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765828 tn?1306263868 ve been in a relationship, thought of being in a relationship, or wanted to have anything to do with a relationship since my last one ended in physical abuse, lying, and well ... just not good. I just want to make friends, more than anything. But all these guys say, "I have a girlfriend". What do I care? And they say, "I don't think she'd like that", meaning us hanging out. What is wrong with hanging out with a friend that happens to be a girl?
369293 tn?1342563162 eye twitching-have pics, eye drooping-have pics, left ey enlarged-have pic, muscle weaakness (EXTREME @ X'S) fatigue (extreme @ x's) pressure @ base of skull the comes with confussion, uable to concentrate, brain mri- normal legs twitch, right hand & wrist twitcth, strange gaite-have video, gaite issue appeared in 2/2011.
Avatar m tn Shortness of breath can be a symptom of serious heart or lung disease but, especially when accompanied by yawning and is lessened by “”increased physical activity, standing, walking or just moving around” it is highly likely to be a reflection of anxiety. You didn’t mention what your doctor thought or recommended but, because of the possibility these symptoms are more secondary to physical disease, it would be wise to follow your doctor’s advice.
Avatar f tn Hello. I have Health issues going on due to my weight. I need to lose 100 pounds. Since the birth of my child in 1997, I have Not been able to keep my weight down to my Normal 160-170 pounds. I've been fighting a losing battle, I feel like. First off? I know Exercise is a must. (With My R.A./Arthritis, that makes it even harder) I used to walk 2 x's a day then it felt so good, I got up to 3 x's a day and walking farther and farther. I cut a lot of meat/beef ..
Avatar f tn With and enormous pain in my heart I was taken to the hospital and induced to have a natural birth and once again had no feeling of the contractions. Thus, my question how do you know when you start to dilate or have a contraction?
846905 tn?1258817444 my ob did an internal exam every appointment. i went once every 2 weeks for the first trimester. the second trimester was once a week. after 24 weeks until i went into labor i was visiting my wonderful ob 2 x's a week (i dialated 2 cm and was 50% effaced at 24 weeks). i had an u/s done 2 x's a month and stress tests done 2 x's a week after 24 weeks as well. my ob was very particular and EXTREMELY careful with multiples pregnancies.
Avatar f tn I beg to differ with gracefromHHP. I had been taking 1,000mg of Lysine daily for 20 years. If I had an outbreak, I would double it up 2-2 x's a day for the first day, then 2 x's a day for a few days, tapered to one a day. It always worked for me up to this past year when I started to get back to back outbreaks. I now take Valtrex 500 mg. When I first started Valtrex I had 3 consecutive breakouts in three months; since then, I haven't had any OBs.
404232 tn?1253965956 Yay! Congratulations on your two new bundles of joy! I hope you recover quickly and that things go smoothly for you (being that you have TWO newborns to adjust to!) So happy for you!
Avatar m tn I am very scared. Today I started getting this sensation of lightness or fluttering in my chest and slight chest pains and then I was felt I like I was going to pass out. It only comes for a second or two and then leaves. I also have nausea, but I don't know if that is related or if it is from worrying. I'm 18 and I don't have any heart problems that I know of. I have had dyspepsia (uncomfortable movements in the movement) since May, but I have never felt anything like this before.
Avatar f tn I am currently troubled with a heaviness in the center of my chest that radiates to the same point in my back. This heaviness is causing me to have difficulty when breathing and heart rate increase. The heaviness/ pain at its peak i would register it at a 7 but after some rubbing on the back area and chest area and somewhere about 20-30 min later the pain subsidies. I am having this issue at least 3- 4 X's daily. I am 30 yrs old and a female i currently stay as active as possible..
907968 tn?1292622204 Hi, Just a little suggestion concerning exercise. If you have no other choice why not just walk in the house. Even if you walk around the room for 1/2 hr or in increments of 15 min 2 x's a day. At least your moving around. Then slowly increase your time and pace to what you can handle. I don't know what your heart problem is and I'm certainly no doctor but I think you should move around and get your heart rate up a little and your circulation going.
Avatar f tn In Febuary of 2008 I had bilateral bunion surgery. Which they gave me a local. After the surgery a few weeks later my right jaw started hurting. I went to the ENT specialist and it turned out my ears were infected and full of fluid. My jaw continued to hurt. I received a full round of ATB. During this time I went to the dentist 2 times. No-one can figure out what is wrong with my jaw. In June I received bilateral tubes in my ears. The pain continued. I went to the Chiro x's 5.
Avatar f tn I did a modified Thomas Receipe (W/out the Valium or Immodium) and I DO have to say that I THINK it really is helpful....The l-tyrosine SEEMS to help with getting your neuro-transmitters back on track.. I started out taking 4000mg a day but found that that was WAY to much.... it can give you the trots..) so I cut back to 500mg a day.... Also, push fluids.... WATER.... and if you can muster up the energy.. a little EXERCISE works well.
