughout the days with anxiety and stress over the situation. On day 119 I also noticed small red oval shaped non itchy rashes which appeared on my right palm, right sole foot, and left pectoral chest. The rashes disappeared within a day. Question: 1.
Avatar n tn Trust in The Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding.