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1122750 tn?1271625897 Just started the jump rope training. Feels terrific because it raises mz heart rate verz quicklz makes me sweat in 10 minutes or less. Since it helps me reach faster the point where I burn calories: - after 2 times spark people - 1 round of 5 minutes. followed on Sunday by X stretch, the stretch was better because my body was super warmed up followed on Monday Yoga X, i sweat bullets. no joke.
Avatar f tn How much food did you have previous to the jump rope routine? as that will determine adequite energy or not. How high did your heart rate get and did your body have time to warm up before you did the vigorous workout?
Avatar f tn begin training for 1min interval - completed (3) goal (10)
Avatar n tn 1000 stop time: 10 min 0 min- non stop at end
Avatar n tn 1100 stop time: 8:50 1 min non stop at end
Avatar n tn 00 min.....
Avatar n tn took it after just standing up from laying down.
Avatar n tn I have a resting heart rate between 70-80 bpm, I just walk and my heart rate goes up to 130, I did jump rope for not even a minute and my heart rate jumped to 163 bpm, this realy worries me. I have had a Holter for 24hrs with nothing to report, I had an echocardiogram and everything seems to be in order there as well, I have had test done to see if I might have asthma.... nothing.... so is there anyone who can perhaps give me some insight as to why my heart does this...
Avatar n tn Exercised jump rope breaking bad
Avatar f tn I very much doubt it, does he lose his balance other times or only when he jumps rope , if he loves other sports maybe he should do them and leave jump rope. Do his knees feel okay, dont hurt him, sometimes children get growing pains .
Avatar f tn Great inspiration! I saw that video before after searching for a good jump rope. At the same time I read that some guy "invented" a jump rope without the rope to inspire clumsy people like me even more to continue this great cardio workout without tripping.
Business woman3 jump rope for the next target
Avatar m tn m a healthy 19 year old who eats well, and does some form of exercise nearly every day, ranging from jump rope to weight lifting, to landscaping. I was recently diagnosed with benign PVCs by my cardiologist after have an echocardiogram, various EKGs which never show abnormal activity, a holter monitor (which did show the PVCs, but few of them) and blood work. All came back normal except the holter.
Avatar f tn She complains all the time she does not feel good. Nonspecific joint complaints. She says she feels like the kids in jump rope for heart video. She complains of dizziness fatigue stomach pain. We have checked thyroid studies rheumatoid panel CBC and Chem 7 all normal. Tried counseling no issue identified. Resting pulse 130 at times. Help. All docs are saying nothing is wrong but there has to be something. Her entire demeanor has changed and I am desperate for answer.
1215943 tn?1268502753 my daughter is 7 and in second grade at andrew heights elementary school and is doing jump rope for heart for a great cause and we are trying to get all the donations we can! if you could please help every lil bit helps.we only have a week left for donations friday the 19th of march! we thanks you bunches! I’m joining millions of other kids to help save lives with the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope For Heart Program! Will you help me?
Avatar n tn skipping can really get your heart rate up, so yeah it is good cardio exercise. As far as it being the only exercise you get- not so good. If you're just starting to exercise, try to have about 30 minutes a day for 5-6 time a week of your heart rate being elevated. Skipping can definitely do this (and if you are like me and can't actually jump high enough, skip with an imaginary rope).
Avatar n tn Began a jump rope routine. Only 5 mins to start.
Avatar f tn Jumping jacks. Jump rope. Rope climbers. Lunges with weights. Pushups. Crunches then stretch. Your done in twenty min. And you have gotten your heart rate up and your metabolism revving.
Avatar f tn list=PL9FxWnfq1Oyo9pHHUPHeQne4iqoZ4zTN_ Figure your heart rate by this formula  The Karvonen Formula is a mathematical formula that helps you determine your target heart rate zone. The formula involves using your maximum heart rate (MHR) minus your age to come up with a target heart rate range (which is a percentage of your MHR). Staying within this range will help you work most effectively during your cardio workouts.
Avatar f tn I'm having a boy and today the heart rate was low range 118 to 120.
868961 tn?1239590556 3 sets of minute stomach holds arms and back jump rope and jumping jacks crunches