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Avatar m tn Usually feeling of not getting enough air in your lungs and needing to take deep breathes to feel somewhat satisfied, this is usually related to anxiety and or panic disorder.It is possible to have mini panic attacks were you aren't even aware of it and you get this feeling. Anxiety is usually the number one, you may not know you have anxiety...it is a very common trait, sometimes feeling the need to contract your abdominal muscles in the sense of a twitch or a grunt can follow..
Avatar f tn It could be that the heart was so low because the heart was newly formed and just beginning to beat but that is just a guess. I want to give you hope that things could be well. Keep your feet up, drink lots of water and rest as much as possible with two kids running around!
1823499 tn?1370090289 Wish you the best, but as my DH once helped me understand silence is not always golden. Ask and you will receive. Hope you have a more relaxing day tomorrow. Best of rest.
Avatar f tn Monday the 10th was my first ultrasound I had had some bleeding before then mostly brown a little red once. According to my period I should be around 9 weeks. Baby was measuring around 6 weeks and no heartbeat. Doctor ordered me blood work that day and again today 48hrs apart to see if my hcg levels are rising if so pregnancy is viable I hope if not my baby didn't make it. I started to have red bleeding but only when I wipe and brown sometimes as well they come and go interchanging.
398302 tn?1202271127 Iam just saying the care n luv n support meant more and sunk deeper to my heart and mind while I was in the hell of a cold turkey w/d. I know after I was on meds on day 4 it was not the same. Even if I could go back I lessen the withdrawls I wouldn't. That why the post was titled " we need withdraw". And yes I know its different for everybody, and everyone is glad my way worked for me.
Avatar f tn I am sorry to hear of your past. I have too have a bad past and am now 6 weeks (ish) pregnant now.
Avatar f tn It was early on, 8 weeks, but I still loved him or her. I feel broken emotionally and physically. Can anyone share stories of hope?
Avatar n tn Hello everyone I became pregnant right after a miscarriage.i had my first HCG last Monday and it was 120. I had a second one Wednesday and it was 235. I had one Friday and it was 391 and I had one today Monday and it's 675. I really don't know how far a long I am because I haven't hada rangular cycle since September. I had an ultrasound today and they only saw a tiny echo ( small shadow) .
Avatar f tn Anxiety will cause heart rhythm symptoms in most of us, everything for stress feelings in the chest to strange beats. You seem to say you are very aware of the irregular heartbeats, does that mean you feel them coming from you chest, or do you have to feel for your pulse with your fingers? Is the beat heavy/hard, or just irregular? Can you concentrate on something enjoyable or at least distracting and no longer feel the heart beating? If yes, then I think anxiety is what you have to control.
Avatar m tn I'm a guy, and I'm 18, so I can't say I know how you feel, but my mother has had 12 miscarriages to this day, she managed 3 children, and we are all pretty good kids, what I'm saying is, when she had her miscarriages she was torn apart, as any caring woman trying for a family would be, but there is always hope...
1867254 tn?1320131601 Well, i'll start this off............ar age 6-12 I had awful headaches, and I would vomit nonstop (im not sure if this was due to stress...I just thought i'd throw that out there.. . at around age 13 I started getting severe, HORRIBLE panic attacks, afraid of death every single day 24-7 etc Saw some talk therapists, hypnosis therapists I refused medications ..The panic subsided and I went into this strange "dream" state floating..and social interactions were very awkward..
1590456 tn?1301566567 thanks, iiiiiiii started brown spotting today and im very worried , i think i have given hope this cycle but still there is a small hope in the corner of my heart lets c.
Avatar f tn 5 mg Tenormin this morning as my heart rate felt racing. What is considered a tachycardic heart rate? Are there any side effects from the beta blockers? So worried that I will need to reduce Levo dose as i feel less dizzy and tired on it.
Avatar n tn my friend has a piece of tissue in her heart that didnt fall off when her heart wasdeveloping in the belly so now she has pvc's she is only 30 and is at great danger no dr will help her they have bo idea what to do about her can anyone help me find a dr or clinic that will help
865758 tn?1285952904 my head just feels goofy. i'll be looking at something, and my eyes and head feel spacey, and then i get a dizzy spell. it's weird. i feel this way a lot. it happens when i'm sitting or standing. i've always been a little off balance, so it's hard for me to comment on that. i definitely zigzag a lot when i'm walking. i'm like a drunk. i had silent thryoiditis. i was hyperthyroid for months and had minor heart palps. then i went hypo really fast.
Avatar n tn It made me a different person. But I am ok today and while I am facing a new hurdle with heart issues, my thyroid is a thing of the past. So I know right now it seems as if you will never feel better, or beat it - but stay positive - live minute by minute if thats all you can do - but you will win. Good luck and hang in there!
Avatar m tn sorry about your problems ... but id like to add alot of us started off where u are now we were on pain pills for legitimate reasons and built tolerance ...could no longer get pain releif from a low dose etc . an addict as you put it does have problems you just dont know of them until you ask them .... if you ask u may be suprised!! i understand your hurting and angry that your pain isnt being treated properly arent we all .....
Avatar f tn I know of one off the top of my head GrannyJo6. Do a search of the members which can be found at the bottom right of the page. I know Granny had something like 2 relapses the last being in her 30's and then the most current in her 60's. She inspired me as I began my struggles with MS I'm sure there are others and hopefully some of the old timers here can point you to others with similar stories.