Avatar f tn This is called the Diastolic and represents how much pressure is being exerted against the walls of your vessels when your heart is at rest (NOT squeezing out blood; pumping.) The top number is more closely related to activity, stress, etc, although as we get older, it is also indicative of overall health. However, very, very healthy people (even athletes) can have high blood pressure. It is thought to be controlled by genetics in some people.
Avatar n tn My Dr put me on 3000 mg of Depakote, 4 / 250mg's 3 x's per day. Psychiatrist did this along with Vistaril 50mg 3 x's day, Klonopin 1mg 3x's day and Benztropine 1 mg, levothyroxine 125mcg, trazadone (100 mg -bedtime). I am constantly tired and gained 30 pounds. Fought her on depakotes dosage as even her nurses were in shock. She advised my blood level was at 91% optimal. Any suggestions...please.
Avatar f tn How do you get over lossing your mom or child? You can't. You adjust to what you can't change, but life is never the same. My mother died July 19, 2007 and it's surreal that she is gone. As yourself, I had 7 deaths, within an 8 month period including my brother's first unborn. His wife miscarried 2 weeks before Christmas.
290018 tn?1240365868 Congrats!!! Im with ya on the long weekend deal too!! BFP on Wed. blood test came back positive on Friday and waiting to get the HCG levels on Monday and an Ultrasound on Monday should be 7 weeks on Wed. but yesterday 3 x's I wiped and had red smudge on tp ....so very scared...doc checked and saw no blood and closed cervix....but have to wait til Monday for Ultrasound since it was to late on Friday....i pray that I hear a heart beat!!!!! Good look to you...keep me posted please....
306259 tn?1204769475 Continuous headache pressure at base of skull for 5 mo with nausea, dizziness, numbness/tingling right side of face, burning pain right side of face and in head. Once had pupil dilation that would nto constrict with symptoms. Has Orthostatic Hypotension and toe turns up for Babinski response. All tests normal: Blood, MRI, MRA, Heart tests, etc. Question: Should we be concerned about Babinski resonse if every other test is normal?
Avatar n tn I am 49 years old and was admitted to the hospital in August 2008 with CHF, Cardiomyopathy and an EF of 20%. I went to my GP complaining of occasional missed heart beats... was given an EKG and he noticed a LBBB - onto the cardiologist who performed a nuclear stress test which I failed miserably and was admitted immediately into the hospital. I had NO OTHER SYMPTOMS. First diagnosis was a virus had attacked my heart. Upon further evaluation...
Avatar f tn I got twins, they are very good to each other most of the time. But now days from 4to 6 months I observed my youngest child is becoming too much possessive for me. He don't like if anyone talks to me loudly, sometimes my friends pulls or push just like in friends does,that time the started crying. When Dr treat me or gives me injection he cried. He don't like , he feels people's hearting me. I told with him , they are my friends,it happens in friendship.
Avatar n tn On Sept 6, 2007 I experienced a searing pain that started under my left rib cage. The pain waxed and wained throughout the day, increasing day by day. Four days later my doctor diagnosed a kidney infection due to microscopic blood in urine, fecal studies negative for blood. Amoxicillin, 875 Mg 2 x's daily. Pain generally got better over the next week. Pain returned, feeling as if something was swelling under my left rib cage and pressing against the bone, both front and back.
Avatar f tn Norco is basically vicodin x's 4!!! It is very strong, I have also taken it after a ruptured cyst, and it helped!!!
Avatar m tn i was seen March 28th and told i have H2, and they proved it with a swab test the results were + H2 -H1 and that is it...so i am making my peace with that however now i am looking all the time, worryed that something is going to happen (OB #2) or whatever. my wife and i have talked aboout this and i most likly got it from her as one of her X's had it and did not know so i cant blame her or harbor any bad feeling for her, it is what it is, we are together and thats that..
1111231 tn?1258903083 my question is i have been a daily user of hydrocodone for about 7 years now..well i cant take it anymore and have decided to quit ..i managed to cut myself down to 15mg and today switched to darvocet my question is will this make the acute withdrawl any easier..
Avatar f tn So I had my ultrasound yesterday and it is a boy!! So the test was right. The genetic counselor explained to me that test looks for Y chromosome in the mothers blood. Since the baby's DNA is mixed in mothersblood during pregnancy, it will detect the baby's sex because the mother only carries 2 x's since she is female. If there is only x's present baby is a female and if it detects a y it's because the baby is a male.
59010 tn?1315701116 It is possible, even in the presence of good air flow for a person to experience a fall in blood oxygen level, with exertion or, 2) you could have exercise-induced bronchospasm (asthma) so that with exercise your bronchial tubes constrict, resulting in greatly increased work of breathing or, 3) the shortness of breath and rapid heart rate you’ve experienced with running could be on the basis of heart disease rather than being caused by lung function impairment.