Heart palpitations upon rising

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Avatar n tn rapid heart rate upon standing, low or high blood pressure, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, sweating, anxiety-like symptoms, headaches, shortness of breath, inability to exercise, digestion problems, etc. The symptoms are endless and vary person to person day to day. Very few doctors are familiar with this illness and often misdiagnose patients. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Avatar m tn My son is 18 and started having heart palpitations and chills tonight. He also has a headache. He can't relax because this is bothering him so much. He does have a doctors appt tomorrow at 11:15am. Any suggestions to calm the palpitations?
Avatar f tn Is anyone having heart palpitations ? I'm on week nine of treatment. Taking victrelis triple. Last time i had blood work they said everything was normal but my hemoglobin was low but that was normal and my palpitations could be due to that. Lately they have been lasting for hrs some times almost all day. I seen my nurse about two week ago now.
Avatar f tn I have been on Armour thyroid for 40 years with no problems and I guess from what I have read, I should consider myself very fortunate. In December I started with the heart palpitations and feeling bad. This has continued more than not until present time. I was decreased from 135 mg to 120 mg to 90 mg and lowered my dosage to 75 mg (I informed my doctor and he said that was fine if I was feeling better with that dose).
Avatar f tn Hello and thank you for taking the time to respond. I'm sorry, I forgot to metion that 1 month ago my tsh was .001 and 4 weeks later it is now 4.64. I am scheduled to have another blood test done in 6 weeks. It was originally set for 4 weeks, but they moved it out because they said that my numbers are "normal". I have never been on any thyroid medication along the way. I didn't realize that the tsh can swing that much in such a short time.
Avatar m tn Hi, Palpitations or throbbing headaches while passing urine are an indication that your blood pressure is rising or is high during urination. This can be due to a certain amount of kidney function impairment or due to a neoplasm on the adrenals or surrounding structures. This is called a pheochromocytoma and needs early investigations to confirm diagnosis and initiate appropriate treatment. Other possibilities include the use of any drugs or cough syrups containing pseudoephedrine.
Avatar n tn I have never had previous heart problems until these palpitations started. It all happened when I moved from san diego back to washington state were my family lives. I went to the emergency room twice in one week when I got to washington because of a rapid heart rate. (125 bpm). They dygnosed me with dehydration both times and I went home. They continued to happen and I went to my local doctor.
Avatar n tn I have had some episodes all my life of palpitations, all ekgs were fine I just had second surgery for hip replacement, after that now when I eat noon meal palpitations start, takes an hour to subside, Upon more exertion also, it wants to up . Mostly I feel like my heart is beating hard, and fast and strong.Im confused by this and a bit out of sorts, I might be trying to do too much too soon, will that cause that symptom?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with heart palpitations.. Not necessarily skipped beats but it is more like two rapid beats almost at the same time which makes it feel like skipped beats. Usually its nothing to worry about... but if you get dizziness or faintness / weakness you may want to contact a cardiologist?
Avatar m tn the direct cause of the problem I think is called Orthostatic hypotension. Orthostatic hypotension can be caused by a variety of reasons. it could be the only problem, nothing to worry about, or revealing of an underlying condition. maybe it's related with growth and it will go away with time. talk about it with your Doctor, especially if it became a chronic condition, worsens , you experience black outs or even fainting, decrease in vision or other abnormal symptoms.
Avatar f tn gallstones can cause the issues you speak of even the heart palpitations. What makes the heart race when you have stomach issues is that the heart and stomach are on the same artery. So, a lot of times people who have heart problems cant eat much because of the issues it causes and people with gastritis, acid refluc, etc get sick and nauseous have a racing heart. Yes, it's weird but it's true.
Avatar m tn Now aged 35 I am experiencing palpitations and shortness of breathe at rest which is exacerbated during rest from exertion, very mild chest pain (similar to tooth ache) upon exertion rising to collarbone and left shoulder. Admitted to hospital ( 2 days ago) for 24 hours observation following mild tachycardia (135bpm) and very high blood pressure (180/120) at GP appointment. During observation ECG normal, pulse rate did not go below 115, BP lowest 140/102, negative for MI protein.
