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Avatar n tn The answer is all 3. GP for the small stuff, kidney for the renal problems, and cardiologist for the heart failure. At home he should be drastically limiting salt(sodium), or anything with salt(sodium) added. He should try to stay with fresh meat, vegetables, and fruits, with low sodium breads. EVERYTHING he consumes needs to be low/no sodium. If he finds himself thristy a lot of the time, he could suck on crushed ice. It seems to work better than plain water for quenching thirst.
Avatar n tn I have had water retention problems and been on lasix for over a year. But I had liver failure. They also gave me aldactate at first because it keeps the potassium in body, not in urine. If you take lasix, you have to take pottasium chloride. I think it depends on how much liver damage you have, what would cause the problem, but there are solutions that don't hurt your liver.
1507497 tn?1357173056 Retention, why is this not a symptom??!!
Avatar n tn that would signify heart failure. This would indicate a quick rise in water retension would be heart related...a gradual increase that you suggest may not be a heart problem...for some people excessive drinking of water under certain circumstances can be problematic.
Avatar f tn Hello, Common causes of water retention include infection (cellulitis or septic joint), problems with blood flow like DVT can impair normal circulation and lead to swelling around the ankles,pregnancy, obesity, and varicose veins.
Avatar f tn significant water retention probably due to kidney infection
Avatar f tn Just wanted to share this with you...one of my problems with hypothyroidism is water retention, despite the 80 ounces of water I drink daily. My doctor suggested I try 16 oz. unflavored Pedialyte mixed with 48 oz. water and drink this mixture two consecutive days weekly. After the first day, I noticed a significant difference! After the second day, I weighed 1.5 lbs. less. Water retention isn't a problem for me anymore!!! Maybe this will help others.
487969 tn?1249313291 seeming to keep on some water weight. Weighed last night at 147.2 and this a.m. I was 144.2 - Drinking more water today and curbing the soda. Trying to see if that will help. I weighed 130 in April. I miss those days!
Avatar m tn still much water retention in legs, ankles and knees
Avatar n tn My wife is aged 85 and has problems with atrial fibrilation and a leaking heart valve. Her cardiologist has put her her on a high dose of durectics as she had water retention. She has now lost this water but continues to lose weight and is down to 47kg with a height of 1.70m. We live in France.
605458 tn?1539228808 Water retention, constipation
1507497 tn?1357173056 Big time!
Avatar f tn no change in weight, off track last week due to flu need to put in at least 1 1/2 of exercise in gym and walk at least 2 x a day at work eat more fish/tilapia and drink more shakes
740586 tn?1247662758 Thyroid meds. at 7am Estrogen and Progesterone at 11:30am Eat very little and don't even get hungry until evening.
754480 tn?1273608779 Last night we had shrimp for dinner. I knew it would make me retain water, so the scale shows a one pound increase, which to me was surprising because I thought it would be more.
Avatar f tn My rings are really tight, I'm not peeing very often and my feet are swollen as well as ankles. Eating okay today.. already had a big bowl of soup, some dates and a brown rice cake with cream cheese. Working on getting more water in me. ... Not peeing still... swelling more. Went out to dinner with a friend, Thai food. Felt hungry and ate slowly and things were pretty much okay. After I got home I decided to have more soup and a part of a salad roll.
1507497 tn?1357173056 in the evening i noticed it
1176470 tn?1263731367 Peed loads yesterday and get on the scales today and am 3lb lighter than yesterday. I was starting to panic and think I was going to have to the extreme way and thankfully the scales were nice this morning.
897400 tn?1303329148 I think all of the sudden weight gain was water. I've lost almost all of it since I stopped my period. But I don't have a great appetite either. It's hard to eat when I don't want meat, and everything I like could cause candida or conflict with LDN. ( Gluten and Dairy ).