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1472677 tn?1330179515 Douglas has been off his morphine and vicoden for 18 days now and his 6th day off of valium. The valium is not a good one to get off of for he is still having chest pains , heart palpitations, no sleep, blurred vision now. He made it clear he does not want a doctor at all. Where does that leave me when something bad happens.How can I get through to him?
Avatar n tn I have been getting fluttering in my heart for about 6 months, i am a sufferer of anxiety, my blood pressure is fine, my heart rate is always in its 80's unless i been doing alot of exercise, i am overweight, i do smoke, i am 23 yr old female with 1 child who is 5, i have had an ekg done, it was on for a matter of about 1 minute then i was just sent home with valium?
Avatar n tn One doctor prescribed medication for heart palpitations but I wouldn't take because I thought the side effects could possibly make it worse. I have tried aspirin thinking it will thin my blood and maybe that will help. So far, nothing has. I am so very thankful that I found this website and people like me who suffer from this horrible problem. My email is ***@****.
Avatar f tn Feel stressed/pressured/overwhelmed Sweaty, clammy hands Butterflies in stomach Lump in throat Have trouble relaxing/loosening up Low stress tolerance Body tends to be tense/stiff/uptight Trembling/twitching/shaking Anxious/nervous/jumpy/‘on edge’ Feel panicky/panic attacks Heart palpitations or fast resting heart rate (over 85) Sleep problems or chronic pain Use alcohol/food/cigarettes to relax Valium/xanax/avitan/GABA reduce above symptoms Family history of anxiety or panic attacks Factors
777206 tn?1235693114 Seroquel caused sleep paralysis which caused panic attacks, geodon caused heart palpitations which caused panic attacks, zyprexa made me see creatures which caused panic attacks the viseral did nothing period. I do think I need to talk to a doctor about Klonopin though because it has been proven to work long-term and while I know that is switching one benzo for another at least it would be safer in the long run. I don't mind living a life with a benzo as long as it is managed.
Avatar n tn dosage was upped to 90 mg - took that for about 10 days before I started having symptoms - sleep became disturbed, difficulty concentrating, irritability and then heart palpitations; it was the palpitations that finally made me think -uh-oh maybe too high a dosage; doc said stop taking meds until symptoms of toxicity have disappeared; it's been almost two weeks now since I dosed; irritability and racing mind have abated; heart palpitations are less strong but still present and the insomnia is
Avatar n tn However, I have never had constant heart palpitations like this and my palpitations were gone for many years. I have a lot of stress in my life right now....3 kids, work full time, I go to school, I work 40 miles from home, and the list goes on. Could these palpitations all be stress induced or could there really be something more going on thats not showing up in all these tests?
Avatar n tn Severe heart palpitations. Did the whole cardiology tests, halter monitor etc. They wanted me to take Beta Blockers, but it doesn't sound like that would help solve the problem, just alleviate the symptom. I had taken care of a yeast infection (with a pill), but it didn't help the heart palpitations. My thyroid tests come back ok. Bood tests ok. Dr. said if I had adrenal problems they would show up in my blood tests around my kidneys. I don't know but my head hurts everytime my heart pauses..
Avatar m tn There have also been times I will just be standing still and my heart rate will shoot up to 150 for no reason at all. Alcohol seems to affect me negatively, and will give me palpitations and/or cause my heart to double beat. Shortness of breath: It seemed that during periods of intense training, the shortness of breath was worse. I often felt like I was suffocating even during every day life.
Avatar f tn And now I'm weaning off here are the symptoms Waking up very fast heart rate like 115 120bpm sometimes faster Shortness of breath along with heart palpitations Bad brain zaps and brain tingles Memory loss big time can remember things that happen 10 mind ago Anger problems I tend to yell or say things to loved ones I don't remember Light headedness along with blurry vision even seeing things that ain't there Extremely weak muscles and always tired cant do things I normally do in
Avatar f tn Hello I am currently on Day 8 of valium withdrawal - the first couple of days were not too bad but since Day 4 and 5 I have suffered horrendous symptoms - most of the ones documented. Day 6 was a wee bit better. But today is terrible - I had a huge panic attack, feel nauseous again and still feeling like cr*p. Is this typical of valium withdrawal from anyone's experience and how long is it likely to go on?
Avatar m tn The worse you can get from an overdose of Rivotril, Xanax, Ativa or Valium will be extreme sedation, slow heart beat and sometimes coma but not that often... Do a quick research on google, you will see that in overdose benzo meds are safe...I also remember that I read some studies about fatal dose of Benzo meds and you need a lot more than 100 pills to die trust me!!! They are by far less dangerous than the older barbiturates used in the 50's, 60's and 70's...
Avatar m tn (no realitve has died from heart disease in my family) 3. I am currently on Toprol XL and Valium could this explain my periodic blured vision? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I write and post this here to get suggestions on what drugs and treatments might help alleviate my stomach pain and spasms and resulting heart palpitations. As my situation is complicated I will write a short chronological list and some links to give a overview. This post will be long but please bear with me, as I have a need to explain a very complicated situation.
