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Avatar f tn My midwife strongly suggested that I should remove my wedding rings. I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and this just makes me sad!
435139 tn?1255460391 My sis was the one that threw my first baby shower for me.... Lord I cant remember what i got her becuase my first was ten years ago, but i did get her a little card and a thank you gift! My next baby shower is not until the end of January, but I will be getting her a little something this time around too.....
Avatar f tn How many of you have done the necklace test? How accurate was it LOL. . I am 12 weeks 3 days and it was a circular motion which means a girl !! ♥♥♡♡ express your experience!
Avatar m tn Wearing a Hamsa necklace is a trendy wear among women and men across the globe. The Hamsa hand is an ancient symbol for protection and good luck that features many jewelry pieces. Today, you can easily find the right piece of jewelry to match your personal taste since it is available in any style: casual, elegant and even sophisticated. Hamsa necklaces and pendants are in demand worldwide because it is believed that they offer protection to the wearer.
1528695 tn?1360582320 Thy are these necklaces that you can wear for your baby to chew on.
Avatar f tn Have any of yall heard any good things about an Amber Necklace..im due in December and I want to buy one...but I dont know how early ur suppose to use it??
1881346 tn?1341924768 How do you get rid of heart brun. It really *****. Every time I hicup I brup up orange juice and I didn't drink anything like that. And it hurts. I'm 20 weeks and I just want it to stop.
Avatar f tn apparently i heard if you hold a necklace over your tummy depending on the direction it moves will determine the sex butter i don't know whether its true or not x
1330108 tn?1333677304 Alright someone posted a question about a biter and it reminded me about one of my favorite nursing acessories. Teething Bling! It is a beautiful necklace that has a breakaway clasp so if your nursling yanks you don't choke. Each necklace is a single large donut shaped stone on a cord. The stone is actually rubber and designed for a teething baby. The stones look real!
Avatar f tn I can't imagine it would be a problem. What is the necklace for, though? Just curious.
1620741 tn?1298935640 She recently confessed when I was looking for my $400.00 heart diamond necklace, that she traded it to the 9 yr old neighbor boy for $1.00. Of course, the boy can't seem to find it, so I will not get this back. The boy's mother believes the boy, when he told her that my daughter kept pesting him for the trade. My daughter tells me that he was the one coaxing her to get the necklace. I believe her.
Avatar f tn I got my SO/daughter...daddy/daughter keychain and necklace set. The keychain(for him) says "theres this girl who stole my heart and she calls me daddy"and the necklace is a heart(for our daughter for when she's older) that says " daddy's girl" and the necklace fits inside the heart that's on the key chain :) can't wait to give it to him.
12476392 tn?1433685731 When I had my first daughter my bf bought me a necklace That was like a heart shape But made from The silhouette of a mother holding a baby above her head. It was very pretty. I loved It. But flowers are always nice,Or gift cards, And For baby They have those little security blankets, It's The small square blanket That has a little animal Or something attached to It. They are So cute. That would make a sweet gift for a newborn.
Avatar n tn My toddler, girl was always 150 hb. My current pregnancy is the same and this one is a boy so i don't believe that. I DO however believe in the ring test, i stand by it 100%, it's been right with my babies and friends. Hold a ring on a necklace over your belly, if it goes in circles girl, back and forth boy.
Avatar f tn What about wearing them on a necklace? Will they fit on another finger? Sorry I can't be more helpful than that, mine are still fitting.
Avatar f tn i have bought a Quantum science energy pendant necklace that help to protect your energy field, it is anti inflammation, antistress etc etc that have decrease the PATM symptoms a lot on me and on others people around me but thats just a necklace.
7530616 tn?1406419010 Yesterday my mom surprised me and bought me a may birthstone necklace for my son, yes I am giving him up for an open adoption but it is very special to me that she did this because she was not to happy about me being pregnant but she has come around to it. She said this is something for me to always remember him by♡ i literally cried. I'll always wear it and when I look at it ill know he is close to my heart!
9771234 tn?1405793808 m having a boy or girl she said it was right every time she did it for her.
Avatar n tn Dreamed it was a girl, high heart rate, cravings, morning sickness early in pregnancy, Chinese calender. Due with a baby girl in march.
Avatar f tn My hands and feet keep swelling. My ring hasn't fit in so long, I look at it from time to time lol.
9310208 tn?1410859285 I know your feet grow from swelling and they stay a bit bigger after you have your baby.
Avatar f tn Depends on what she likes. If she likes a certain kind of an animal you can get her an infant toy of that type. You can get her some kind of necklace with a heart or Mom pendant. My friend's favorite thing during her pregnancy was a Lazyboy recliner but that depends on your budget. I love my new pregnancy body pillow. My husband is a bass player so I was thinking of giving him a onesie that says my dad's a bass player (cafepress has stuff like that). Good luck!
Avatar f tn I heard if u use a necklace and hang it over your stomach it tells u whatvur having but again that's an old wives tale bit could be fun:)
237039 tn?1264258057 I was given Morphine to ease the pain after a difficult stenting procedure, and immediately developed body-covering hives, couldn't get my breath and the blood vessel used for the IV shut down. I was given a drug immediately to neutralize the condition. Since then, I'm given a bracelet when in the hospital to warn against it's use, and I wear a MedAlert necklace. You seem very alert to your symptoms, and I'd consider at least discussing the need to eliminate it's use.