Heart palpitations upon rising

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Avatar n tn The best description of PVC's (palpitations) I ever heard described them as hiccups from the heart. Thinking of them as heart hiccups helps me put them in their proper perspective.
Avatar n tn rapid heart rate upon standing, low or high blood pressure, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, sweating, anxiety-like symptoms, headaches, shortness of breath, inability to exercise, digestion problems, etc. The symptoms are endless and vary person to person day to day. Very few doctors are familiar with this illness and often misdiagnose patients. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Avatar n tn M upon rising. Also had nausea. After urination pain went away. Happened again the next night... and the next night. Pain was severe and increasing night after night. Stopped vitamin D and pain went away within 4 days. Tried vitamin D a year later with the exact same reaction. 14 days = Kidney pain. Stopped D. Within 4 days no kidney pain. So I now know its the D. But why? Now I can't even take my multi-vitamin containing 200 iu vitamin D without getting this pain.
Avatar n tn But, I do notice that my thoughts can trigger them upon standing. I did a test. I sat down and cleared my mind for 10 minutes. I stood up and kept my mind clear. No problem. I sat down then started to think about all the problems, past events, lost oppotinuties, etc... I stood up and BAM! The pulsating neck. For me, it seems stress is the cause. My Adrenals reserves are too low, so stress cutting is the only way they can recover. INFO: http://www.howtodothings.
Avatar n tn Cardio has been following me since 94 with palpitations and sinus tachy issues which are slow rising in nature and terminated slowly. He has seen these on ekgs. After reading someone posting about ef% and low 50's not being good I worried about that as a cause. Cardio said that is not an issue for me, I am fine and will be around for quite some time :) (he is very good to me):) Possible anxiety and/or hormonal component to this? What is vagus nerve role in tachy/palpitation issues?
Avatar n tn Also, the vision loss occurs with me (not so much anymore with treatment) with NCS and with the tachy, both upon rising. (I found out that is wasn't always the NCS, but sometimes tachy, just recently thanks to a Reveal Monitor.
Avatar n tn I have been having a sharp burning pain in my upper back mostly on the left side by the shoulder blade. At times my neck and left arm are effected too. The pain is present upon rising and lasts throughout the day. I am concous of my posture and do not believe it to be the cause. The pain worsens if i am carring anything at arms lengths or even if i am carring a light bag over either of my shoulders.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am also experiencing some palpitations and pounding of my heart. I notice that it is greatly related to stressors as already mentioned by many above. My concern is this; my mother died suddenly a month ago of a massive heart attach, she was only 46 and it was not expected. This had mad these heart problem so much more appearent and worriesome. My mother had extremely high blood pressure and a very unlucky family history, both parents had quadruple by pass surgeries ....
Avatar n tn I had an increase in heart rate from 70 to 180 upon standing once: Do I have POTS? Occationally, my heart rate increases at least 30-35 bpm when standing. I still don't have POTS. The poster doesn't say how much the heart rate increases.
Avatar n tn Oh, and make sure you don't get dehydrated, that will cause the heart rate to go up too. I am 38 yr old female and my heart rate sometimes goes to 200+bpm during exercise. I also get pain when it's that high. Dr. put me on a beta blocker to slow the heart rate down. Check with your doctor about what might help you. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I think they'd do a tilt table test on her to check her heart rate while laying down and then immediately upon standing. Does she feel faint at all when it happens? My little brother had issues with his vagal nerve when he was young...whenever he'd stand for too long, his heart would race and he'd feel very faint. They put him on a high salt and high fluid (water and gatorade) diet which worked for him. He doesn't have an issue anymore with it.
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Avatar n tn The holter detected activity -- PVC's, a type of ventricular fibrilation, and a racing heart, especially upon rising in the morning. (I have also had episodes of irregular beats with intermittant hard and what feels like faint half-beats.) The doctor told me to stop the Digoxin and start taking Sotalol (80 mg.) twice a day. I have been on the Sotalol for 2 days now.
Avatar m tn the direct cause of the problem I think is called Orthostatic hypotension. Orthostatic hypotension can be caused by a variety of reasons. it could be the only problem, nothing to worry about, or revealing of an underlying condition. maybe it's related with growth and it will go away with time. talk about it with your Doctor, especially if it became a chronic condition, worsens , you experience black outs or even fainting, decrease in vision or other abnormal symptoms.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with heart palpitations.. Not necessarily skipped beats but it is more like two rapid beats almost at the same time which makes it feel like skipped beats. Usually its nothing to worry about... but if you get dizziness or faintness / weakness you may want to contact a cardiologist?
Avatar m tn Now aged 35 I am experiencing palpitations and shortness of breathe at rest which is exacerbated during rest from exertion, very mild chest pain (similar to tooth ache) upon exertion rising to collarbone and left shoulder. Admitted to hospital ( 2 days ago) for 24 hours observation following mild tachycardia (135bpm) and very high blood pressure (180/120) at GP appointment. During observation ECG normal, pulse rate did not go below 115, BP lowest 140/102, negative for MI protein.
