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175662 tn?1282213656 Baby's heart rate was 164bpm Doctor wants me on additional Vitamin D and Folic Acid... and Blood Thinner shots...
1670289 tn?1330002259 Most of us know we need vitamin D for strong bones. Now it appears that this nutrient, or rather a lack of it, may play a role in asthma, cancer, depression, heart disease, diabetes, even weight gain.
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Avatar m tn According to John Cannell, MD, an expert on vitamin D and the staff psychiatrist at a California psychiatric hospital, Vitamin D deficiency contributes to many mood problems. "About 90% of patients in my hospital are vitamin D deficient," says Dr.
Avatar f tn Hi If you have been feeling extremely tired and feel like you have one foot already in the grave then you need to keep looking to find a doctor or Internist that will run a complete blood panel and this will end up being 6 vials of blood and a 4 page report. My vit D, vit B12 my femal hormone level was all low. After getting supplemented for 4 months I was still feeling tired but not as bad but not where I wanted to be.
168348 tn?1379357075 TSH Heart Lipids Cholesterol and Vitamin D Been off Vit D for 16 days and Synthroid dosage was upped to 75mcgs on 7/25/08
363243 tn?1331033850 I ate hot wings and mashed potatoes from KFC, took B Complex and Vitamin D. Heart rate increased afterwards.
469720 tn?1388146349 Yet another worry for those folks who don't get enough sun exposure throughout the year. Low vitamin D levels may increase the risk for Cardiovascular disease ie heart attack and stroke If you have low vitamin D levels, correcting the deficiency may reduce the risk for heart disease, new research suggests. The studies build on the researchers' previous work linking low levels of vitamin D to an increased risk for heart disease.
Avatar n tn I recently had my vitamin D checked after having dizziness and problems with balance, I also have weakness in my right arm and leg. How long do you think it will take for these problems to go away? I've seen a neurologist who believes I definitely don't have MS btw. My vitamin D was 6ng/ml!!
Avatar f tn Recently, after my recent bloood tests it showed I virtually have no Vitamin D in my blood. I was put on 50,000 units of Vitamin D per day for 2 weeks, and there-after, 50,000 units 1x per week. I have been on plaqunil for 3 years and off and on prednisone, when I have had serious flares. I am 5ft tall and under 120lbs. I try to walk 2 miles a day depending on how I feel and the weather. I have had some concerning symptoms lately.
Avatar m tn “It appears to be a relation between serum levels of 25(OH)D and symptoms of depression. Supplementation with high doses of vitamin D seems to ameliorate these symptoms indicating a possible causal relationship.” Researchers found that seniors with depression had vitamin D levels that were 14 percent lower than those who were not depressed. Those with vitamin D levels below 20 ng/ml had an 85 percent increased risk of depression, compared to those with levels above 30 ng/ml.
Avatar m tn Calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K: Supplements that failed Garden of Life Living Calcium Advanced (caplet, 6 per day) Only found 89.2% of claimed calcium, Vitamin D not determined, Only found 67.2% of claimed vitamin K.
Avatar m tn so i have been taking 5 mg of atenolol daily for fast heart rate and now i found out i have vitamin d defficiency.... i have always had vit d defficiency and used to treat it with taking 50000 iu weekly.... now my concern is can i take vit d in high amount with atenolol????
Avatar f tn I was informed vit D was low need to take 3000 units per day and recheck levels in Fall and check bone density.
Avatar n tn Took first vit D Rx 7 19 12. Feel depressed & guilty re money problems. Ken paid off my $3600 charge card bill (mostly medical, dental & prescriptions, but I also overspend at thrift stores & have bought sewing fabric, etc. lately) Lack of self esteem because I'm a terrible housekeeper & money manager. Lack of energy. Constipation, knee pain. Foggy thinking. Irritability. Frustration @ situation and my own lacking.
