Heart ultrasound test

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Avatar f tn Had first ultrasound today. Baby is doing very well. Heart beat is 168 bpm, CRL 53.3 mm. I'm so excited!!!
1337503 tn?1275830614 blood work, ultrasound
295954 tn?1235343686 i had an ultrasound it was amazing. the heart beat was 168bpm. is that normal? i am 10 weeks i was 9 weeks at ultrasound.
1670363 tn?1311223198 baby 2 inches long heart rate: 167 beats/sec it was amazing to see the little heart beat.
Avatar f tn No Heart beat. Size 8.
Avatar n tn Two heart beats both at 150 beats a minute
1242445 tn?1402189252 Had an ultrasound test today. Results good.
1183729 tn?1290625888 I seen the baby's heart beat. it's so amazing.
583289 tn?1218140352 Everything is ok!! The baby's heart rate was 124 bpm!!! PERFECT!!!!
Avatar n tn ultrasound on my heart today
660660 tn?1301681308 today i have u/s, sperm backup, prolactin n E2 bld test.
Avatar f tn 267
Avatar n tn HCG - 546 Prog.-4.0 Vaginal Ultrasound - Could not find anything.
947345 tn?1245808051 Went to the doctors about heart palpitations (and to interpret last ultrasound). ECG showed normal but strap on 24 hr monitor recommended.
Avatar n tn hcg-2692 progestrone 18.
791304 tn?1273617359 exam, ultrasound found nothing neg preg test
Avatar f tn heart rate was 119
Avatar f tn Baby's heart rate 172bpm
Avatar f tn I had a stress test where they also do ultrasound of heart before and after you walk on treadmill. I was wondering if it is common for them to ultrasound the stomach after you walk on treadmil? They did ultrasound of my heart before walking on the treadmil, and after I walked on treadmil they did ultrasound of heart and stomach.
Avatar n tn had carotid artery ultrasound at hospital. went to dollar store when leaving was packing out bags and I felt something cold and went running down my rt shin.
Avatar n tn Went to Dr Chang - CD3 blood test & ultrasound
1488319 tn?1359537694 -ultrasound, but too early -blood test-HCG 3000
1608249 tn?1301504779 Ultrasound to check for a hole in my heart.
Avatar f tn Baby wouldn't roll off it's belly, to let us see its heart. It took over an hour to get a good look.
1703515 tn?1350500231 Went to get another blood test, waiting for the results, about 3 weeks until the ultrasound.
881571 tn?1326904278 We saw a little heart beat!!!
Avatar f tn Baby's heart rate is high and s/he is a mover! There is a blood clot that needs to be watched and it's close to the baby.
1703515 tn?1350500231 everything came back normal. ultrasound in 2 days.