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Avatar f tn Second day of sailing class.
1379872 tn?1288284851 One beer on the sailboat of Debbie. Never again! Yikes!
Avatar f tn Sailing lessons, but concerned about talking to Tejal Monday about working with F053.
Avatar m tn Sailing- little walking
Avatar m tn on Bernoulli
Avatar m tn delivery to jetties
Avatar m tn offshore Sat and sunday
220090 tn?1379167187 We leave in a couple days for a week of sailing in the BVIs! Having spent two winters sailing there, it feels a bit like going home. We will see some friends that we made while we were last there and sail on the boat of one of them. If you don't own a boat, having friends with them is a close second - otherwise known as OPB: other people's boats. I am hoping that with my new found energy and strength, I will really enjoy the snorkeling and sailing.
Avatar m tn beach walking sailing
Avatar n tn productive day at work, smooth sailing
Avatar n tn Just to give you some perspective... My sister had a mitral valve repair at age 33-34 and she always says how much more energy she's had after surgery. Her recovery after surgery was about 3 months -- mostly just pain due to the sternotomy (she had a partial sternotomy not a full one). She ended up taking advil + vicadin to keep the pain to a minimum. She could do most daily activities within a month, including driving. She has not looked back at her surgery since.
Avatar n tn sailing, hot.
Avatar n tn pretty low key day at work...
220090 tn?1379167187 My uncle had a summer place in Maine and we made a trip to the coast at least once a week for lobsters and a view of the magnificent shore. The view of Pemaquid brought back fond memories of a time when the adults made all the decisions and life was simple. Penobscot Bay is a special place. As soon as you enter it you experience something different from the rest of the New England shore. There are great granite bluffs with beautiful stands of evergreen at the top.
220090 tn?1379167187 Oh my --- WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITHOUT PEN IN HAND??? Hmmm - why aren't you writing articles to sailing magazines --- or just a daily journal or some sort of fictional - non-fictional biography? HMMMMMMM? Youse gots no excuuuuuuuuuuuse now. Tap tap tap... ahem.... I'm waiting. Very good stuff there! Hugs much!
220090 tn?1379167187 I forget the name of one of the restaurants we used to go to , but man, did they have some great seafood and atmosphere. I hope you and your wife have a great time. I'm sorry to hear the darn anemia is keeping your energy low...but Thank God you can still enjoy what you love. You'll be trimming those sails once again! Until then, thankfully you have a great crew mate/wife! Keep loggin' on so we can vicariously enjoy your trip. Yvonne Be well...keep on with James Joyce...
Avatar n tn Dr cecil told me last week he had heard the Protease Inhibitor trials have stopped due to a heart toxin. He didn't know more about what type of toxin. That both Boehringer (SP?) and the other company's (which I can't remember have stopped). Shering Plough's is still in development but hasn't started testing. He said he thought that the Interferon based tx would be the standard for treating Hep C for some years to come.
Avatar n tn No irritability at all- smooth sailing- patient and kind!!!
Avatar n tn Went sailing today. No anxiety on boat just before and after.
Avatar n tn Went sailing for the first time ever completely chilled me out loved it. Best therapy ever. Night before went karls engaement party loved it but didn't take meds or sleep much. But Sundays day at work was a proper laugh maybe too much??!?! Took meds at night and went completely drowsy and sick and tired and could talk to kate with my eyes open.
Avatar f tn Sailing on the schooner, walked over 3 miles (some of that actually jogging). Didn't eat all day, had a large take-out meal for dinner.
Avatar n tn Harvey ask if I could go sailing Sunday I think I will
Avatar f tn 30 pm I was 10 cm and ready to push. My sons heart rate dropped and he himself never dropped so they had to do a c sec. He was born at 1:30 pm. I had back labor which sucked but after the epidural it was smooth sailing :).
973741 tn?1342342773 Portland where the sailing took place, and went to get a taste of the atmosphere. The sailing was a long, long walk, but saw it from top of a newly built tower, for about 5 mins. Thousands of people in Weymouth, and 2 huge screens on the beach. I was brought up in London, but now live on the south coast, but I loved seeing London again. I would love to see the olympic stadium, so will make the 70 mile trip to east London someday.
1577568 tn?1296945989 Sailing....I don't know of any "chats rooms" here. We all typically just talk back and forth here in the dialogue box. If you have something too personal to talk about that you don't want on this public forum then, as far as I know, there isn't a chat room that is private between only those in the chat room at the time.