1222076 tn?1423027749 I went to my new doctor today. Over my stomach symptoms and heart murmur and palpations. My doctor is nice but yet again like the rest she tells me the most they can do is give me acid reducers which don't really help me much. They tell me I produce to much acid but my question is whats causing it? Maybe if they spent some time trying to figure out what causes it then I could feel better. Most people don't have that problem so my symptoms are deffinatly not normal.
Avatar f tn Added 2000ius vitamin D daily to hopefully help joint pain in knees and back
Avatar n tn I recently heard there is a strong connection between taking vitamin d and cancer. Would you recommend supplementing vitamin D? If so do you mean in addition to a multi- vitamin which also contains vitamin D? I am overall confuesd about what vitamins and minerals i should be taking for optimal health.
Avatar f tn Labs showed level at 25. Dr. Bollom prescribed 50,000 units per week and retesting in 4 - 5 months.
Avatar f tn hi i have hypothyroid and vitamin d is veryyyyyyyyyy law and i took my uterest out and now i started having this problem where my heart beat so fast can someone help and tell me what i can do to stop that please it is stopping me from doing the stuff i should do help
1990530 tn?1333478843 1400 iu cholcalciferol vitamin D / 200 mg coral calcium / 100 mg coral and oxide magnesium / 80 mcg chromium picolinate
Avatar m tn Women in the study started with a median vitamin D blood level of 21 ng/mL and, during the study, averaged 19, 28, and 56 ng/mL, respectively, in the placebo, low-, and high-dose groups. The women in this study had adequate calcium intake.
Avatar m tn I'm a big fan of vitamin D. Obviously, everyone should be taking a daily dose of vitamin D. Where we see an inexpensive way for all people to maintain their health, Big Pharma sees only dollar signs. At the end of last month, biopharmaceutical company Rockwell Medical announced that it had scored an Abbreviated New Drug Application for injectable vitamin D (dubbed Calcitriol) for people with end-stage renal disease who are undergoing hemodialysis.
Avatar m tn Vitamin D may increase calcium levels in people with sarcoidosis. This could lead to kidney stones and other problems. Use vitamin D cautiously. Histoplasmosis: Vitamin D may increase calcium levels in people with histoplasmosis. This could lead to kidney stones and other problems. Use vitamin D cautiously. Over-active parathyroid gland (hyperparathyroidism): Vitamin D may increase calcium levels in people with hyperparathyroidism. Use vitamin D cautiously.
203342 tn?1328737207 I searched the forums and just wasn't sure where this one would fit so figured I'd throw it out in a journal and see if anyone is knowledgable in this area. I had some blood work done last week because my eye doctor wanted me to. I had gone to him with an inflamation in my eye and since it was the third time it had happened I went in to be seen and he diagnosed it as Episcleritis.
Avatar f tn I've been adding an extra 400 IU of Vitamin D to my daily vitamin regimen for the past week, to see if it helps alleviate some of my body aches and joint/bone pain. The test is mowing the yard with a small, electric push mower. It usually take me about an hour to mow. Halfway thru my right hip would start to hurt, followed by the left hip and both knees. Tonite was better, with only minimal hip pain (knees didn't hurt at all).
Avatar f tn I vividly remember, it was on the 4th of August, that I fainted and ever since everything feels weird.It is kinda hard to describe(foggy, spaced out, slightly different vision).I've undergone numerous tests all of which came out normal, except vitamin d3 and b12 which are (12.6 and 189 ). I've started taking supplements 5 weeks ago( 4000IU d3 and 2000 mcg b12). I've even taken 5 b12 injections. I see absolutely no improvement.
Avatar f tn t get palpitations at all so people who have such problem first get your vitamin B12 and total vitamin D tests.these tests are a bit costly but nothing is costlier than our health.i started a new life i wish everyone with such problem also can. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Heart-Disease/heart-palpitations-in-relation-to-stomach-problems/show/868607">heart palpitations in relation to stomach problems</a>.