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Avatar n tn Not sleeping good. Waking up often. during the day need nap and usually wake from naps with heart palps. concerned that the meds might have swung me the other way now. I'll keep watching the symptoms.
675718 tn?1530033033 i am feeling alright now, hope is a wonderful thing to have, it will carry me through tough times.
Avatar f tn heart jumpin this am usually means af on her way :( maybe an implantation dip.....i hope so...
254382 tn?1214698670 This morning the heart palps started. I took 30 mg of Armounr instead of the 60. Called doctor in the afternoon. They said to stay on the 30 mg for another week. The following week to take 30 mg in the AM and 30 MG in the PM. Hope this works.
1186852 tn?1423660370 I've been thinking about the OPK's over the past few days! And, i've decided im not going to use them, i dont want to put too much pressure on TTC, so am just going to stick to the BBT temping, CP and CM. Using the OPK's is just a added stress i dont need right now, if im ment to fall pregnant, i will in time! There's no huge rush.....by the end of the year i hope to be pregnant!!
662085 tn?1331345560 I stood up from the ruble of the battle which had just tanspired. I found my arms broken and my mind was confussed. Although i stood over this enemy another wave was just over the horizan and i didnt have much time left to recover from this. I looked around and spoke "****!!, im screwed!" With out my arms i could no longer pick up my sheild and with this damaged skull I dont think i rember how to put my armour back on.
Avatar f tn That I am pregnant... my heart is racing just wanting to know...its emotional to think about so I try not too just hope for the best!!! :-) I'll be taking my first test 12dpo/ CD 26 tomorrow....I sure hope it would show up by now right?? What is the earliest u can test? Am I gonna do it too early?
Avatar n tn Calcium and magnisium can work wonders in this area, you may ask, how? Well a lack of magnesium can cause the heart to palpatate, youll be supprised to learn how much magnisium is important to heart function. Potasium at high levels can cause this as well, if your taking ace inhibitors for blood pressure, youll have to watch your potassium intake, a simple blood panel will reveal this, 3rd, anxiety, stress, fear of the fear syndrome can possibly cause palpations as well.
Avatar f tn is back to racing too fast, hope I don't have to up my dose of beta blocker, I am already exhausted and want to exercise so bad.
1742220 tn?1331356727 I did not think of that when i took this job i hope the loss of pay for spg bk will be offset b/c i have subbed a number of days and that is like 100 a day or maybe a little more i dont remember and i have been thinking about just moving all my stuff from storage in here even if it looks like a warehouse. a nd really try to get rid of some of it. most of it i dont miss tho i do miss my books and i have a ton of writing and old computers in there.
646512 tn?1224446192 Its been a month and today has been the best of the last 30. I feel hopeful and confident. I feel like this is possible. I can make better choices. I can do things differently. I am in control. For so long I've not felt like I could shape my own life. For the last few years since college I've felt screwed by fate. I've lived a reactionary life and I gave up on trying or doing anything that required real emotional energy. I did not believe that I could really follow through.
Avatar m tn Usually feeling of not getting enough air in your lungs and needing to take deep breathes to feel somewhat satisfied, this is usually related to anxiety and or panic disorder.It is possible to have mini panic attacks were you aren't even aware of it and you get this feeling. Anxiety is usually the number one, you may not know you have anxiety...it is a very common trait, sometimes feeling the need to contract your abdominal muscles in the sense of a twitch or a grunt can follow..
587890 tn?1295473081 This feels like today could be my 4th of July just got back from Dr and ultrasound shows a PRECIOUS LITTLE HEART that is moving to the beat of my heart , I hope it will pat for the rest of my life I LOVE THE 26TH OF JUNE
Avatar n tn i burnt 700 cals on the tready today. ive had 2 eggs and a peice of toast with nutella almost a litre of water and some tea. im getting on an eating plan.
Avatar f tn The success of our human race is that we can overcome failure.
Avatar n tn officially diagnosed with Bipolar today, to go on 250-300mg of quetiapine a day. Lots of self help techniques to try. Feel much more hopeful and motivated. Starting out on 75mg for five days then up to 100 and so on.
935606 tn?1329410209 My sister was the strongest person I know, when she was a toddler her mother put her in a fireplace and poured oil on her, my sister was burned from head to toe, her entire body was permanently scarred, she was taken to a brand new burn hospital in Texas where my parents heard about her story, they flew down to Texas and adopted her (my parents have adopted 7 of their 11 children) the dr's did many surgeries to make Cari's life easier, she has no fingers, the dr's managed to give her
1747084 tn?1311823073 After my boyfriend found this he made me read it immediately even tho I was in the middle of one of my many anxiety attacks. After reading some of the posts on this website it definitely made me feel like I can beat this and that I'm not going crazy. All this time I thought I was the only one who had anxiety as bad as I do but now I kno I'm not the only one and that if others can cope with it then so can I.
Avatar f tn small amount of hope still there for this month. I will take a hpt tomorrow morning.
1011428 tn?1250805257 t have to contend with this illness, that more and more is effecting every aspect of my life, leaving me drained, not able to give my full attention to the areas of my life that matter to me; school, work, friends. I sometimes feel robbed of life, not having the enery to live life fully with vibrancy.
Avatar m tn Went to get me something to eat on the way I started to have heart palpations really bad,scares me a little come to find I have what they call PAC.They say it's not life Treating ,well let's hope not.still scares the hell out of me.I have these every day at least 4 to 5 times a day or more.it *****!
1117710 tn?1281968785 Well i am suppose to start my period in about a week now. (Last 2 months i have started on the 2nd) I'm hoping the First cycle of Clomid has worked. We have been trying for 11 months to get pregnant and no luck at all. We got pregnant November 2008 and M/C in late January. Very har don both of us due to the baby not wanting to pass. I had to go into get a D&C and have the baby removed. So Iv'e almost tried everything to get pregnant.
1618923 tn?1300374294 I feel robbed of alot of things, but i try not to dwell most times. I try to tell myself that I may have these diseases, but they dont have me. some days, it becomes harder than others. one day, maybe nobody will ever ever ever, know how this feels.
Avatar f tn Sharing some light for all of us. Our situation might be too complex for some of us. but since it's already given that we are now a carrier, one choice that we could have is to carry on,stick it out and be more responsible. Who knows one day our cure will be develope which im still hoping after all being a 6 years carrier of hpb and still trying to act normal as how other people who does, which are not in our situation.We have to hope for what's the best.
3160177 tn?1343670531 Some go all their life with no symptoms how ever I started showing all signs and symptoms when getting pregnate @ the age of 19. They say pregnancy triggers the Chiari, and that's what happened in my case. I had been sick for 5 yrs doctors couldn't find anything wrong they said i was too young to have something wrong with me. I was driving down the road with my 2 daughters and woke up in the grass, That was the scariest time of my life.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I learned that there may be hope. That I won't have to live out the rest of my life feeling like this.
Avatar m tn I most truly hope you read this and realise that you are not alone out there, sure you are in a very lonely place, but there are others of us out here who are going through the same things that you are and that alone should help you get into a bit of a better frame of mind. I hope this post helps you in some small way, because knowing you are out there feeling even worse than me has put things into a bit of perspective for me.