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Avatar n tn ?SVT rate 190 whilst working. Became dizzy and collapsed. Heart monitor showed SVT in resus, unable to catch on ECG as SVT dissapeared when lying down.
Avatar f tn The hallmark symptom of POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) is an increase in heart rate from the supine (lying down with the face up) to upright position of more than 30 beats per minute or to a heart rate greater than 120 beats per minute within 12 minutes of head-up tilt.
471949 tn?1236904026 I've been having trouble lately with my hr being too low....today it was down to 39.
967168 tn?1477584489 Your Blood Pressure and Heart Rate: Please take your blood pressure AND heart rate while lying down and standing on three separate occasions, preferably early in the morning at least 2 hours after a meal. You can have this done by a nurse in your doctor’s office, you can have a caregiver help you do this if you have a home blood pressure machine.
Avatar n tn I took my blood pressure today whild sitting upright and noticed that it was a little high - around 125/90. I took it again lying down and noticed that it was alot lower: 110/60. I was wondering what causes such a significant difference in blood pressure readings? The only other health problems have are that I am overweight and I (may) have a hiatal hernia. As for my blood pressure, it is usually around 120/80.
Avatar n tn well i was on the computer and i felt my heart pounding so i decidid to check my heart rate. it was at 111 beats/min. i checked it again a few minutes later and it had gone down to 99 beats/min.
Avatar n tn I did get out of bed today and I have been doing some housework which I havent done in the last month. Now my heart rate is really high and I've been sitting for the past 1/2 hour and cant seem to bring it down its beating really fast and making me sick. Is this normal for someone who has zero fitness. I did mention I had an ecg done and I had sinus rhythem nonspecific st level abnormality.
Avatar m tn hi iam experiancing normal heart rate lying down 70-89 blood pressure 116 78 roughly sitting 95 115 blood pressure 117 85 standing its 120 140 blood pressure same now and again its 140 95 right arm its always normal left arm i do have one kidney i did a donation 5 years ago any cause for concen i was told about blood pressure promblems prior to donation at age 50+ iam only 40 i do smoke i wont lie
Avatar f tn I was lying on the bed, reading, and suddenly my heart rate went up to 102, then down between 85 and 95, and this went on for about 1/2 hour. I had just eaten about 20 lightly salted chips, and I said "ah ha" - salt. I took an Ativan and a Toprol XL and it all went down, not to normal (58-60) but down in the 60's. Salt, stress, what else? I havehad atrial fib., a very bad attack, about 3 months ago, but this was not A. Fib.
Avatar n tn I am a nursing student, and while practicing my auscilation skills on a friend, while lying down, his heart rate was 86 and regular, while sitting, 106 and then when standing his heart rate was 160. He does not smoke or drink and is on no medications. He had no dizzyness or chest discomfort until he'd been standing for about 10 minutes, then he said that his chest was kind of achy and he had pain in his left arm. What would cause this?
Avatar f tn Went up the stairs, to my bathroom, down the stairs, to the kitchen and back to the sofa...heart rate is still only 67 bpm which confirms that sometimes my heart rate does race for no reason and it isn't that I am in such bad shape. At about 8:30 am my dog died. Can't believe she was okay yesterday at this time. So sick about it!! Keep checking pulse and at 60 to 63 bpm...so no worries... At about 1:40 pm I had an intense NEAR blackout experience...
Avatar f tn I just laid down and was almost asleep my daughter woke me by kicking me hard in the ribs (im 36 weeks) i was shaking horribly and had a very high heart rate. Now that I am up tho it is getting better and i am not shaking as badly....That is very odd tho that my blood pressure and heart rate would be so increased while lying down .... anyone else have this?
Avatar n tn My husband has higher blood pressure when lying down. When he stands he falls and is dizzy. Also has chest pains.Last night his blood pressure went from 176/78 to 109/68 when he stood up.Less than 2 minutes between readings. What can cause this.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to control your heart rate with your mind? I know that I can be sat down and if i wonder what my rate is I start to feel it, I can feel it pounding, whether at normal rate or fast. Then when it goes up i struggle to get the heart rate back down even with breathing exercises. Is it possible that I am causing it to still be high subconciously?
Avatar n tn yeah that is why lie dectectors work.
Avatar n tn i take 50mg of atenolol a day which slows my heart rate but whenever i am lying down i feel my heart in my throat and it forces me to make sounds and cough. this is very annoying. sometimes my heart stops for a second and i can't breath for that second. my heart rate is anywhere from 47-61 lying down and i still get these extra beats. does anyone here know if it is possible to get them with a slower rate? i have seen 3 cardiologists and asked for a holter monitor and none would give me one.
Avatar f tn t go away, then I wound up in ER. They did an ECG, and just tachycardia. My heart rate went down into the 80's/90's while I was there that night they sent me home, chalked it up to some type of panic. Sure enough, next night--same thing, racing and pounding heart woke me up 3 hours after going to sleep--then I had insomnia all night--this went on for four nights.
Avatar n tn I feel I may have some form of orthostatic intolerance based on the fact that I get a whole variety of symptoms when standing that are alleviated instantly when lying down. I've done the Poor man's tilt table test a few times and in each attempt there is one thing that I feel stands out over anything else. My heart rate when standing still is far from stable. It appears to bounce around going up and down continuously.
Avatar n tn He did a *** test and took blood out of my artery in my arm while lying down and then again while standing up. The test showed my heart rate normal while lying down and racing while standing. The blood work came back negative for wht ever they test for. The doctor originaly thought I had innppropriate sinus tachycardia but, now he doesn't think it's my heart causing the problem. Question is have you ever heard of anything like this?
Avatar n tn Beta blockers can help slow the heart rate down and decrease the blood pressure, but the problem is the heart gets addicted to them and it is hard to taper off of them. Sometimes beta blockers can do harm in people who really are only taking them for the symptom of fast heart rate. Make sure that you are getting enough exercise, walking and such. Sometimes the heart beats fast because it is out of shape and needs more exercise.
Avatar m tn I want you to understand few people have a natural pulse rate of 50 and to get it that low is usually accompanied by resting (lying or sitting down) for up to 5 minutes, for most people. Her HR of 188 is very high and maybe she needs more practice training before she should be pushing her body that hard. Think of bringing her heart Rate down to low 100's like 115 or 125 bpm and then training around 140-155 bpm, 50 is to low.
Avatar m tn also, slight amplitude difference as well. You may try to increase your heart rate when lying down, and you will see the difference.