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Avatar f tn As for the HR of 130, even at rest, that high rate may be due to the activity of being in class more than any abnormal heart rate. Check your heart rate when turely at rest. Then it should be below 100 pbm to be "normal". I believe young people tend to have higher HR than adults (over 18 years old).
Avatar n tn This seems to occur more often in adults with heart problems. If a person has been taking Vyvanse evidence of this drug can be detectable in the urine from 1 to 3 days and even 5 days .It is best to see a doctor if the symptoms are severe. I sincerely hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar n tn Luckily, in this situation, the children are older. Maybe you could all sit down and have a heart to heart as adults. Maybe the children could see that their mom is happy.
Avatar n tn HAVING OCCULAR PROBLEMS,SPASMS IN LEGS. HAD 11spinal surgeries and am concerned about the myelin. The occular problems are abnormal because I have implants from cataract surgery-so not supposed to happen. They are also checking for Sjogren's. I don't want either! I have had spinal problems since age 11 and have spent a life in and out of hospitals and now have rods from the top of my spine to the bottom. ENOUGH!!!
Avatar f tn The first time she went to hospital, she was hooked up to some type of screen. We could see her heart and we both saw it skip. A Cardiologist came in watched screen and said she needed surgery. She said she had a piece dangling from heart causing problem. When it was time to be discharged, Hospital inform us of what Dr. had said. We were just told to see a Cardiologist. Now, She has been at work and has fainted a few times. An ambulance is called and she is taken same Hospital.
Avatar m tn As fortis said, there are different types and different degrees of murmurs. Quite a lot of them. To learn the implications for anyone of any age, it is necessary to get back to the doc who diagnosed the murmur and ask him/her for much more information.
Avatar n tn It was like a collapsed umbrella - they insert it via catheter, place it and then pop it open. My understanding is that the heart tissue adheres in time to the mesh structure so it doesn't shift. I'm not sure how they would remove that without tearing a larger hole in the heart structure. But I'm not a cardiac surgeon either.
1284078 tn?1271587111 Im going tomorow for an ultrasound scan but let me know how yours goes. ive been sacked from my work because they said they couldnt keep me on with all the time ive had off. at the end of the day my health comes first! i feel better knowin theres someone else out there with the same problem. im not sure what back pressure in your kidney means but if you fid out it'l be nice to know?? do you ever get pains that bad that you haft to sit down? even if your in a public place??
Avatar f tn dealt with the high pollen and allergies and again fluid in the ears. Tomorrow I go to have tubes put in. I am extremely nervous because I will be awake for the procedure. Any advice as to what I can except, during and after?
Avatar m tn i visited a doc n i explained to him on my breathing issue n how ive been having abit of discomfort in the heart as well n i explained to him that both my mom and my twin bro have been having anxiety problems then he gave these pills n to get back to him n the pils that my dad dosnt want me to take do ther sideeffects n that there for adults... however im gonna go for second opinion one of these days. So he thinks it cud be from anxiety but i dont know about that.
Avatar f tn There are 4 valves in the heart, 2 on the left side and 2 on the right side because the heart is 2 pumps in one unit. One valve in the left side and one valve in the right side (between the Atrium chambers and Ventricles chambers) have a tiny leak, lettering blood flow backwards. The leak is so small it is not of any concern and is very common.
Avatar n tn Teens tend to always have higher heart rates then full blown adults. In adults 60 - 100 is a normal resting heart rate is completely normal!! My guess to you is that you are perfectly fine, and might be having a little anxiety about it. Its hard to believe a doctor will start you on beta blockers when your only 16 and your heart rate is not over a 100. Many cardiologists only specialize in adult patients 18 years or older.
Avatar m tn Why is there such a large deviation or difference of opinion in different doctors on whether or not amblyopia can or cannot be treated in adults? Is it still because studies such as those conducted by McGill University (tetris) are relatively new?
Avatar n tn Evidence suggests that pulse pressure may be a strong predictor of heart problems, especially in older adults. But systolic pressure is the best predictor in people older than age 55. In adults older than age 60, a pulse pressure greater than 60 mmHg is abnormal. Treating high blood pressure usually reduces pulse pressure as well. Apparently, you have a good pulse pressure! In people under age 50, the situation is less clear for isolated high diastolic.
Avatar m tn Never heard of insulin causing hart attacks. We do know with insulin a T1 will die.
Avatar n tn Warning signs of heart problems are chest pains that last for more than a few minutes or come back after having one previously, difficulty breathing while climbing stairs or doing normal activities that did not cause shortness of breath previously, shaking in the back. Young people can have fast heartbeats, different heartbeats, and shortness of breath from heart beating fast. The question is when you are short of breath, how fast is your heart beating?
Avatar f tn ADD / ADHD stimulant medications have been found to cause sudden death in adults with heart conditions. The American Heart Association recommends that all individuals have a cardiac evaluation prior to starting a stimulant. An electrocardiogram is recommended if the person has a history of heart problems. It is necessary that you discuss this with your prescribing physician.
4624236 tn?1357891407 FOLLOW YOUR HEART. you choose your future. Don't let anyone impact your decision. Being a mother is beautiful. I had my first shortly after my 19th bday.
Avatar f tn It was surreal and broke my heart, left me with pangs of loss, sadness and guilt (although, in reality, there was nothing else I could have/should have done earlier). I've since found some healing and comfort due to the acquisition of a small, cute and cuddly stuffed toy--fashioned in the shape of a bewhiskered kitty cat, wearing a neckerchief with "2014" on it. I've named him "Kitty" (see?
Avatar f tn Now that you mention you have hydrocephalus, your symptoms could be due to it. In adults the skull cannot expand to take in the extra pressure.
623083 tn?1295211081 How many adults out there with malrotations? Do you have problems with gi problems due to a malrotation?
Avatar n tn every once in a while i get a pain in my heart area. its really sharp and painful and is normally about 10 seconds but has been longer. i have a family history of heart issues. im only 16, but does this mean somethings wrong with my heart?
Avatar f tn Free time is now spend being a parent and all other time is in school (PLEASE stay in school) or at work. That can be a lot for a young person. And you have to have a supportive family to make it all work. So, think about if this is the life you want for yourself right now. If so, then put a plan in place, line things up and take on the challenge. If not, there is always adoption. Adoption is a wonderful thing when someone is not in a good position to be a mama just yet.