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Avatar f tn t like rap, BUT I admire and like Eminem a bunch! I think that he is brilliant and writes some very, very deep from the heart lyrics!
1925822 tn?1333705617 listened to this song and bursted into tears...and thought of my chiari family!!!! Its Anastacia with "Heavy on my heart" Here some lyrics and a link I am not sure you are able to open in the US: http://www.youtube.com/watch?
908392 tn?1316522899 this is a great thread on the forum here. I also love music, play a little piano still, recently had stent put in after recent heart attacky, and am wondering where i can share my lyrics i wrote about "My Stented Heart" -- it;s just some words like a poem i put together with humor about surviving a heart attack, i am not a pro musiicna and there won't be a real song from this, but if anyone is interested, i would be happy to share a link to my lyrics of the song.
398059 tn?1447945633 There is a song by Rodney Atkins called "Going Through Hell" with the lyrics saying ,"keep on going before the devil knows you're there." Below is a link to the lyrics: http://www.elyrics.net/read/r/rodney-atkins-lyrics/if-you_re-going-through-hell-lyrics.
Avatar f tn re out of Louisiana) and I am friends of a friends of that worship leader. David Crowder Band is always anointed and those guys are just crazy fun! Those are all worship bands or singers.
Avatar m tn This stuff is serious and I believe you are under attack like the rest of the real Body Of Christ is. Praise and worship is a form of spiritual warfare too- 2 Cor 20 shows how fasting and praise to God caused the enemy to not invade Judah. Repent of any sins- ask God if there are any open doors and get them closed in Jesus name.
Avatar m tn Do you think its ok to use music lyrics as your mood some ppl use quotes and quotes out the bible. I dont mind whatever helps the person in need. Id love to hear what you all think ?
Avatar f tn You need to bring the creative side of you out, this will give you peace. Try writing lyrics of songs and submitting them to an agent. Not the music just the lyrics.
Avatar f tn The first person would post a part of any music lyrics (Not the entire song) Then the next person would try to guess the song that those lyrics belong to Once the song is guessed, the person who guessed it would post the next The game would then continue so forth. :) I'll post the first to show how it is to be played. ;) Let's have fun with this game! I hope you enjoy it!!!!
154668 tn?1290115995 Finally, after 40 years, someone has opened the vault and revealed the answer to a question that has clawed at our brains since the 1969 Woodstock album was released: What the hell were the lyrics to Joe Cocker's version of 'A Little Help From My Friends'? He was so wigged-out and loopy on a multitude of drugs, no one has been able to understand his jarbled, mush-mouth version.....until now! Click link below for the lyrics .... FINALLY IT'S CRYSTAL CLEAR! http://www.elwp.
1789051 tn?1318376889 It's amazing how lyrics mean so much more when you go through something like we all are.
Avatar m tn Love the lyrics, Jasper. Thanks!
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908737 tn?1242630711 Wow you ladies are far more cool with it than people over here most of the poetry and lyrics i used to write and work on got slammed as ''emo ****'' or ''wrist slitting attention seeking bull'' LOL was irritating... i wonder does anyone else write poetry or lyrics when their manic or just feeling stable?
Avatar m tn Even if you don't like hiphop or rap...I think you will like some of the lyrics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFXzQBJkm2g T.I.
Avatar m tn t your thing do somthing that usualy boost your mood. As for music try listening to the lyrics to they can be very helpful. The lyrics in the song Lucy by Skillet saved my life. Also talk talk to someone I ave been talking to my youth pastor and she said with my permission she is going to look around and help me find some professional help for my problems.
365714 tn?1292199108 I wondered about the change in lyrics too. It's hard to think that he'd forget the lyrics when it is obvious that a lot of time went into the arrangement. But perhaps you're right. I like this version better but I can understand why you might not. Maybe I like this version better because I think the lead vocal is much better live than it is on the studio version and so I listened to this version so much that these seem like the right lyrics to me.
Avatar m tn I have engaged in providing cunnilingus,analingus, foot worship and have ingested their pee and spit as a part of my encounter. Bruises or cuts in my mouth during these activities are very likely because of foot worship which usually is the first activity. Also, all the three had very active African Male partners, who were also active with other women. I do my checkups annually and have not done this yrs yet.