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Avatar n tn However, I have never had constant heart palpitations like this and my palpitations were gone for many years. I have a lot of stress in my life right now....3 kids, work full time, I go to school, I work 40 miles from home, and the list goes on. Could these palpitations all be stress induced or could there really be something more going on thats not showing up in all these tests?
Avatar n tn I hope this might help someone that had this health issues, I had heart palpitations my entire body would shake, dizzy, foggy headed, felt like something was in my throat light headed, nausea , itchy skin even hives, well went to the big medical facility here had full work up saw MD cardiologist they did the monitor/holter, stress test, ultrasound ran test and thought it was pvc gave me some meds made me so sick in three days .
Avatar m tn In fact the Drs prescribed me Xanax and I took one yesterday and it actually CAUSED heart palpitations, albeit was the first time it caused heart palpitations, but with taking it previously I can't say it ever stopped heart palpitations but rather just made me "not care" about the heart palpitations I was experiencing at that time. Another thing I have noticed is that some nights my heart rate and blood pressure drop significantly and I start to feel tired.
Avatar m tn Have you started taking any new meds for allergies or pain meds or neuro meds that are actually for seizures normally? Sometimes drugs in these classes are stimulating and can therefore cause heart palpitations or anxiety in some people.
Avatar f tn if I'm lucky and not all together. My problem now is my heart rate. I checked it at resting and it was about 88-92. :/ Idk if I'm having palpitations but I feel like its throbbing in my head as well. is this normal for sub withdrawals? I dont think I have anxiety but who knows.
1551963 tn?1302296332 i suffered with acid reflux for years and then i got on some prilosec and my symptoms went away but i started getting bad head aches and it felt like my heart was skipping so i went to the doc and he said i had high blood preasure but my colesteral was good. I then changed my diet and wheened myself off the prilosec and all the symptoms went away.
1979414 tn?1337806949 "How to Fix Heart Palpitations or Irregular Heart Beat... Do YOU want to know how to fix your heart palpitations or irregular heart beat? You won't find this out from your doctor.... they may not know how to fix it.... Here is the SECRET! The reason for the heart palpitations, skips or irregular heart beats that you are experiencing may be due to a magnesium/calcium deficiency. The answer is all-natural, completely safe and inexpensive.
Avatar n tn Now, I have these awful palpitations all the time. My heart gets to 200 bpm (mostly in the night but it happens during the day too) and my heart feels like it is doing somersaults, I get skipped beats too, and I get an odd premonition of the skipped beats...I sort of get an odd feeling in my forhead, then the beat skips, , then I get a flush feeling in my head, then I burp! I also get feelings like my heart has actually stopped for a second...
213533 tn?1315394783 I am suspecting unstable angina but would like any info or suggestions you may have. I have a heart specialist from Henry Ford hospital but we have not pinned down the cause.Any suggestions or test recomendations will be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I am a 45 year old male living in UK and I have been suffering from what I thought were palpitations for the past few weeks. My fast heart rate occurs first thing in the morning or after I have eaten (usually in a hurry). I visited my GP yesterday and he explained that it was the vagus nerve and I should not worry. He suggested I take magnesium everyday, so I will start doing this and I will post again in 1 month to let you know how I am getting on.
Avatar n tn i never knew i had acid reflux because i didn't really have heart burn etc. i knew there was something because after a meal i would get palpitations but not everytime, i also had occasional chest discomfort which indicates acid reflex but not all the time. it's just a case of trial and error. try some indigestion meds, give them about a week, change your diet: cut out foods that you feel don't agree with you.
11529821 tn?1465544576 COQ10 - Testimony: Around 2005 I began having periodic heart arrhythmias, palpitations, pain, pressure, etc. I began eating organic foods, intermittently exercising, and taking vitamin, organic, and herbal supplements (garlic, vitamin C, rosehips, lemon, apple cider vinegar, etc.). At 2015 high pressure developed aggravating the matter. A health food show highly recommended COQ10 supplements. I tried it and it WORKS!!!
Avatar n tn I have used ACV, as a hair product once, which worked, but I hated the smell of it, and can just imagine the taste. The rest sounds easy!! I have had some heart palpitations for years, but I found that at nighttime a few times a week, I will get this electrical charge, as if my heart wants to re-start. I know its just irregular so am anxious to try your method.
Avatar m tn I am 45 and over the last 10 years I believe I have heart palpitations. That ohh my god my heart stop and then it starts again or flip flop. I have gone and been to the heart specialist and they have done all the test Holter, Event, Stress but not the Artery probe I declined and my bp is 125/75. Anyways everything is always good. And thats where the stress level picks up.
Avatar m tn I did want to say that I was very wrong about amour thyroid. My heart palpitations seem to be related to GERD. I have a hiatal hernia and have just recently been putting everything together. Unfortunately they are back because I recently had a failed root canal pulled and took some ibuprofen on an empty stomach. My stomach has not yet recovered. I had stopped using the Prilosec and my stomach esophagus is in a state of spasm. Seems my vegus nerve is being affected.
