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10996785 tn?1432812977 Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway...
1281527 tn?1272911525 ''Your Song of Silence" Vincent Setala April 17, 2010 Sing Your song of silence, Lord, please sing to me today, I need some time to contemplate exactly how to pray. So sing Your song of silence, God, it's a song I truly need, that mustard seed of faith You gave, needs water for the seed. I look at all the world today, and all I see is pain, the corruptors always get away and the greedy only gain.
Avatar f tn hey now don't make a sound Say have you heard the news today?
Avatar f tn Today it is: "Save Me".....Dave Matthews. Tomorrow..???
477746 tn?1254784547 I'm like a storm cloud Eager when you go out Calm again I'll ask permission for the wrong to win Drop the bomb and get your story out and get it on In a haze, the beginning of your days Gonna fall down Got to get back up but at your own pace Got to fill your cup and find the way Out of your own maze What you said now And hide the rule book throw it in the waste Look strong Like you belong, cause you do belong Whether right or wrong you belong I'm on your side if you fail at leas
5347058 tn?1381188426 How could you? How could you lie to me over and over again? How could you risk your job when you have your children, your kitties, and me depending on you? How could you blame me for all of your shortcomings? Why do you feel it necessary to repeatedly deceive me? How could you put that poison in your body and force me to be terrified for 2 days straight that you are going to kill me or yourself? How could you hold me down repeatedly and beat me?
145992 tn?1341345074 Richie dedicated 2 songs to me. The first one is Halo from Beyonce.
Avatar f tn Going way back on this one.....
1077863 tn?1279055963 ) she had the heart the size of Texas, loved everyone, gave from the heart, paraded her children around like they where the only babies ever born..could make you laugh harder than anyone you ever knew..always had a meal, diapers, safe haven for a teenager, had very little as far as "worldy things" but always gave..I could tell you story after story where she stored her treasures up in heaven..God knows..
Avatar f tn I asked my husband the same question a couple days ago, because I was wondering if my baby likes cold drinks or hates them. He moves a lot when I drink something cold, but I have no way of knowing if I am doing something he likes or annoying the crap out of him. I wish there was a way to know for sure.
686059 tn?1293833827 It's great to hear from a Christian man's perspective and welcome!!! I will definately check out your forum and thanks for sharing some of your favorite songs with us. I was inspired last night to heart my favorite song, "On Eagles Wings" and I hope I will continue to be inspired in prayer and in thought for our Lord Jesus Christ through all of you.....
Avatar f tn Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" video is on YouTube ....... even if you don't like the song, based on your mood today, you'll love the guy in the video! I'd take him any day!! Let me know what you think...... warning the song gets stuck in your head for hours and days perhaps forever lol!!!!
1550026 tn?1299336082 http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/8680738 My three sons' new song...ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!! www.barryband.com A song AND a video shot mostly with cell phones...ENJOY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?
454863 tn?1208306979 Got me paralyzed holding me down, internally Cant do anythying, Dont focus on love She'll never be able to see this, Never, Never She'll never be able to grasp Its like I've turned my back on my friends Its like I've turned my back on myself Just to hold something called love Just to hold something called HER My lusts will carry me through Then despise what I'm meaning to do My friends will point again My friends will point and talk It's like Ive turned my back on ever
Avatar f tn gising pa rin aq..grabe..inaantok na q..pero wala talagang kwenta ang sinet ko na parental controls. hanggang ngayon, nag nnet pa rin aq..problema na 2,,xet... zombie love song.. I'll chase you through the yard and all through the house into the dark. I wanna steal your heart and eat your brains. I've never been so true, but if my heart were still beating, it would beat for you. I wanna steal your heart and eat your brains. cool!!! lss..
Avatar m tn I checked out the video for that Linkin Park song on youtube. Great song, amazing video...the video especially puts our situation in perspective. Thanks for the suggestion. Music has definitley been a huge part of my recovery too. Take care.
256607 tn?1248899504 That is beautiful and take every word to heart. I think your love is a beautiful thing!! Many would be very envious of you and your kindness knows no bounds.
203342 tn?1328737207 I heard this song on the radio today and was so comforted and moved by it that I wanted to share it here with my friends. How many of us strive like this? I know I do. I pray this song will comfort those who need to hear it. God bless you all. www.youtube.com/watch?
Avatar f tn I have a cold. We saw beans heart beat today. My sweet little bean.
Avatar m tn This song I mentioned to Vader when I posted to his post is a song that can be anyone's theme song. Here it is. YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE -------------------------------------------------- When you walk through a storm, Hold your head up high, And don't be afraid of the dark, At nthe end of the storm is a golden sky, And the sweet silver song of a lark.
Avatar f tn Do you know what you get if you play a country song backwards? You get your truck back, and you get your dog back, and you get your job back, and you get your girl friend back.
7623612 tn?1392739951 How beautiful, heart felt and right from your Spiritual heart xxx And said with full awareness of truth and so full of love. I am humble and grateful that you shared of your infinite being something so personal and wonderful with us all to treasure and help us all on our Journey.
3197167 tn?1348968606 Finally decided (after hearing this 3 TIMES since entering recovery) that my "new take" on this song TOTALLY relates to leaving my lover (my addiction and drug of choice....hydrocodone) (among several other drugs, lol) Actually, I can adapt it to fit "anything I need to/want to leave.
Avatar f tn t be surprised if someday you wake up and hear Gods song, His message being told to you in a song He puts on your heart... He does what He has to do to get through and its up to the person to hear His voice..