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Avatar f tn The hallmark symptom of POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) is an increase in heart rate from the supine (lying down with the face up) to upright position of more than 30 beats per minute or to a heart rate greater than 120 beats per minute within 12 minutes of head-up tilt.
Avatar n tn I did get out of bed today and I have been doing some housework which I havent done in the last month. Now my heart rate is really high and I've been sitting for the past 1/2 hour and cant seem to bring it down its beating really fast and making me sick. Is this normal for someone who has zero fitness. I did mention I had an ecg done and I had sinus rhythem nonspecific st level abnormality. Im just freaking out I've tried taking deep breaths, and listening to music but nothing is working.
Avatar m tn For a well-trained athlete, a normal resting heart rate may be closer to 40 beats a minute. For healthy adults, a lower heart rate at rest generally implies more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness. To measure your heart rate, simply check your pulse. With your palm facing upward, place two fingers on the thumb side of your wrist — or place your index and third fingers on your neck to the side of your windpipe.
Avatar n tn I took my blood pressure today whild sitting upright and noticed that it was a little high - around 125/90. I took it again lying down and noticed that it was alot lower: 110/60. I was wondering what causes such a significant difference in blood pressure readings? The only other health problems have are that I am overweight and I (may) have a hiatal hernia. As for my blood pressure, it is usually around 120/80.
Avatar n tn My husband has higher blood pressure when lying down. When he stands he falls and is dizzy. Also has chest pains.Last night his blood pressure went from 176/78 to 109/68 when he stood up.Less than 2 minutes between readings. What can cause this.
Avatar m tn hi iam experiancing normal heart rate lying down 70-89 blood pressure 116 78 roughly sitting 95 115 blood pressure 117 85 standing its 120 140 blood pressure same now and again its 140 95 right arm its always normal left arm i do have one kidney i did a donation 5 years ago any cause for concen i was told about blood pressure promblems prior to donation at age 50+ iam only 40 i do smoke i wont lie
Avatar n tn Is it possible to control your heart rate with your mind? I know that I can be sat down and if i wonder what my rate is I start to feel it, I can feel it pounding, whether at normal rate or fast. Then when it goes up i struggle to get the heart rate back down even with breathing exercises. Is it possible that I am causing it to still be high subconciously?
Avatar n tn I am a nursing student, and while practicing my auscilation skills on a friend, while lying down, his heart rate was 86 and regular, while sitting, 106 and then when standing his heart rate was 160. He does not smoke or drink and is on no medications. He had no dizzyness or chest discomfort until he'd been standing for about 10 minutes, then he said that his chest was kind of achy and he had pain in his left arm. What would cause this?
Avatar m tn I want you to understand few people have a natural pulse rate of 50 and to get it that low is usually accompanied by resting (lying or sitting down) for up to 5 minutes, for most people. Her HR of 188 is very high and maybe she needs more practice training before she should be pushing her body that hard. Think of bringing her heart Rate down to low 100's like 115 or 125 bpm and then training around 140-155 bpm, 50 is to low.
Avatar n tn Beta blockers can help slow the heart rate down and decrease the blood pressure, but the problem is the heart gets addicted to them and it is hard to taper off of them. Sometimes beta blockers can do harm in people who really are only taking them for the symptom of fast heart rate. Make sure that you are getting enough exercise, walking and such. Sometimes the heart beats fast because it is out of shape and needs more exercise.
Avatar n tn I walk at least a mile almost everyday. I don't get winded, yet my resting heart rate is 80. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn Discomfort when lying down needs to be checked out. Even without insurance there are options.
Avatar f tn I do some physical activity but nothing strenous. Is 58bpm too low? My usual heart rate is between 68-80 when sitting down/working. Please help!
Avatar n tn I notice more recently if I have indigestion and last thing at night especially when lying down My PVC's are worse. After the runs of them my pulse stays at 100-120 for anything from half an hour to a couple of hours. Some of the pvc's feel really strong and seem to get an adrenaline reaction . I also get occasional "flutters" where my heart seems to speed up for a few seconds and then go back to normal almost immediately.
Avatar m tn Hey Everyone I'm 39 years old male and in good shape use to play sport before my accident ,about 2 years ago I had head injury ( concussion) I suffer from a few different thing because of that but one of my symptoms is a fast heart rate, My HR and BP was normal before the accident my BP still runs normal but not my heart rate, at rest its, sitting lying down it will usually drop to about 100, sometime time it goes a little lower 85 to 100 some it doesn't come down to 100 it stays 100-115, when
Avatar f tn when I walk on the treadmill at 2.5 for thirty minutes my heart rate continues to stay at the resting rate of 80 - 90 beats per minute. Why is this? And is this bad?
