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Avatar m tn My aunt was in a coma for 3 months after her operation and she lived another 6 years but the years were not quality years. She, however, had a heart attack right before going into surgery. Get as much research as possible before making your decision.
Avatar m tn i had retinae detachment and undergone scheleral buckling operation five years back in my left eye. i need now a cataract operation as per advice of my doctors. what are the risks involved ? what should be my best option ? what precautions i should take ?
Avatar f tn My question is she has Copd, sleep apnea, congested heart failure and afib, what are her chances of coming through this successfully? I'm very frightened for her. They wouldn't fix a miniscus tear because she was too high risk. Please give me the most honest, realistic answer you can please. Her operation is nov.11.
Avatar f tn Im so confused and my addict brain is telling me ,,,see you didnt have these problems when you had me in you. Its been a rocky journey physically for my health and my poor lil body and now heart. I got mono (3rd time) several weeks after detox,,I passed out in Jan and was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope syndrome that stemmed from a bout of constipation that ultimatly put me in the hospital having to get a blood transfusion because I tore my bottom.
Avatar n tn My mother is 84 years old and is due to have a heart operation which I am very concern about. She has to have an aortic valve replacement plus a bypass (she has an artery very obstructed).
Avatar n tn Because cataract patients are generally older, some very very old almost all of them have health problems. Because the operation is done under local or topical and may last as little as 10 minutes the risks are minimal. The risks will only increase as she gets older and the cataract could get too ripe and cause severe pain. Best advise is ususally do it now.
Avatar n tn Hello, I hope you can help me.In March 2007 I had an Inguinal Hernia repair operation on both sides after I had experienced bad groin pain for about six weeks. About three weeks after the surgery, I developed testicular pain in both left and right testicle with the left one swelling up dramatically. After going for a scan it was observed that I had a hydrocele on my left side. Six weeks after My original operation, I was hospitalised after I developed severe pain on the right side of my groin.
Avatar m tn My dad has a heart attack last friday..yesterday he had any operation at his back through any pipe and today he got a leave frm d hospital..if sme1 knw about such operation pls tell me briefly about it,what is d future risks for my dad..
1303001 tn?1272995960 The good thing with this is that you keep the original heart and the heart rate can still change, which I don't believe a mechanical heart can. Mechanical hearts have been used to keep a patient alive until a donor is hopefully found. I know there has been a lot of research in artificial hearts in the US and Japan, using animal tissue. I thought they were targeted for entering FDA approvals in 2011.
Avatar n tn until my TEE (which showed I did not have mitral prolapse). A friend (an MD) has sugested I have a closure operation -- possibly open-heart surgery.
Avatar n tn We do not know that we might need heart surgery or not ? My father is 80 years old and has high blood pressure since 1985. He continues to maintain BP by medicine. His both kidney failed around 09/2008 and continued to perform dialysis 3 time / week. He got massive heart attack 1 ½ month ago in evening sleeping time around 10 pm. So, he has congested heart failure condition. On 1 Mar 2010, he got short of breath and admitted to emergency hospital.
Avatar n tn are being sent to another heart specialist in another town. Our heart doctor didn't think anything could be done. I'm not ready to quit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar m tn These days the Thoracs will tell you that the operation itself is routine heart surgery and prognosis good. Unfortunately there are complications of fatal blood clots that can occur post-surgery and he can develop Pneumonia from the lung-machine. But it does count in his favour that he is in relatively good health now - apart from the fluid and low cardiac output. He will not get better and have a full normal life, without the surgery. An EF of 25% is pretty low.
558301 tn?1215734456 The presence of comorbid conditions like diabetes adds to these risks. Aside of blood sugar problems, there can also be problems regarding the heart and blood pressure (like myocardial infarction or CHF). Before the operation, it is highly recommended that she receive a thorough cardio-pulmonary evaluation (EKS's, Chest X-ray, etc.) to correct any problem that may interfere with the surgery.
Avatar m tn My brother in law fell and hit his head, after 36 hours he was rushed to have surgery to stop bleeding as he is on Warfrin, He also has Diabetis, His heart is fribulating and he is now on a ventilator with a lung infection and antibiotics, 71 years of age. He has not woken up 8 days later from the operation! what can be wrong? Any comments or recommendations most welcome as we are very worried. he was quite normal before the operation to stop bleeding in the skull!!!