Avatar m tn One of the reasons I read for afib was uneven heart chamber sizes causing the heart to not beat evenly so it is good that you are getting your heart fully evaluated. Well anyways, I personally experience more premature beats after a bout of reflux and get them more when I have gas so regardless if the doctors don't agree I see a stomach/digestion link. I don't believe it is the only cause but try antacids when you ingest things that may cause gas or reflux and see if it helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn After 3 days on that, I woke up this morning to a numb left arm, tingling in my face and a racing heart. I have since learned that drug is brutal and horribly addictive. I agree with you about staying positive and thinking good thoughts. Worse time for me right at bed time when my mind races. I have tried a couple of radical things, apple cider vinegar just before bed, hard coughing to relieve my palpitations and acupressure in my arm. So far today it has been fine.
Avatar n tn It helps my GERD greatly, and I don't take any Prilosec or Pepcid. Oddly enough, my PVCs/heart palpitations frequency reduces too. I also take CoQ-10 (50 mg), magnesium (250mg) supplements, and digestive enzyme. I don't know which one helps, but I'm willing to try it all.
Avatar f tn When I was very hypo, I had very rapid heart rate and palpitations, along with pounding heart beats... It often felt like my heart would beat right out of my chest. It was never painful, but it was often very scary and there was more than once I wondered if I were having a heart attack. I also had problems with my heart rate being too low. I was put into a holter monitor twice and my heart rate would go as low as the low 30's when I slept...
Avatar f tn The pains are unbelieveable but they do nothing compared to the increased heart palpitations that I have suffered over the last 3 months. If I bend over to retrieve something from the floor, I have these palps. If I shower or sneeze, etc. they come. I sit up late at night trying to go to sleep as late as possible to avoid the palps. To little or no avail. My doc keeps saying, ANXIETY! What could I possibly be anxious about in my sleep? I've had all the tests done and my heart is healthy.
Avatar f tn You are already no doubt aware of the types of symptoms that can be felt from a leaky valve, which include lightheadedness, rapid heartbeat, heart fluttering or palpitations, fatigue. Severe heart valve leak may impair the forward flow of blood that can cause symptoms of congestive heart failure, which includes shortness of breath, especially with exertion or when lying flat, leg swelling or fluid retention elsewhere in the body. Hope all goes well for you. Best wishes.
1222076 tn?1423031349 A year ago I developed a heart murmur ever sense then I get daily heart palpation's. Sometimes after I eat my heart feels like its pounding or beating fast laying down helps and I usually start belching and I cant breath very good until I get the air out.I get skipped heartbeats everyday. In September I started getting minor forehead headaches that usually happen at night, while im shopping or after i get done shopping, or if im at work being on the computer all day.
Avatar f tn Im posting this in hopes that somebody out there is going through the same thing as me and has found a "cure"! I get heart palpitations and episodes of afib from stomach and intestinal gas. Been to the doc, heart is fine, blood work is fine, blah blah blah. Been reading FAR too many posts where Dr's do NOT believe that there is a connection between stomach issues and heart rhythm and Im starting to get VERY frustrated.
Avatar f tn I went to the ER this last weekend because of severe chest pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and extreme fatigue upon ANY exertion beyond activities of daily living, i.e.; brushing teeth, showering, etc.. Someone finally did a chest x-ray and that revealed Cardiomegaly and Lung Congestion. Both are mild at this point, and I emphasize AT THIS POINT. My blood pressure was 169/69! I can't imagine what would have transpired if I hadn't pressed to get my thyroid dose increased.
Avatar n tn I am 67 yr male -- have experienced episodes of irregular heart for about 40 yrs. In last 12-15 yrs, the problem has become more frequent. Even then, the extra beats subsided after a few hours or in some cases a few days. About 10 days ago, I had an episode that has continued with exception of a few hours now and then when the beating gets regular again. Thus, I did a Google search and am thankful to have found this Forum from which I am learning much.
637910 tn?1454710180 as I call them (constant skips, throughout the night, or day(s), often combined with racing heart). I still take my magnesium as well (2 x magnesium chelate 500 mg), both pills with food, in the morning and in the evening. And I watch what I eat (non-acidic, no white bread that has msg in it, no vinegar, no coffee!, etc), as obviously my skips are strongly related to reflux-creating foods too (and yes, stress, fatigue, etc).
Avatar n tn Felt a few palpitations as I woke up but once on my feet all through the day I only remember perhaps feeling one. I am still eating Kashi, banannas, fish and drinking mostly water. I am not even taking any more vitamins because the may contain gelatin (MSG) and they may not even say it on the package.
Avatar f tn feeling hot all the time sweaty bright red palms of hands lower than normal body temp can't walk far or stand for long racing heart rate and palpitations breathlessness left side chest heaviness left armpit pain pain on front left of neck pain in left shoulder/shoulder blade hoarse voice at times restless sleep irritable and impatient swollen, painful feet muscle weakness low stamina dry skin dry eyes sensitivity to light bags/swelling under eyes recurrant sinus issues light headedness headac
Avatar m tn So, I take one dose and I start to have a rapid heartbeat. I'm prone to an irregular heartbeat and heart palpitations...something having to do with a Mitrovalve Prolapse. Knowing this, I stop taking the Prilosec and begin to get back on my mild diet, playing it safe. Unfortunately, as of today (it's been about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks since I saw the doctor) some of my symptoms are still lingering...the gurgling noise in my throat and excessive burping. I just want to go back to normal.