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1379872 tn?1288284851 30 - 7:00). Felt OK with this. Did not drive until 8:30. Stopped at Duty-Free for 2 bottles of Grant's scotch, but not even tempted to drink any when we got home. Very Good. I'm afraid to get drunk cuz of Rob.
1009641 tn?1257216091 ) first felt the simtomes of getting sick get stronger
654745 tn?1224370182 Rode bike around inside of mission bay all the way to the jetty from pacific beach
Avatar n tn I have always been a slim person, but during the last year I have gained over 50 lbs. I have a very healthy lifestyle with exercise and no vises. I know that I am approaching menopause, I am very tired and can not sleep. I recently went to my PCP and had thyroid testing performed. My readings were TSH 2.0l, free T4 1.2, T3 196. Do I need to be concerned? I was told these were not considered significant.
Avatar f tn I took a Relpax and caffeine, and this managed to hold it at bay to a manageable pain level. I helped in the kitchen and was a bit manic.
Avatar n tn I get pimples on my enter thighs and on outside of my private area. Can you tell me what causes this. It seems to be worse now that I'm older. Sometimes they become very large.
1795137 tn?1315727725 s quality of life was drastically different from the next. It all began with my grandfather (who died at the age of 35), continued with my father (his 1st @ 31, second @ 35 and his fatal one @ 47), two of my aunts ages 35 and 42 (both of whom died), my cousin Jeff at 35 (he survived) and the latest was my cousin Brynn, who died at age 30.
4614494 tn?1368356385 t want to be filled w resentment towards my jack ash of a brother for trying to destroy me. What the devil means for harm God can turn it around and use it for HIS GOOD. I believe that. Whatever it is that I'm supposed to be learning or getting from all this (God please reveal it to me). Almost done w day 3. Onto the next day baybay!!!! Whoop whoop. It might not be months like my fellow buddies on here. But I will take what I can get. Right??
607424 tn?1222972810 I spent the most part of the day just arranging furniture and checking on my e-bay bids.
Avatar n tn Lunar bay James robin jenni plus JMD. Acknowledging jealous thoughts of Mos and Sahffi with his concept album about them. Emo attachment v emo connection ... Rebound situation. I choose to express v suppress. I want to be a better man. She inspires rhat process... A mirror teachable lesson for me. J love this...
Avatar n tn Lunar bay James robin jenni plus JMD. Acknowledging jealous thoughts of Mos and Sahffi with his concept album about them. Emo attachment v emo connection ... Rebound situation. I choose to express v suppress. I want to be a better man. She inspires rhat process... A mirror teachable lesson for me. J love this...
669218 tn?1236391876 Start of taking notes after 2weeks of pains and heart issues. I'm 26.
1186852 tn?1423660370 I've been thinking about the OPK's over the past few days! And, i've decided im not going to use them, i dont want to put too much pressure on TTC, so am just going to stick to the BBT temping, CP and CM. Using the OPK's is just a added stress i dont need right now, if im ment to fall pregnant, i will in time! There's no huge rush.....by the end of the year i hope to be pregnant!!
739847 tn?1270049794 went to the sf bay club. I want to live there. I had some good feelings today. Ran for 40 mins and did jacuzzi, steam. Felt a little normal. Contacted people, got a little motivated. feeling some hope, but drank too much when I got home (1/2). attracting men's attention, weird now.
Avatar f tn Changed the minimum, because of a sudden drop
850491 tn?1239474410 two shots went to pland walked the back bay. came home and at 2 pounds of Strawberries.
Avatar m tn my wife pregnancy 3monts. we check the doctor end they said bay herat beaten not working.
1627740 tn?1308648556 very strong, from Iraq, the carpe people in the middle not corner of bay near yorkville...125 square foot, florian charging 100 per square foot, they move nov. 30 2012...
1742220 tn?1331356727 we lost last night didnt we. i was in Group so dint see it the problem with going to the doctor and finding out there is nothing wrong with you is that (if youre a Jew) you still feel like sh!t but there is no good reason LOL I AM SO GRATEFUL that i m so healthy! I'm doped up with Zyrtec and Flonase. the doc, a very nice woman, said i have a lot of inflammation and redness in my throat, nose, and ears as well as tonsils. my bp was 112 / 70 and my heartbeat 62.
1386655 tn?1452097056 At the wine festival my brother in law who is highly allergic to any kind of nuts, had a bad reaction that required us to call 911 and spend most of the day and evening in the hospital. Apparently, the tuna he had was marinated in sesame seed oil (and we did tell the waiter about the allergies too) It was a little scary there for awhile, but he is ok. In the middle of all this, we got the call letting us know the two eggs did fertilized!! YAY!
Avatar n tn Had a very in-depth, heart to heart discussion w/a very good friend of mine tonight. It was kind of a surprise but very uplifting & liberating at the same time.
1742220 tn?1331356727 i just feel kind of depressed. not bad, just kind of. nights are still really hard sometimes. i love my AA laydeez and new friends but its not the same as being with someone intimate and i dont even mean for sex. i just feel really alone, even though I tutored for 3 hours and spent a lot of time with Logan, Ella, and the mom.
298137 tn?1223307452 So next Friday I see the gny/onc about a hysterectomy, it's not what I really want to do but it's either that or hurt all the time and I certainly can't take any more of this pain. My RE referred me to him and he's supposed to be one of the best around. I don't want just anyone fooling around with this, since I have that adhesion on my colon I want someone experienced with very steady and capable hands working on it.
662085 tn?1331345560 I stood up from the ruble of the battle which had just tanspired. I found my arms broken and my mind was confussed. Although i stood over this enemy another wave was just over the horizan and i didnt have much time left to recover from this. I looked around and spoke "****!!, im screwed!" With out my arms i could no longer pick up my sheild and with this damaged skull I dont think i rember how to put my armour back on.
363243 tn?1331033850 t think to look up the side effects of metoprolol. I found some links online about people complaining of a metallic taste from the consumption of metoprolol. I contacted Dr. Ashpole this morning to see if he can change it to another beta blocker. I am not happy at all about taking a beta blocker in the first place and I want to know why my HR is elevated in the first place.
549637 tn?1316705828 In the silence of the Heart I prayed to God but He didnt answer or so it seemd to be It seemed he didnt hear my pleas but maybe the one who didnt hear was me Maybe my heart wasn't still enough maybe my soul needed quieting so I listened to the tick of a clock, To the rustle of leaves to the smallest sound I could hear and in the quietest moments I realized that it is in the silence of the heart that God speaks God is a friend of silence He speaks, but we need to listen It is not w
1348358 tn?1276635712 Today i heard the babys heart beat next time it will be louder the doctor says that it is still early to hear all of it but i cant wait until my next apt on oct 4