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Avatar n tn Other than this there are many medical causes of feeling your heart race or palpitations. Palpitations may be normally felt if you are overexerted. Chemicals like adrenaline, alcohol, caffeine, cocaine, amphetamines, and other drugs all cause palpitations. Disease (such as hyperthyroidism and pheochromocytoma) or mitral stenosis, panic disorder all cause this. Palpitations may be associated with heart problems, anemias, low blood sugar and low blood pressure.
Avatar n tn In case of heart I always recommend to ask your doctor. From my personal experience, I can say that many times I thought I feel my heart, and it was not a heart. Finally we found out it was an esophagus.
Avatar m tn I just had another episode of a racing heart while taking the channel blocker. During the heart racing at 182mpb I start to shake uncontrollably. I weigh 163 and stand 5'7. This is driving me nuts and its weighing heavily on my quality of life. Magnesium gel tablets made them worst so I stopped taking those before the doctor prescribed the other things. I never had anxiety or panic disorder before and have no plans on having it now.
Avatar f tn I get like little heart flutters and it feels like it's racing but it's not. Your blood volume still increase I think 30% through out your pregnancy which makes your blood pressure go up I think... think is the key word. But yeah I get them too!
Avatar n tn I'm about 11wks with twins and not feeling right and have pounding or racing heart. Normal?
Avatar f tn I have heart palpitations (racing and pounding) at night. It occasionally happens during the day as well... Today is one of those days. I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, however I fail to present any other symptoms aside from the pounding, racing heart. I do not feel scared and do not feel anxious... EKG, echo, holter have all come up clean. I am constantly disturbed in the night by the sound of my own racing heart.
982214 tn?1471454781 So I looked up the symptoms of anemia and the three that stood out were racing heart, palpitations and dizziness (I got light headed sometimes) My doctor started me on an Iron supplement and I haven't had a problem since :). Call and ask if they can check your hematocrit (will tell if your anemic). I was also still having serious fatigue during the day (two to three hour naps), also a symptom. good luck I hope that's all it is.
Avatar f tn Which thyroid test would show the hormone level that would be causing heart palpitations or racing heartbeat? Would the symptoms be caused by a high or low level of that hormone?
Avatar f tn Hi - when u say your heart gets "messed up" do u mean it feels like it is racing??? I have something called supraventricular tachycardia and I will go along for weeks with no issues and then suddenly i'll get this weird beat that then suddenly my heart starts a pounding racing thing. With this I will sometimes have a little chest pain or tightness before it starts alwys during and then for the next couple days. Then I go back to completely normal.
Avatar f tn Within the last couple of months it has went from heart skipping or flip flopping to heart racing, getting real hot in the face and neck. I was then told I was having panic attacks. Dr put me on Sertraline 50 mg (which the side affects have been awful but getting better). It seems as though the panic attacks have went done to very small ones but I still have the heart skipping. I have had blood work, EKG, 24 hr haltor and Xray which came out normal.
Avatar f tn I have been on Armour thyroid for 40 years with no problems and I guess from what I have read, I should consider myself very fortunate. In December I started with the heart palpitations and feeling bad. This has continued more than not until present time. I was decreased from 135 mg to 120 mg to 90 mg and lowered my dosage to 75 mg (I informed my doctor and he said that was fine if I was feeling better with that dose).
Avatar m tn 5mg I began to have cardiac symptoms, which consisted of mainly palpitations and a racing heart. I have had palpitations for years, and have seen a cardiologist which cleared me. We did an echo, numerous ECG, blood work, event monitor, holter monitor and nothing was shown. On the drug, I had very few cardiac symptoms (took for about 3 years), but one of the reasons why I got on the drug was to alleviate these symptoms which I had before and now afterward.
Avatar n tn Hi. So, it is hard to believe a doctor wouldn't have told you this but a racing heart can also be termed a heart palpitation. And things that cause that can be dietary in nature. Examples are a heavy carb loaded meal, foods with msg or sodium, fats and sugar can all cause palpitations. Stress can as well. Do you now have a cycle of eating and then stressing? Do you keep a food journal?
Avatar f tn Im 37 Weeks & At Random Times My Heart Will Feel Like Its Racing ! You Know The Feeling Wen Your About To Get In A Fight ? I'll Feel Like That ! Idk Why ! Ill Literally Just Be Laying Down .. Or Even Sitting In The Living Room Watchin Tv & My Heart Will Start Racing ! Is This Normal , Or Has Anyone Else Experienced It ? I Dont Think Its Anxiety Or Anything Because I Never Had Anxiety Ever .. Is It Just A Pregnancy Thing ?
Avatar n tn I thought this was only happening to me!! My heart is constantly racing!! I'm already panting after walking up a set of stairs and I'm only 8 weeks tomorrow...
Avatar m tn Hi, I had a hemithyrodectomy last year due to a 3cm cystic nodule and my TSH is ok atm (0.7) and felt good for a few months but then i noticed my remaining thyroid was growing and pain came back along with losing my voice, and this was confirmed in ultrasound recently, thyroid nearly double normal size with several nodules up to 1cm. Endo has put me on 75mcg levothyroxine to try and shrink the thyroid and says operation isn't necessary at this point.
Avatar m tn hi I started with palpitations about 10 years ago and have been on a total of 30mg of proprananol beta blockers since then. About 5 yeas ago I started getting racing heart when I was doing heavy weights at the gym that would generally last for 5 minutes. I eased off at the gym and they went away. Then I had a really stressful situation and they racing hearts came back with avengance normally when i was asleep but at times when i bent down.
Avatar f tn After taking the drug I started getting severe heart palpitations. My heart would race then slow down as though it had stopped. I started seeing white, I thought I was going to die. The next day I got up I was still swollen, then decided to take a Benedryl, sure enough my swelling went away immediately. However, I foolishly decided to continue taking the antibiotic just in caset. This time my heart palpitations were worse, with hotness as the heart raced and frigid cold as it slowed down.
Avatar f tn HI all, do anyone get heart palpitations while pregnant? I hear they can come on during pregnancy due to extra blood flow n stuff. But it gets scary at times!!
Avatar m tn I was prescribed zoloft for anxiety and after taking it I began having episodes of my heart racing and pounding, these episodes would wakemeup throughout the night. I wore an holter moniter and I had an episode of a racing heart, but the cardiologist said that he saw nothing out of the ordinary. My question is, would a cardiologist be able to detect if my racing heart was svt?
Avatar f tn But since I also have those irregular heart beats and palpitations he referred me to a cardiologist. A cardiologist can do an ECG immediately and monitor your heart rate and ECG at home. I visited one last week and they gave me a wireless heart monitor to monitor my heart all day and night for 1 week and every time I feel palpitations, dizziness, short of breath, or chest pain I have to press a button and confirm which symptom I have so my doctor can review the report later.