383138 tn?1314171373 We do have a blood pressure monitor at home, so somewhere I had read to take it while sitting and while laying down since he gets the dizzyness and instant headache upon standing, it made me think of his blood pressure maybe rising too quickly when he gets up. So when monitoring it, we found that it does jump up very high upon him getting up, and gets very low when laying down. We have been keeping track of it for his doctor.
Avatar m tn BLOOD VESSELS * abnormal heart rhythms, palpitations, racing pulse * high blood pressure, heart attacks * poor circulation, purple hands & feet * tingling, prickly feeling, crawling sensation on skin * light headed, dizzy, numbness * muscles seize up in cold due to constriction * skin sensitivity - sore to touch * noise sensitivity - TV too loud, lawn mower hurts ears"
Avatar f tn It's especially helped get rid of those skipped beats and noticeable palpitations I used to get. It's also definitely slowed my heart rate down. I've been taking it twice a day, once in morning and evening. I'm supposed to take it with food. Heres my question..sometimes before my evening dose, or after eating a large meal, which in the past triggered sudden faster pulse, I still am getting fast pulses.
Avatar n tn Also, everybody heart rate chgs throughout the day. Many have tachycardia upon rising. If you are nervous about this get a 2nd opinion, but whatever you do, I wouldn't go by the diagnosis you have received.
219241 tn?1413541365 So we upped by 25mcgs 3 weeks ago to 114.3mcgs. The only thing I can honestly say is the heart palpitations are nowhere near as bad. Everything else...bleurgh...sleeping around 13 hours a night....I wake around 4am ,but that's coz it is getting lighter here in Australia..I always did that even as a kid, but after getting up, straight after a shower,.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So! No hard and fast rules in thyroid disease that is for sure.
6713757 tn?1384040377 Up until now now real problems. The 10 mg causes some heart palpitations mostly later in the day after a workout. I am wondering for those of you that exercise a lot with Cytomel, have you noticed heart palpitation problems worsen or is exercise contraindicated until they improve. Baed on the posts I have read I am going to try 5 mcg in the am and 5 mcg mid day.
Avatar n tn Again though -- the pain I experience only lasts for the duration of those odd beats -- though the anxiety that I'm left with tends to keep me hyper sensitive to my heart beat for a while afterwards. 4.) I've experienced palpitations before -- kind of a wonky feel to my heartbeat ... like a surge and then a pause ... and then kind of a jump in my chest and my heart either calms right down ... or it races for another few beats and then calms.
450439 tn?1249236838 holtors,event monitors,heart cards,echos,bloodwork and it's always came out fine... But here lately my heart will feel like it's pounding upon rising(after lying for awhile) and I feel like a sort of tightness around my throat...it makes me feel kind of off balance for a sec...and yes, scared... Has anybody out there EVER felt what I felt or should I say feel??? Or am I alone??
Avatar f tn I’ve also had 2 episodes of very severe palpitations which lasted for 15-20 min just after I had started mild exercise ( Felt as if my heart was in my throat). I have never taken this very seriously until recently because I’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for pain in my back and arms and I started swimming as recommended by my Rheumatologist but now I’m scared to get into the pool.
Avatar n tn Sometimes healthy heart people are given meds to suppress the sensation of the beats. The idea is that if the heart beat is not as strong the ectopics will be less noticeable and the person can hopefully forget about them. This does help some people cope, but since there are potential side-effects to any medication, I can understand why your doc was reluctant to order them.
Avatar n tn Each time I have had these tests, my doctor tells me that my heart is in great shape and not to worry about these palpitations. When I had the echocardiogram performed 5 years ago, the cardiologist at the time told me everything was fine. He said that irregular beats can be caused by hormones especially around the time of menstruation. I am also taking effexor and was told that this type of drug also can cause irregular beats.
Avatar f tn I was also diagnosed with inappropriate sinus tachycardia (I.S.T.). My heart one night was racing so much I couldn't sleep with it. My blood pressure was spiking where I normally had low blood pressure in the past. My catecholamines and their inactive metabolites, metanephrines and normetanephrines were having a high number here or there.
Avatar f tn A total TSH level of 128 seems extreme, and I might question it and seek a second test at minimum. However, keep in mind, total TSH is not considered the best test to be run for thyroid issues, many, including myself on this Board, believe it to be almost useless. We need the reference range of your T4 levels from the instrument that did the test to know anything about the T4 reading.
Avatar n tn I am 36 years old. I have been having heart palpitations about a week or so before my period. It started about 2 years ago, but I'm just now figuring out that it is happening around my period. I finally decided to keep track. What is this? I can't say that for me that it is exactly painful, but I am literally skipping a beat every 10 to 20 seconds, which makes it very hard to sleep or function some times. Not to mention, it scares me to death!