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Avatar f tn Went to art with a heart - positive
Avatar n tn My Mom passed away at the age of 49 from CHF ever since then I have lived in fear of developing the same disease.I am now 49 male and every once in a while have palpitations but no other obvious heart problems.I had a stress test two years ago that did not show any negatives.My question is how much risk do I have of developing CHF, given the history I just described.
Avatar f tn I had lots of fun talking to people about the diffrent art and finding out about diffrent techniqes. I felt at home and am goig to start going to an art group. I would love to meet some more people like that i had such a good time.
1390877 tn?1281762980 Coloring class is today and I love it. I must remember to bring my computer to show off my digital journal.
Avatar n tn 1st 1987 while talking on phone at work, lasted 10 mins. intense chest pain. Nothing for ten more years, 11 mins. at art class, again intense. Next 2003, 6 mins. sitting up mid-day. Nuclear stress 2004 clear. Next Oct '07, 7 mins. same pain. Recently, 5-28, 7-6 7 mins. woke me up @ 5:31 am, took 1 Nitro (gotten from only sibling brother, heart disease from diabetes), then 7-11 5 mins. 2 Nitros. Full-time caregiver for MS mom since 2003.
881961 tn?1243599437 s little lessons. Damn shame it hurts to learn some of them before we reach the end. I wanted to share some of my art with all of you. Let me help anyone I can.
1742220 tn?1331356727 i woke up and looked at my clock on my nightstand, yk my vision real bad and it said five a.m. so i picked up my cell which was on the floor next to the bed since i cant live without it and it said six a.m. oh! yeah daylight savings. i was real happy i slept more! ha ha freedomland? samuel l jackson (yes, S) and hope somebody whom i really dig. wait is that her? maybe its another chick its like um marianne moore i think is that her name. idk. too early.
Avatar n tn Had a very in-depth, heart to heart discussion w/a very good friend of mine tonight. It was kind of a surprise but very uplifting & liberating at the same time.
163305 tn?1333668571 I used to keep a journal. I used to read, and paint then I began treatment~again. Now, my focus is short, I ample from day to day. To be close to my doctor, I live temporarily in Oakland, not so far from the Occupy movement. As I rest, the radio plays, KPFA. Although none of the current events surprise me, they still grab my attention engaging my thoughts, despite the riba caused short circuit.
1390877 tn?1281762980 Sunny and warm Great day to study for Wed but sad cause I made euthanasia appt for Sadie. I also called Orena and Opted out of Art Therapy. Good decision even though I will miss Orena. No more rushing for Family Study. No more unhealthy close association. I am free on Mon afternoons.
2118802 tn?1334761806 I felt better today and had enough energy to do some seated exercises. Woo! Hoo! Had a good time at the one stroke painting even though my picture was different than the one we were suppossd to do. I just added more color and did the best I could.
Avatar n tn It seems like the slower they get my heart rate, the longer it takes for the palpations to get thru their cycle. Is this normal? I seem to have more side effects than relief. I am now scheduled for a consultation to see if I am a canidate for ablation. They have tried me on Norpace,Tikosyn,Tambocor,Toporal XL, and with no success. I was on Norpace for 4 years and that seem to control it the best, until they started to reoccur.
Avatar f tn First, this sounds odd, as usually you begin to learn any martial art by working on the basics on the bag and shadow boxing and learning combinations before you get in a ring. But remember, too, that boxing isn't only cardio, it's also very hard to hold your arms up for a long time, and your arms are attached to your shoulders and chest, so there might be soreness there.
Avatar f tn If you have a photo of a cloud looking like something, well other than a cloud LOL, then this is a post for you. ;) You may post the link to your cloud photo on this post for others to view. I thought it would be interesting to see the many different cloud formations. :) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me either by a PM or note on my Profile Page. Thanks!!!
341953 tn?1209481891 yeah im planning to be an art therapist. I was doing a short presentation where i said "art is theraputic" my teacher jokes and says "yeah we'll discuss that later :P" He toooooootally didnt get the point. Me i wrote more than i did art. For a year i didnt do a single piece. But now...i go back and i have some images that i've made...they express me...and help me...gets everything out...so maudit go do it I say!!!!
505094 tn?1240317431 A few years ago I went to a therapist who turned out to be an art therapist. She was wonderful and really helped me to get rid of bottled up emotions. I've happily discovered, over the years, that I can vent anything I feel into a painting. I just found this one that I did a few years ago in the midst of a lot of dizziness and anger over the whole thing.
705088 tn?1316835444 t want to work out thankful I did feel better. Going to try to promote erotic art.
908392 tn?1316522899 Wow, I'm reading this and I just finished giving myself a manicure and pedicure (lol)... I have great natural nails! As of nail art, I like the french manicure, regular color polish, but I'm sorry to say, that I not big on art on my nails. I'm all for it, but not on me... maybe.....
Avatar f tn It is not a very good answer to your question, but there can be occlusions without angina, and an occluded vessels is not usually the agent to cause a stroke, heart attack. The walking piece of plaque indicates your husband has elevated plaque between the inner and outer wall. I recently had a CT angiogram that determines by a calcium score the degree of calcification and soft plaque and the quantification indicates the degree of risk for a heart attack.
Avatar n tn Recently I moved to a new city and had to find a new heart doctor. This doctor ran an EKG, stress test, echocariogram and said I needed a heart cath because the tests showed the back of my heart was deprived of oxygen. The heart cath showed hardening of the arteries and now at age 57 the circumflex aortic artery is now 90% blocked. The only therapy was to continue on the same medications at the same dosage.
Avatar f tn started new art group today
1053987 tn?1279304510 I produced art in Eugene, after soaking in the tub with a nice bottle of white wine. Pampering myself for not smoking. It's been 5 dyas!
Avatar f tn I think the professor is wanting you to describe something that is not normally seen as art and to put it in the context of art. See the art in something that is mundane or unnoticed. I had the same project in college for the required art class and I did my essay on a soda can. Christy D Oh, I got an A.
705088 tn?1316835444 300 pm felt better needed to get up earlier. nan came we went to welland had swiss chalet went to zellers and wal-mart nice outing with nan. I wish I could feel more cotent with my place in life just feel like im not succeeding and it is effecting my self worth especially when mom complains about my toilet habits.