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Avatar m tn The BP and pulse rate were affected by working outside cutting wood
86819 tn?1378947492 85F, 65%rh. Resting pulse rate after working and lifting in the the lab ~ 50-55. Resting heart rate this am ~45-48. Question: what stimulates the parasympathetic system to effect pulse rate? Exercise levels do not seem in line with pulse rate. Was feeling depressed yesterday without any reason.
Avatar n tn scary again high pulse rate felt as if heart jumping out of chest
Avatar f tn B/P 137/102 sitting quietly for 20 minutes, pulse rate 91, heart flutters and palpitations
Avatar f tn Went up the stairs, to my bathroom, down the stairs, to the kitchen and back to the sofa...heart rate is still only 67 bpm which confirms that sometimes my heart rate does race for no reason and it isn't that I am in such bad shape. At about 8:30 am my dog died. Can't believe she was okay yesterday at this time. So sick about it!! Keep checking pulse and at 60 to 63 bpm...so no worries... At about 1:40 pm I had an intense NEAR blackout experience...
Avatar f tn Minimum heart rate: 52 Maximum heart rate:154 (the graph) Average heart rate: 70 Minimum blood pressure: 86/60 Maximum blood pressure: 101/61 Average blood pressure: 89/64 (the graph) The minimum was measured while standing, with a pulse of 100.
Avatar f tn After my half marathon interval training, heart rate stayed high for 2 hrs and it scared me.
Avatar f tn Throughout the day my heart feels like it is racing on and off. In taking my pulse rate it registered at 78, which is within a normal range. Any suggestions.
Avatar f tn I would recommend next time your pulse watch show 198 that you check the pulse on your wrist manually. If your heart rate indeed is 198, see a doctor, and you must wear a monitor catching the rhythm with EKG so the doctors see what rhythm you are having and treat it. If the heart rate is not 198, preferrably stop wearing the pulse watch, except when you exercise. It's a bad habit to be too aware of the heart rhythm/pulse.
768044 tn?1294223436 Heart Rate/Pulse at 106 during a headache. Blood pressure within a "normal" range of 117/76.
Avatar m tn 80 mmHg systolic 44 mmHg diastolic 56 pluse/min isnt this really bad? Sometimes my blood pressure is so low it wont register.
Avatar f tn Pulse rate still up, BP ok
Avatar f tn hiya everyone, i have suffered with anxiety for 4yrs now, at first it was really bad but i got over that but i do get it sometimes on and off, i am ill this week i have got severe tonsilitis and gastritis in my stomach and its kicked the anxiety off, i keep checking my bp to see what my pulse is, can your heart going fast with anxiety harm your heart or make the muscles around your heart weak, i am really obsessed with my heart, and the day after i had been out drinking i got terrible palpitatio
Avatar n tn What is considered a average resting heart rate? How do you lower a heart rate without taking prescription meds?
Avatar f tn hello ma'am.. a normal heart rate or pulse is 72 beats per second.. your's is a bit fast but i guess not a serious matter.. sometimes it does increase due to any infection like cough or cold etc.. if you experience no severe serious problem no need to worry.. i guess you might have a high bp also so that might be the reason and is okk in that case.. hope this helps..
Avatar m tn One of my friends has been having increased heart rate, and I am trying desperately to figure out what the problem is. If anyone could please list all the symptoms of this illness/disease *IST/POTS*, I would greatly appreciate it.
Avatar m tn I take my pulse two ways finger monitor show o2 and pulse. also have bp monitor shows pulse as well.
Avatar f tn Hey, this maybe weird but does anyone know about what their heart rate normally is? I work where we sell fitness equipment with pulse monitors.Every time I show it my pulse is always well into the 130's or higher. Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn what should my heart rate be? I am 69 years old female. How do you take your heart rate?
Avatar n tn Persistently high blood sugar can cause heart disease, kidney disease, resultant high blood pressure and because of heart disease a rapid pulse rate that you may become aware of (palpitations). High BP could be the cause of headaches. You need to get certain investigations done like fasting and post prandial sugar, glycosylated hemoglobin levels to know you over all blood sugar status. You may need further testing for kidney and heart function.
Avatar m tn Lopressor is a Beta blocker and it is used to lower your blood pressure. It also lowers your heart rate. It is not uncommon to have a lower heart rate at night when your body is at rest. Your blood pressure is good (meaning not too low) so I would think that the lower heart rate is not worrisome. If you have issues with your blood pressure being very low and you have a low heart rate, then that would be concerning.
Avatar f tn Pulse is about 108 BPM currently.. I feel hot and a bit sweaty. Really tired and mentally disconnected today.. Pulse was checked for a full 30 seconds - 54 beats x 2 I may be headed into another fatigue/sweating/high heart rate cycle now. It's Friday.. so if it does happen, I'll have to wait until Monday to see my doctor. .. Just checked pulse again - 11:58am - 102BPM and when I take a deep breath I can feel my heart rate slow down at the top of the breath.
Avatar m tn my husband has been in and out of the hospital for the last year and 1/2 due to his heart. His heart rate is 25 had a pacemaker put in and has been seeing his heart dr for years now. his last visit to the hospital docyor said he didnt know what else he could do, that he was on tthe best meds that he could give him.
Avatar m tn Why my pulse rate less than average ,which is 49 mmHg and blood pressure is above 150 mmHg where as my age is 60
647946 tn?1224151437 pulse is too high 105 I am still off beta blocker
2121068 tn?1334898058 I'm noticing that as my blood pressure is dropping, my pulse rate is skyrocketing! Is that ok?