Avatar f tn damage to the heart, arrhythmias of the heart beat, damage to the brain, lungs and kidneys (temporary or permanent) due to altered blood flow to those organs during the procedure, and death. Myocardial protection with cardioplegai is extremely important, and the expertise of the perfusionists is paramount. Experience in the heart surgery team is extremely important.
Avatar f tn My child is 5 year old. She went thru open heart surgery when she was 5 months old. The surgery went well and doctors said that she is as normal as other babies afterwards. She was normal for 5 years. Her heart was of normal size when taken ECO and ECG 2 years back. Recently, due to cough and cold we went to the doctor and he suggested to do X-ray. The x-ray result suggests to have her heart enlarged. Dr. at GP says that it is not very serious.
Avatar m tn Also, the EF is not a static parameter and varies from heart cycle to heart cycle as does the heart rate and blood pressure. This variation is necessary to maintain equilibium of blood flow between the left and right side. I have had a totally occluded LAD, 70% blockage on another vessel, and I have been well for the last 7 years with no progression. I have a normally sized heart and my EF is 59%. Do you have symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, muscle fatigue, etc.
Avatar n tn what would be surgery risk for re-operation for avr replacement for a healthy 62 year old, with no major (liver, kidney, lung) disease in which a Bentall procedure was done in the first operation done 8 years earlier? also, what would the complications risks be for each related, possible complication?
Avatar f tn I have been plagued with heart skips many years, but lately they are coming in a series. They come many at a time, lasting about 15 to 30 seconds. Of course, it seems like an eternity and I totally panic. I have had all sorts of tests, even going to another hospital for another opinion. They all say they are benign. This maybe so, but how long will this go on. Mentally, its taking a toll. What scares me is I think my heart will never go back to its normal rhythm. I am on 50 mg.
Avatar n tn Ultrasound indicated problem with aorta valve. Heart catherization with dye scheduled. What does this procedure show? If valve replacement is needed, what additional difficulties may they be with already having chest opened one year ago? He is also diabetic and prone to infection. If surgery is recommended should he go on antibiotics prior to procedure? He was doing fine after open heart surgery. Except for after a year he developed an infection.
Avatar n tn In my understanding after operation he can consider about one year as a healing time. I did not have operation, but was recovering from my heart failure. 1 YEAR I needed to feel well and no pain or very occasional pain. He must be sure NOT lifting heavy things. When I had lift or was letting stress in my life, all turned out of some sort of pain. Those are the 2 mayor things he should watch for. Change all stress for love,(easier to say, but must try :)) and …do the heavy lifting for him!!
Avatar n tn Hi, During the summer of 2007 after countless years of heart problems (palpitations) my doctor suggested an ablation procedure. My Palpitations were triggered by exercise. During my Ablation the doctor couldn't find the current to burn, after countless attempts, he perpetrated my heart also - finally after 5 hours on the bed he found the circuit, at this time my heart was going at 160 BPM, and my blood pressure fell a number of times.
Avatar n tn Good cardiologists don't recommend heart surgery unless and until the risks of doing nothing are clearly greater than the risks of the surgery. I would pick the best surgeon I could find and then let him pick the type of implant. With an animal valve, blood thinners are not required unless the patient needs blood thinners for some other reason. Good luck with the procedure.
Avatar m tn The answer to my last question explained the possibility of perforating the atresic pulmonary valve plate to make the heart a two-ventricle heart. The option given by the doctors was for the shunt to replace the ductus arteriosus, which will require other surgeries as he grows. The explanation of the tricuspid atresia was that there is a back-flow into the tricuspid valve. Also that the right ventricle is smaller than it should be.
Avatar m tn He said i will have to stay on the medication forever but I've also heard there are risks involved in treating the thyroid growth with the medication long-term, including heart palpitations and heart attack. What should I do? Isn't it better to remove the thyroid completely? Any info you could give me on this is great. I just don't really understand what is happening to me.
Avatar m tn Hi, my name is Khaldoun Al habib and i am 32 years old I would like your advise on a heart surgery that i will undertake on Novermber 2010. In 1999 i had a correction to a coarctation with a 20mm Dacron interposition and in October 2000 i excised a bicuspid aortic valve, replaced with a 24mm cryopreserved aortic homograft. A couple of weeks ago i was admitted to hospital with left heart failure, pulmonary oedema and orthopnea.
Avatar m tn He said i will have to stay on the medication forever but I've also heard there are risks involved in treating the thyroid growth with the medication long-term, including heart palpitations and heart attack. What should I do? Isn't it better to remove the thyroid completely? Any info you could give me on this is great. I just don't really understand what is happening to me.