Avatar n tn Lying there thinking about all the things that are wrong with you will porvoke anxiety without question and that could be the culprit for elevated heart rate. Normally though faster heart rates are confined to short periods, during and anxiety attack, during a scare, such as loud noise nearby and so on. Often it can only be for seconds but an anxiety attack can make it last much longer. You have though been given a diagnosis of this problem by a doctor. Only you deny having anxiety.
Avatar m tn Hi, just a quick question. has any one else experienced there heart rate increase while lying down flat in bed asleep and just fractionally sitting up ( like a mini crunch ) to adjust your pillow only to have to have there heart rate speed up instantly, then when you go back to your original position, your HR instantly returns to normal ? Also when this happens, there feels as there is a blockage in my intestines/abdomen area.
Avatar f tn A tilt table test was positive, and it was also found that I have a lower heart rate, around 50. I am on lisinopril, 20 mg, for blood pressure, I have adrenal surges and the medicine keeps me from spiking, and have been on the same medicine for about 6 years now. I have been seeing an EP, who has performed a 30 day heart monitor test, ECHO, and stress test, all came back OK he said. Throughout the last 2 months I have had bouts with constant yawning, for it to subside on it's own after a day.
Avatar f tn ) But the tachycardia persists. I have episodes where I'll just be sitting at my desk and my heart rate will go up to 100-110 bpm. Very low level exercise (running 1/2 block to catch the bus) will cause my heart rate to spike to 160-170. It comes back down, but this doesn't seem normal. I haven't been exercising regularly since this latest flair, but I'm certainly not a couch potato.
Avatar n tn First, there are autonomic nervous system changes when you lie down--- for example, the ANS causes the heart rate to slow. Often PVCs, PACs and afib are vagally induced. So, in some people bedtime actually trigers their palps (as would eating certain foods, indigestion, drinking cold water, etc.). Second, when you lie down you are motionless and have few distractions.
Avatar n tn One night when I was about to sleep, I checked my heart rate and it was 62. I heard normal heart rate should be between 60 - 100. Mine seems to be slipping down. This gave me a small panic attack and my anxiety is back. I heard that slow heart rates can cause sudden death. I am afraid for my health. I cannot stop on Carbimazole and the little Propranolol that I take. Should I approach a specialist or do you thing that this condition is benign?
Avatar f tn "Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS, also postural tachycardia syndrome) is a condition of dysautonomia,[1] more specifically orthostatic intolerance, in which a change from the supine position to an upright position causes an abnormally large increase in heart rate, called tachycardia. Several studies show a decrease in cerebral blood flow with systolic and diastolic cerebral blood flow (CBF) velocity decreased 44% and 60%, respectively.
Avatar n tn Since that episode (which is the only one I have ever had) I have been experiencing fatigue and and increased heart rate when I stand or exercise. When I am lying down my heart rate is between 58-70, when I stand it is around 90-100 BPM and when I exercise it is even higher. Because of the constant fatigue my Primary Care Physician ordered more blood tests and a echo stress test. Yesterday morning I had my blood taken, urine test and then the echo stress test.
Avatar f tn if I'm lucky and not all together. My problem now is my heart rate. I checked it at resting and it was about 88-92. :/ Idk if I'm having palpitations but I feel like its throbbing in my head as well. is this normal for sub withdrawals? I dont think I have anxiety but who knows.
Avatar f tn It doesn't happen every time I lay down, but is getting more frequent. What is strange is that it happens if I am lying on my back or left side only. If I turn over to my right side it's gone, but if I go back to my left side or back, it's there again. The crackles aren't there upon waking in the a.m. My doctor isn't sure what it could be. Maybe GERD, maybe bronchi issues. If so, wouldn't this still be apparent when I lay on my right side?
Avatar m tn One more strange thing is that when I lay down in my bed my heart rate increase... Before lying down in my bed was the best solution to stop the rapid heart rate... I still put something under my bed to have my head a little bit up, apparently it can help but I see no difference... Well give some news ok, and maybe you can help me about the beta blocker... Witch ones work best for you and your dose also... They just launch a new beta blocker in the Canada call bystolic...