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Avatar m tn I have a regiment of pain meds and barely deal with my daily life routines. I now am having extreme stomach problems... nausea, bloating, rapid heart rate after I eat and blodd pressure drop at the same time. I also have xtreme stomach pain on top of the fibro pain. My doctor said maybe I need my gall bladder removed even though I had a scan and no stones were visible. Are my stomach problems related to FMS?? I'm so sick all the time...
Avatar n tn Visitation with his Dad. Great-Grandma in hospital...heart problems. No problems.
1398693 tn?1343684738 I use my spray no less than twice a day and as much as 8 on bad ones, It's been 4 years now and it's gotten to the point where I know that since I got the flu in February my asthma has gotten much worse to a point where I can only breathe shallow and with winter coming I know I will get worse I just wish I didn't have to wait so long to see a Dr., 3 months seems so far away.
1019167 tn?1315588348 have to go see dr on monday... might be getting sent to a cardiologist!!
Avatar f tn I got a stent put in. Probably a problem from the high blood calcium, treatment, and blood pressure all mixed together. Getting ablation, too.
Avatar m tn recently I have been having these funny little episodes with my heart I get breathless then my heart does these half beats where it feels like its trying to stop then goes back to normal heart rate the doctor did say to me that it was eptopic beat but didnt explain anything to me. which as it does stresses you out even more. I feel like I am going to faint when these episodes happen. I dont drink do drugs I eat really healthy and I do smoke cigarettes which am trying to give up.
Avatar f tn I had this problem since my dad passed away, its getting worst, the older i get.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I am sorry that you guys have no insurance, that has got to rot. It sound like your mom has a few things going on hey? I am not in the medical field, but to me to it doesn't sound like heart. it sound like it could be diabetes or I am not sure. usually for pain to be associated with heart it is on the left, but once in a while it could start on the right.
1445923 tn?1284580271 Absolutely no problems with my heart, arteries, or blood pressure.
Avatar n tn I am currently not taking any medication due to the fact that I do not have insurance any longer. No insurance company will insure me due to my conditions. Even if I had insurance i cannot take the thyroid meds becasue they make my heart hurt and not beat right even more. So my question is this... Why do I feel so sick after I eat?
Avatar f tn I am writing this primarily with the hopes of getting someone who knows something about my problem to look at it and offer some advice since the forums won't let me post any new questions right now. I have been suffering from extended cycles. On average, I'd say that they last from four to five months. Currently the one I am on has lasted since November 1st 2007 and has been comprised of very heavy bleeding and blood clots that range in size from pennies to fingers.
Avatar m tn One of my friends has currently been having some puzzling heart problems. She would be sitting in class, and all of a sudden her hear would race. She would immediately report to the infirmary, where the nurse would take her heart beat into record. I think the highest it ever was was pushing 120, almost into 130. It wasn't like she was doing anything physically strenuous. The only other symptom was a slight tingly sensation in her face, no specific part just all over.
590782 tn?1351704524 So I decided to change my insurance during open enrollment because Kaiser would no longer cover any IUIs. So here I am with a BFP but I cannot seem to get an appointment. I hate HMOs. They will not see me until next thursday. I was thinking about going to just any ob/gyn and paying out of pocket but my dh says that he is not comfortable with that. I want to make sure that I get the right meds and that my numbers look good. So far I have sore bb and yuky feeling in the morning. What do I do?
Avatar n tn I want to do it again but we dont have medical insurance, I wanted to know if anyone know about any health insurance we can buy that will pay for IVF?? I know I might have to wait but I want to start getting information. Also,, anybody know of a fertility clinic that let you do more than one try for 1/2 price or give you any discount if the first IVF failed????? Thank you...
760207 tn?1234198311 re wondering why I do not go to the doctor right away, I have NO medical insurance whatsoever. Regardless of your income, in the State of Michigan, if you don't still have kids living at home, then you're kinda SOL on any insurance. I haven't found any insurance program in the State that I qualify for.
2017859 tn?1331098401 insurance no longer covers frova, switching to treximet (noted as summatriptan and naproxen) Still using summatriptan alone for lesser migraines since its more affordable.
448723 tn?1301454958 Yesterday I spent half the day at the doctors. On Thursday night I experienced an erratic heartbeat (for the 2nd time) and it went for around 8 hours. My heart was jumping all over the place and alternated between feeling like someone was kicking it and like someone was standing on it. At times it was difficult to breathe, and I did quite a bit of involuntary wheezing. Of course I should have gone to the hospital at the time, but I didn't want anything to be wrong.
1139443 tn?1369553584 6 weeks late because of insurance problems
Avatar n tn hi, first heart disease and gerd do have similar symptoms, however its not a good idea to speculate when it comes down to cardiovascular disease, you should see a gp or e.r. a.s.a.p. and have them test you, once you get the all clear about your heart, then i would consider looking at a digestive disorder, cheers.
4097344 tn?1349754756 i wont be able to do it. im 27 year old male with no family history of heart problems. and whats so bad i went and got my records from my last er visit and on the last page it said heart mildly enlarged. what does this mean? it also said on the same page all arteries are within normal limits. im so worried.......
1460096 tn?1285740683 s, but according to my fiancee it sounds like my heart skips a beat. He is no doctor, this is just from what he hears when listening to my heart beat. Also the pain jumps from one side to another, all on the same left side of my chest but jumping to random spaces. There are time where i have to sit down or apply pressure for the pain to stop or become less. I dont know if this is a serious problem or a cause from something else. I also suffer from panic attacks as well.
605458 tn?1539228808 New prescrip insurance, couldn't get it refilled.
Avatar m tn Danced and stayed active. Drank 2.5 more (4.5 total). Felt as if I could have drank more. No problems throughout the evening.
Avatar f tn Quit taking my CCB two nights ago and I seem to be doing fine. Right now the only meds I am taking is plavix, ranexa, baby aspirin, and two tylenol Pm's. Taking these at night before I go to bed. I am taking NO meds in the morning. Ran out of prescription for lipitor, so not taking it either.