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Avatar f tn ve just gotten used to the E in the front and like the way it sounds also I want a unique name that noone has heard of it and with Ezion he can have both Ezion and Zion if I pick Zion I have to forget about Ezion
Avatar f tn My boyfriend and I r west indian and wanted to stay with that kind of themed name. Any suggestion will help.
Avatar f tn Ok so my boyfriend and I are going back and forth about boy names. I love Zion he doesn't so we had to start over. Now we both like the names King and Nova but I read Nova is a girl name.
4932574 tn?1361205732 Baptized at Zion Lutheran Church
Avatar f tn I want something unique but not to different. I was originally thinking Rhydian... but my spouse is having second thoughts. I kind of like Zion but it sounds like a girls name more than a boys. Even though a lot of boys are named that. What do you gals think?
Avatar f tn Haha those are perfectly unique and I love the name zion but daddy likes the name cayden. Would it sound wierd if we names him Zion Cayden?
Avatar m tn in Las Vegas.
Avatar f tn I need help finding a middle name for a boy I was GUNNA go with Braedyn zain but one of my good friends has that middle name an don't know if I still wanna use it?
282804 tn?1236833591 We checked on the one in Zion Ill and yes they are expensive, Leslee has good insurance but we were told it would probably only cover 1/2 of the costs. They are good, but think they cater to the wealthy. if a person is going to lay out extra money for treatment I think a trip to one of the top 3 places would be just as good. So far we are sticking with Mayo in Rochester.
206807 tn?1331936184 Baton Rouge police on Sunday arrested a man accused of repeatedly punching a woman in the face while she was holding her infant child. Frank Beauchamp, 50, punched the victim several times and threw her to the ground, police said. He also “promised” to shoot her the next time he sees her, the report says. Beauchamp, 5788 D’Juanna Drive, Baton Rouge, was booked Sunday into Parish Prison on counts of cruelty to juveniles, simple battery and simple assault.
Avatar f tn Its a popular name I think. 2 of my friends had little boys named Zion last summer and another friend at our old base had a little boy name Zion as well.I like it. My girls name will be Zara.
Avatar f tn Zada, Zackary, zaharah, zaidon, zoey, zane, zara, zena, zeke :)
Avatar f tn -/, Zion Casson and Xander Greyson. How do those names sound?
Avatar f tn I have a little elephant, sitting on my dresser Waiting for you to claim him Rounded and foiled he patiently waits I, however, am not so patient I clutch the elephant to me, dreaming of you, of the day he will sit on your dresser Zanzibar daydreams, baby blues I feel so lost throughout the days Is it ever meant to be? Or will your elephant forever remind me of what I don't lay claim to? Will I ever hold you instead?
Avatar f tn Me too, we are looking for names.
Avatar f tn So excited to meet my baby boy, any of you have any ideas for a name?
Avatar f tn No the father and I are still thinking on names I love the name Zion but he's not a big fan, so we have to figure something out.
167426 tn?1254086235 May I ask you to do something for me, when you go back to Zion Ill. for your next treatment, can you find out about this new vaccine they are testing. Thought at first they were just going to use it on newly dx , but according to the google artical, this one lady has recurred several times. Hopefully more news will be coming out soon.
Avatar f tn Me and my husband picked out a boy and girl name before we found out what we were having. Found out we are having a boy and his name is Asher. Our girl name was going to be Hadley.