1876221 tn?1320461155 Heart palpitations/ skipped hard beats, severe weakness, feeling heavy especially when walking/running, severe shortness of breath, lightheadedness/dizziness, numbness in arms, headaches, pins and needle feeling all over the body, sudden adrenaline rushes,severe GERD / acid reflux...
Avatar m tn I write and post this here to get suggestions on what drugs and treatments might help alleviate my stomach pain and spasms and resulting heart palpitations. As my situation is complicated I will write a short chronological list and some links to give a overview. This post will be long but please bear with me, as I have a need to explain a very complicated situation.
687079 tn?1230952212 54 - i have been getting sudden onsets of a rapid heart beat and lots of palpitations - i am not hashis or graves, endo is still trying to figure out why i am hypo at all..... i am on synthroid 50mcg. these symptoms are not any worse than before i started the medicine so thats not it...i am wondering if anyone else has had these rapid heart rates and palpitations with hypo?
Avatar f tn Hello, just wanted to say that I too have been suffering with esophagul spasms which bring on heart palpitations, breathlessness and even twitching.. plus constant discomfort in my chest on my left side about where my ribs are... Ive been trying to figure out for some time what's causing this and I think i got it down to parasites causing my stomach to spit food back up. So i started on a parasite cleanse, and it seemed to really help.
Avatar n tn hello im 27 yrs old and suffer from heart palpitations, i wondered if these can be linked to the menstrul cycle as i tend to get them mostly around this time and only occasionally inbetween its quite scary as i have to breath deep to get my breath, i have not been to my local gp about this yet as im afraid of what he will say. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/712390'>Heart Palpitations</a>.
Avatar m tn 22 year old male in good health. Two years ago had serious of bad palpitations which felt like a fast fluttering in chest which last 1-2 seconds and lasted for hour or so with 10 or so episodes. Since then have had typical PVC feelings of lump in throat, stomach, kick in chest, and everything pausing for seconds followed by rush of adrealine. Twice while awakening saw black splotches, this hasn't happened in two years. Happened when I was on Valium.
Avatar m tn You need to tell them about the side effects of the lisinpril and the metoprolol. The heart palpitations, elevated bp and sweating are withdrawal symptoms. You need to be on the bp med it is important. The benzo withdrawal, along with your bp and heart issues really need to be monitored. There are lots of other bp meds they could prescribe. It's not uncommon to have to try different ones until you find the right fit. What happened with the doctor you were supposed to see a few weeks back?
Avatar m tn I've compiled a fairly exhaustive list of my symptoms and related information (sorry it's long!): General symptoms: - acid reflux (fairly mild) - bloating - occasional "skipped beat" - Premature Ventricular Complexes?
Avatar f tn Are you on any medication for the palpitations? Maybe a little bit of meds would help you to reduce the palpitations and reduce anxiety. I hope you feel better...
Avatar f tn (I've also been having awful acid reflux that has been making me throw up, inspite of my Rx for it, coupled with diarrhea and extreme pain in my throat, esophagus, chest/stomach, some dizziness/head rushes when standing up, and some random heart palpitations.) I've been taking Claritin D for the last few days and that seemed to be making my breathing better, UNTIL today. I have pretty severe non-allergic rhinitis, for which I've taken Nasacort spray for for years.
Avatar m tn In fact the Drs prescribed me Xanax and I took one yesterday and it actually CAUSED heart palpitations, albeit was the first time it caused heart palpitations, but with taking it previously I can't say it ever stopped heart palpitations but rather just made me "not care" about the heart palpitations I was experiencing at that time. Another thing I have noticed is that some nights my heart rate and blood pressure drop significantly and I start to feel tired.
1070904 tn?1257441235 I have been taking 50mgs of Valium daily for nearly the last 6-7 months. (5, 10mg tablets daily) My doctor is having me taper off of them & had me go directly from 50mgs to 40mgs for one week, then to 30mgs for the next week. I am having severe withdrawal symptoms & have not been able to get through to my doctor despite calling for several days now.
Avatar n tn I was put on valium 10mg , about 10 years ago for fast heart rate. I am very drug sensitive and beta blockers were a problem for me. The valium seemed to be a good solution for me and so the doctors kept me on it. About four years ago I was hospitalized with severe abdominal pain in which I would have pain and have severe bloating. ( I had been suffering from this for some time. I had numerous tests and nothing seemed to be there.) I was given stadol by IV push and it put me in a semi coma.
780665 tn?1239030149 its purpose) but does it help with palpitations, both categories of it - quickened heart rate and ectopic beats which my doctor diagnosed as being benign and down to anxiety? anyone take anxiety medication and found that it helped to reduce or eliminate these?
733362 tn?1489798536 it is much better to stay on valium than to even go into detox for them if you have a heart condition. valium and other benzo withdrawals are the most painful, long and traumatizing. a smack addict can get through his worse w.ds in a day. it takes at least a week of suffering in benzo withdrawal. and for even a year after that you are going to chronic leg cramps that are so bad they tear your muscles. imho the slow, perhaps over a year long gradual ween is the most humane.