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Avatar n tn I am 25 years old and within the last year I have had a handful of episodes of a sudden and unexplained onset of tachycardia following a palpitation. I would feel a flop in my chest followed immediately by a jump in heart rate to 160+ bpm. After a few minutes my heart would abruptly be restored to a normal resting heart rate and I would feel fine. I have had 2 ECG's and 2 chest x rays. Both ECG's found right bundle branch block, but the x rays of my heart were normal.
Avatar m tn my heart rate when sitting around watching tv is around 90 to 101 i have been diagnoised with panic disorder i have been to the hospital and it has gotten up to 160 before they did chest x rays and EKG they said it was in normal rhythm just fast and didn't do anything for it it does drop around to 80 to 70 beats but only when im really sleepy should i worry about this?
Avatar m tn Went in to make sure nothing was wrong, and they took 3 X-rays. One cervical spine, 2 lumbar views. I stood against a white background and she pointed the X-ray machine to the area, but the machine was about 2-3 feet away. She did not place a lead shield on me while conducting these X-rays. I'm very concerned I was exposed to too much radiation?! Plus I am breastfeeding, and my breasts were never covered.
Avatar m tn I got my reStor implants over two years ago, and never received any warnings about X-rays and such. Since then, I have had X-rays, an MRI, and gone through lots of airport scanners, and my opthalmologist says my eyes and lenses are fine.
6711838 tn?1405009844 I still assist and take X-rays with this baby also, the way they make X-ray machines now days, u get more radiation from the sun.. Good lick and Congrats!!
Avatar f tn As long as you were shielded properly you will be fine. I am a radiology technologist and I get asked all the time about it since I am pregnant. Patients always question why I'm taking x-rays pregnant. I always shield pregnant ladies with 2 shields. The radiation was just to your wrist which is a small amount. I wouldn't worry about it unless you weren't shielded.
690060 tn?1247841741 t believe it has anything to do with the radiation factor (subbsequent images will not produce a clear image with a fast beating heart) as a fast beating heart (ideal to get heart rate below 60) will not provide images that clearly delineate relevant objects. The borders will be fuzzy...same as with echocardiogram when estimating EF and chamber dimensions. Are you suggesting more images are CT scan are taken of a fast beating heart, and then compiled with the computer for the best image?
Avatar n tn I have had the same symptoms this week as well. A "tinge" on top part of left chest and a numb feeling in my upper left arm. I have had this before about a year ago. Just had an EKG, chest X-ray from front and left side, "clean x-rays", normal BP and pulse. Having a stress test on Wednesday. I agree, I think it is a pinched nerve or something around the chest/arm pit area. Doc said, maybe shingles but I don't believe it.
Avatar m tn I had aortic valve replacement at the end of Jan. this year, tissue. Also the tricuspid valve was repaired and a bypass. My pulse is still 130. I thought my pulse would go down sooner but it is still crazy high. I am on warfarin and plavix. I am 61 and used to be very active. Never had other health issues. Allergic to metropol, and have low blood pressure. 98/60 usually. I have had Echos and EKG and x-rays.
Avatar m tn Now he had no prob with pacemaker and his pulse was always around 80 until last week when at dialysis his pulse rate fell to 43 on the monitor (lower rate was set at 50) he immediately came off dialysis and now this is his third dialysis and during dialysis his heart rate falls into 40s and post dialysis it improves. Doctors checked the pace maker n they say its ok and the x-rays also show initial positioning of the pacemaker. We are really worried abt him.
Avatar f tn That means i have to take a lot of x-rays on patients. My dentist had me stay away from taking x-rays for the first trimester, but now he thinks i am past the risky stage in my pregnancy and i should start taking x-rays again. What do you think?
Avatar m tn We have to do some spine X-rays for our child this year? We are very concerned about radiation and possible long term effects. She has had 2 panoramics teeth and 2 xrays for her shoulder over the years. Now they need about 4-5 spine X-rays. What is the risk??
Avatar m tn The doctor said our child needs about 4-5 X-rays over the next year. In the last 10 years she has had 2 dental panoramic, bite wings, 2 shoulder X-rays. Should I be concerned about radiation at this point?
Avatar n tn I'm 34 weeks and the last 4 times I have been for an appointment my boys heart rate has been up and iv been sent to the hospital for a trace which thank goodness is fine. If it keeps happening will they end up inducing me? Has anyone else had the same?
Avatar f tn I used the term benign because I've had numerous echos and ekg's and chest x-rays and they all said my heart is structurally normal. I've just been prone to bouts of tachycardia as long as I can recall, since my late 20s. I'd like to wean off Metoprolol because it does affect my sex drive and being still young that's a concern for me. But is there a good alternative for it that could control the tachycardia bouts without the erectile dysfunction?
1402901 tn?1283134912 etc) examination (rate, rhythm, lung sounds, pulse strength other signs) and diagnostic tests (blood, urine) and chest x-rays constitute a minimum database for suspected heart disease. An echocardiogram may also be suggested. This gets you to the diagnosis, a first and most important step in deciding on a treatment plan.
Avatar m tn Sorry it took so long for me to log back on and read you comment and reply back to you as I have been having testing by a cardiologist. Stated EKGs, Blood Tests, X-rays all looked ok, and Treadmill Stess Test said was ok. But I had noticed lately my heart rate would go to 50 when I was very relaxed, another doctor I saw for that monitored me for an hour and my heart rate droped to 50 a few times while resting on the exam bed reclined.
Avatar n tn All his heart rate,pumping rate is normal now.(but when he was in ICU his pumping rate was bit reduced) please help..