Avatar f tn s possible that an elevated heart rate from POTS or some other issue is causing your heart to become irritated. The heart is a muscle and like any other muscle in our body it can become stressed and irritated. I would read up on POTS and try some of the home remedies they recommend like adding some sodium to your diet, wearing compression socks and making sure your electrolytes are in balance. If standing up makes you light headed and dizzy, try getting up a bit slower.
6866231 tn?1385634141 You to try to relax the heart rising. Is part of ur anxiety. . Anxiety make you palpation and u feel ur heart going fast u get chest pain. U feel numbness. I can go on n on n on. With millions of things anxiety can trigger. It can make u go insane. No joke. But u need to relax wait 3 weeks or 4 to adjust to the med.. if u see it doesn't work for u talk to ur doc or psychiatrist n change ur meds to something else that will fit... relax ur fine nothing is wrong with you..
Avatar m tn I have recently had two spells of very low heart rate, the first being 49 and the second episode it was 51 rising to 53 after an hour or so. The first time I began to feel unwell, feeling sick and dizzy. I was actually physically sick on this occasion. This lasted approx 4 hours. My heart rate at this time was 49. My blood pressure was normal. The second time, just this weekend, I awoke at 6am with a pounding headache. The headache got worse, I started feeling sick.
Avatar f tn When I rise from sitting either at work or home I have pain in both legs. The only major change is that I stopped taking birth control pills in June 2015. I know I have restless leg, but this is different. I don't feel uncomfortable while sitting, only upon rising from a sitting position.
1055329 tn?1300322731 I have been taking Copaxone for a year now and lately have experienced small heart palpatations here and there the last week.My neuro doesn't seem to think it has anything to do with my meds!! Has anyone else on Copaxone experienced this????
Avatar m tn Tachycardia or high pulse rate can also be due hyperthyroidism, fever, low blood sugar, anxiety and panic disorder, heart causes like sinus tachycardia and palpitations, alcohol, coffee, effect of certain drugs etc. Hence, you also need to rule out heart causes by consulting a cardiologist and getting an ECG and ECHO. Apart from this it is very important to keep the asthma and COPD under control with proper medications. In your case, probably intermittent oxygen therapy can also be tried.
7746843 tn?1393860175 I thought it was just my imagination but one morning my boyfriend put his head up to my chest and made a comment without me asking to listen to my heart. I also feel like my body is extremely tense throughout the night and upon waking up. This all causes me to be really fatigued throughout the day sometimes leading me to naps but even during naps I cant sleep in a constant and feel my heart racing/pounding when I wake up.
Avatar f tn My pulse was 124 bpm and babys was 160 rising to 190 when I had palpitations. Midwife knew I was obviously anxious as per the palpitations but she felt my stomach and said in the most daunting voice ' oo, baby feels very small. We are going to do a growth scan and possibly induce you at 37 weeks ' instant panic attack. She leaves me on a ctg monitoring babys heart for around an hour then returns with a doctor who feels my belly.
Avatar f tn It was recently found that I have a lesion in the posterior aspect of the left medulla. I also have a history of abnormal(high) HR and irregular heartbeat/palpitations. Done the cardiologist thing: EKGs, ultrasound, holter monitor, more I forgot. Everything is "fine", structurally sound they say. They don't know why or what. The medulla controls these and other autonomic functions, does it not? Could this be the culprit?
Avatar f tn Over the past month, my heart has seemed erratic! My resting pulse is around 55-65bpm, but minimal activity such as walking or cleaning seems to push it to 100bpm. My blood pressure seems to be rising too, I think my average I've taken over the past few weeks clocks in around 130/80. Also, I had 2 EKGs done and 48 hour holter and nothing was found but a few ectopic beats.
Avatar f tn For the past month I've been experiencing a cough, occasional palpitations, and sometimes having trouble taking very deep breaths and upon Googling (not the best idea, i know) I saw that congestive heart failure was a possibility. I was also born with Pulmonary Stenosis and am overweight. I went to the doctor today and he listened to my lungs and said they sounded great and he did an EKG which came back normal. I read online though that EKGs can miss heart failure.