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Avatar n tn In case of heart I always recommend to ask your doctor. From my personal experience, I can say that many times I thought I feel my heart, and it was not a heart. Finally we found out it was an esophagus.
Avatar n tn Other than this there are many medical causes of feeling your heart race or palpitations. Palpitations may be normally felt if you are overexerted. Chemicals like adrenaline, alcohol, caffeine, cocaine, amphetamines, and other drugs all cause palpitations. Disease (such as hyperthyroidism and pheochromocytoma) or mitral stenosis, panic disorder all cause this. Palpitations may be associated with heart problems, anemias, low blood sugar and low blood pressure.
Avatar f tn I have had no problems during that time other than an occasional adjustment to dosage without symptoms and based on blood work. In December I started having heart palpitations and since that time my medicine has been adjusted frm 135 mg to 120 mg to 90 mg and now two weeks ago 75 mg. I still have about three weeks before my next blood work.
Avatar m tn i work all day with no problems and when i go to bed my heart starts to race. i got 130 beats a minute. thats alot. i was wondering if this a form of heart burn or if there is something more going on. my doctor did put me on a heart monitor and it came back normal. did blood work for thyroid and other things, it came back normal. i have good blood pressure. what else could it be.
Avatar n tn I'm about 11wks with twins and not feeling right and have pounding or racing heart. Normal?
982214 tn?1471458381 So I looked up the symptoms of anemia and the three that stood out were racing heart, palpitations and dizziness (I got light headed sometimes) My doctor started me on an Iron supplement and I haven't had a problem since :). Call and ask if they can check your hematocrit (will tell if your anemic). I was also still having serious fatigue during the day (two to three hour naps), also a symptom. good luck I hope that's all it is.
Avatar f tn =] It's very common to have minor episodes of racing heart after the ablation. 120bpm isn't bad at all, and having a rate of 88bpm isn't tachycardia. Only rates over 100bpm are, so I'd try not to worry. I know it would be extremely annoying but you'll just need to ride it out. I truly think it will fade away.
Avatar n tn I just experienced this "racing heart" for the first time in months, yesterday afternoon while walking. With me, it hasn't happened in my sleep (knock on wood!) that I'm aware of. It always happens in the afternoons. This time I coughed (that stops them for me most of the times)and it stopped but came back, I went through at least 10 episodes of a very fast heart rate (over 150bpm) that I can feel the pounding almost in my throat.
Avatar f tn HI all, do anyone get heart palpitations while pregnant? I hear they can come on during pregnancy due to extra blood flow n stuff. But it gets scary at times!!
Avatar m tn I was just put on a higher dose of paxil and my cardiologist said, if I feel any racing of the heart to tell him, but it was safe. So i've been thinking of that a lot. I've only been on the new paxil for 2 days so I know that it can't be from that. Any reassuring advice would be helpful. Also, for some reason I feel the palpitations at night, when im sitting up in bed.
Avatar f tn i experience severe papitations, sort of feels as if the heart is racing and builds in intensity, then feels as if it washes over me and stops. sometimes i feel it just once in awhile and other times it continues all night keeping me from sleeping, tho i don't sleep well anyway. i experience these only at rest and 99% when i am trying to sleep. been going on for about 3 years. also, are those 5 hour energy vit b energizers safe for me.
Avatar m tn They've been really bothering me the last couple of days. Always afraid my heart will start racing when I have lots of palps. Are you under a lot of stress right now? That always gets me going along with caffeine and trying to figure out what else.
Avatar f tn So I am a 20 year old female I am a CNA I recently was hospitalized because meningitis almost killed me it attacked my central nervous system. Ever since than I have had bad heart palpitations every day sometime 60-100 times a day and I feel like my breath is being ripped out of me.
Avatar f tn Hi Alcohol is known to induce arrythmias so it could well be bringing about your palpitations. Keep a journal of when they happen, cos like me you might find this only happens at certain times of the month and other times you are ok with the alcohol. of course if you completely abstain it might be that the problem is solved....bit boring, but maybe it has to be a choice....
Avatar f tn I get like little heart flutters and it feels like it's racing but it's not. Your blood volume still increase I think 30% through out your pregnancy which makes your blood pressure go up I think... think is the key word. But yeah I get them too!
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia or possible paroxysmal artrial fibrillation, have suffered from irregular heart beat and racing for about 8 months now. On my Cardiac Ultrasound it was stated that I have trivial mitral regurgitation and trivial tricuspid and pulmonary regurgitation, what does that mean exactly, do I need to worry?
Avatar f tn After the holter monitor findings you are best advised to consult a rhythm abnormality specialist. There may be some underlying reason that you are experiencing these new symptoms. Its also obviously a wake up call that there is nothing good that comes of smoking. Lastly, you should minimize your caffeine intake and see if that helps.
Avatar m tn Palpitations are rapid, thumping or fluttering feelings that people experience in the left-hand side of the chest, usually above the nipple. Some people say their heart feels like its racing; others say their chest hurts, thumps or flutters. Usually this sensation is caused by a heart rate that is faster than usual for your age, gender and level of fitness. Occasionally, the feeling is due to an irregular heart rate.
1373434 tn?1284824369 Heart racing, sweats, head spinning to the point it may cause you to pass out are all signs of anxiety even though we tend to believe that we have heart issues. I am on meds for anxiety but still suffer the racing heart from time to time. Yes, it's normal. Meds should help. What is Porpanolol? does it seem to help?
Avatar m tn I just had another episode of a racing heart while taking the channel blocker. During the heart racing at 182mpb I start to shake uncontrollably. I weigh 163 and stand 5'7. This is driving me nuts and its weighing heavily on my quality of life. Magnesium gel tablets made them worst so I stopped taking those before the doctor prescribed the other things. I never had anxiety or panic disorder before and have no plans on having it now.
Avatar n tn So glad I found this forum! Just had another sleepless night with racing heart waking me up several times...the palpitaions are getting worse and more frequent...more with lying down even when I am seemingly very rested and relaxed. I am a 52 year old fit woman...could it be perimenopause? It's now scaring me and I wake up so exhausted...sometimes my heart races, skips beats and seems to flutter...then it makes me a bit nauseated. Seeing a Holistic Doc this month to run several tests...
Avatar f tn I got them before, during, and after pregnancy. If your heart starts racing so fast that you can breath or its hard to catch your breath go to the hospital. When you start getting them, get up and walk around or lay on your side. That always helped me. Good luck!