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Avatar m tn Atrial septal defect (ASD) is a hole in the wall between the two upper chambers of your heart. Smaller ASD’s may close on its own during infancy or early childhood. However, larger ASD’s can damage the heart and lungs, and contribute to shortened life span. In this case, surgery is necessary for repair to prevent complications. To know more about ASD and its course, it might be best to ask a pediatric cardiologist for medical advice. Hope this helps.
2177836 tn?1355173877 I read somewhere as the heart develops heart murmers can arise and the baby can be completely.fine. also my dad has a minor heart murmer and the chances of something going wrong.are almost as.bad as winning the lottery some heart conditions aren't very serious sorry I.
Avatar f tn We can also have colds, the flu, cancer, heart problems, vein problems, breathing problems but all those things are not due to MS. Without a doubt I would have myself checked.
Avatar f tn What I find puzzling is that her sleep problems were already there in infancy. She did not sleep excessively at first -- just very erratically, in short pieces of time. Even at 6 months old I could put her on her back and she would suddenly be asleep for 5-15 minutes (in the middle of an activity). 1- Can a BABY have narcolepsy?
Avatar m tn All I can tell you is, I was born w/out a thyroid gland (the only one in all of my family trees) to have this problem. My children were born healthy and all their organs in place, including working thyroids. I don't think hypo or hyper thyroid is inherited. If a child is born with or in early stages of infancy begin to show symptoms of thyroid issues (Downe's syndrome/Mongoloid..
Avatar f tn s for heart problems and dr just keep saying you look finene and your results are all normal. AND YOU think to yourself I don't feel fine or other wise I would be out living life like EricaO is now doing after a cure from this lyme bug. Again the book is called "how to cope with lyme disease" the third addition. Has anyone else read this book?
1353213 tn?1277008115 the doctor prescribe lanoxin and aldazide to treat his CGF. he is 8 months now and weighs 5.7kg. in his echocardiogram his LV is enlarge grossly.
Avatar f tn s infancy and he said he read that it is not unusual for children to have speech problems when the father is not there because the father has influence over the child's speech. Any truth to this?
Avatar n tn In selected centers in the US the placement of a special bioprosthetic valve is possible transluminally,but this is still in its infancy and not likely to be the standard of care for the next 5 years. It depends on your priorities: if not being on coumadin is more important than needing re-operation 4-5 years sooner then choose the BP. Otherwise choose the mechanical valve. Both have similar infectious rates.
Avatar n tn 22yo male with history of eczema since infancy (also asthma/allergies). Historically treated with hydroxyzine and topical steroid cream. One year ago, skin condition worsened. Experienced "sunburn" like appearance to face with severe itching to scalp and face. the usual bleeding and large, painful lymph nodes to scalp and neck. Treated with several rounds of oral steroids and antibiotics. No relief presently with maximum dose of hydroxyzine.
Avatar n tn Studies show that high-risk elderly patients with ASD can be safely treated with a fenestrated occluder, a device that allows an overflow of blood in both directions in case of heart failure. To know more about other treatment options available, consult your doctor. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Hi. No, dental abscess does not predispose infants to develop cerebral palsy. Most cases of cerebral palsy are believed to be caused by problems that occur before the baby is born (e.g. maternal illnesses or congenital abnormalities), although some cases have been linked to brain injuries or infections during infancy (e.g. meningitis or birth trauma). To learn more about the risks of cerebral palsy, consult your doctor. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn ve lost two children in infancy. My heart goes out to you.
Avatar f tn Currently also having frequent muscle contractions and facial twitching and tremors in hands. Slurred speech and memory problems occasionally. Currently diagnosed with double ear infection of middle ear and sinus infection not responsive to augmentin (newly prescribed ceftin). Currently suffering from severe pressure in head behind eyes only alleviated by anti inflammatories like toradol shots (pain medications do not work for head pressure/pain).
Avatar f tn Yes, this disease is in it's infancy. Some doctors don't even believe in it! But it can be somewhat to very disabling. A number of people go on disability from work. Mine is mostly controlled by a large dose of Trazodone at night. But I still have a number of problems from it. Without the medication I had extreme difficulty even getting dressed. So I'm so glad that you found a doctor to diagnose it so that you can get help.
Avatar m tn Was your child separated from you at some point in early infancy? Do you suffer mental health problems (not judging in any way nor am I suggesting anything bad, just trying to understand the situation)? There is a belief that most kids are naturally resilient and this can be turned around. One thing to look into is sensory integration disorder. My son has this.
5034249 tn?1367101116 pain in the lower back weakness or numbness in the legs or feet problems standing or walking
Avatar f tn Hi, A hemangioma of infancy is a benign tumor of endothelial cells. They are the most common tumor in infancy and are connected to the circulatory system and filled with blood. In most cases, hemangiomas will disappear over time, leaving minimal or no visible marks. Talk to you doctor about this on your next follow-up for proper evaluation. Medical treatment may be done but in majority of cases, they will resolve on their own. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Atrial septal defects and PAPVC are notorious for being subtle forms of heart disease that can present at a variety of ages. That is because the heart tolerates the chamber enlargement for many years before clinical symptoms develop. Not all forms of congenital heart disease present during infancy, as most people think. Additionally, pulmonary hypertension can also present for the first time in teenagers.
Avatar n tn as you have probably already been told, heart transplantation is still in the infancy stage for the most part and there are SO many questions that have no answers. What has the transplant team told you?
Avatar f tn s infancy but there is a strong corrolation between the retrovirus and both CFS and prostate problems.
Avatar n tn There can be chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), is a lung disease that causes a blockage or narrowing of the airways, the tubes in your lungs that air flows through. This results in a decrease in the flow of air, both in and out of your lungs. The disease has a slow, progressive course and is irreversible. Need to rule out or treat...its a serious medical condition.
Avatar n tn You can do it, just take it one day at a time and keep in mind how good it will feel when you have won. I quit in 1984 after at least 25 years of smoking... yest I'm an old guy. It took me a log time to really hate smoke, but even that came. For a number of years I fend the smell of smoke distasteful, so I know I've won the battle.
Avatar f tn That said, for patients that reject the treatment they often feel that they can tolerate any discomfort caused by this damage, and would rather enjoy life, spend time with their families etc then risk open heart surgery in an attempt to add a few more years to their life expectency. Quality over quantity is the focus there, no different then a cancer patient that prefers not to risk an operation or chemotherapy.
Avatar m tn I recently ended up in Emergency room with breathing problems and heart beating strangely. I had teh following test performed and these are the results. What are these telling me? ECG Sinus rhythm with premature atrial complexes ST & T wave abnormality, consider anterolateral ischemia, abnormal ECG X-Ray of Chest Lungs are markedly hyperinflated. Emphysema.