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Avatar n tn “When we walk to the edge of all the light we have and take the step into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for us to stand on or we will be taught to fly.
Avatar n tn Okay, this is a simple explanation of "orthostatic hypotension". Suppose you're carrying a bucket of water on flat ground for a while. Your heart gets use to a certain amount of work to do this. Suddenly you start carrying the bucket of what up a long flight of steep chairs. You get breathless and it's much much harder to do. Your heart has to speed up to do the extra work. You may even have to stop and rest. Now suppose you're laying down or sitting down.
Avatar f tn last night expericed waking from a deep sleep with a start and awareness of a "darkenss" in the room - prayed and went back to sleep
1091564 tn?1257777788 Most of the day was good except for night-after dark, I didn't feel so well. Hard to put words on it, just darkness creeping taking over and suffocating so I went to bed at 7 pm.
Avatar m tn really stiff today... just took a hot bath...need some protein,,,eggs!!! just a really bad hangover from working my butt off all season.... i'm good, just have y to fix myself out of it. faith, determination, sacrifice, hard work and good decision making will guide me through it. so blessed to have my faith,,,,i must work harder so that i may shine. have darkness now, but i will be the light :) i will reach the destiny that god has laid out for me......
645800 tn?1466860955 Wow, that was powerful!! The soul of a song is all of this and more. It's that soul that helps us keep searching for all the love, happiness, healing, a way to grieve if we need to. I've played weddings, memorials, union meetings, protests - the soul of the song is all there! Thanks for that!
553647 tn?1216387242 In this world that surrounds us We sometimes brake down and fall Those who stand above us Can make us seem so small We tremble under the weight Of the problems that hold us down And when we start to collapse There seems to be no one around We try to fight in this world That always seems to fight back Sometimes we’re not strong enough though There are too many things we lack We’ll hide away in corners Put upon ourselves pain But there’s no escape from this life We all must suffer the same But
Avatar f tn Since the definition of pure us to be unmixed. So a pure heart would be one that never sinned or has ever let darkness in. To find a pure heart you need to find someone who knows nothing of the world and thinks only of rainbows and things. now if we want to be more kind and go off what most stories will use its simple some one who hasnt let evil in and although this may appear to be the same as the above its not.
1227784 tn?1293498993 my heart race increases, i shake violently, and i have trouble breathing. i sleep with several nightlights on. if even the slightest amount of darkness enters my room, i see strange shadows and hear voices. Lightning and Thunder storms are just as bad...if not worse. once when a storm knocked out our power, i began to shake voilently, and hyperventilate. i began crying and my heart about jumped out of my chest. I want to know if anyone else struggles with a fear like this?
1317224 tn?1378705134 I never thought I would be able to go off the meds and had come to terms with having to be on heart meds the rest of my life, so not having a-fib episodes in nearly 4 months and being able to be off medications is an extra bonus. It was a long road (and it may not be over) but at this point I am so grateful for being a-fib free and being able to feel truly alive (the meds were fatiguing for me).
1298588 tn?1330318981 Wow, I just ate lunch and my heart is POUNDING. Rate is OK but I can feel it thumping in my chest. This cannot be a good sign. I'm scared!
1003024 tn?1252580354 I am worthy of success and I can do all that God has for me to do. The desires of MY heart really matter to God. I know this to be true.
Avatar f tn http://tinybuddha.com/blog/starting-a-new-life-the-courage-of-a-seed/ by contributor Karen Mead “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” ~Lao Tzu At lunch the other day, a new friend and I were discussing changes in our lives and how everything feels very new and different. I remembered the most beautiful description Mark Nepo wrote in The Book of Awakening. Mark is a poet, and he sees the world through such a lovely light.
8664876 tn?1405610557 I had no idea that insulting someone means giving a different point of view on a particular subject. This group is outrageous and bias....... Thesaurus and reality check PLEASE! What is this? highschool! Warning me about deleting me over stating my opinion in a mannered way. Do whatever pleases your heart. Good day, med help & members.
Avatar f tn I agree with the ladie comment above. I'm 34 weeks n I'm dark In the same areas as u... With my first pregnancy I was even dark around my neck too lol its just a normal part of pregnancy:-) n when I was in labor with my daughter I wasn't worrying about anything seeing my stuff Bcus I only had my husband n my mom in there with me besides the nurses n doctors n I wasn't worrying about them I just wanted everything to be over with.
Avatar f tn i have dark marks on my thighs ans my butt and my vagina and i was wondering if there was a way that i could get rid of it so that i can look sexy for my man.
Avatar n tn Does anyone else prefer complete darkness when they are in the midst of a depression? I sit in my closet ( which my husband hates) or if it's night in my car in the garage. To me dark moods = dark places.
Avatar n tn Since then i have been living a normal life without any such specific problem other than missing heart beat occasionally. Now for the past couple of months this problem increases and happening freaquently. I also had Holter Monitor Test and in my consultant cardiologist's opinion the report is normal and nothing to worry about. But i am feeling uneasy in my chest and sometimes feels vomitting, palpitation.
1551327 tn?1514045867 i used to be on here alot about a year ago and the depression got the best of me and I just got out of treatment about a month ago. I spent ninety days there and I still wasn't really stable when I got out but I am alot better at coping with it.
Avatar f tn Wow sounds scary
1374969 tn?1321457490 Almost got pulled over this morning on the way to work... I turned onto a different street to see if they would follow me but they didn't. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.
Avatar f tn I agree with Margypops. Kids of 6 have very vivid imaginations and all kinds of things (even those wonderful Disney movies) can scare them. I would try not to worry about it as most kids will eventually out grow it. My 6 year old has had a light on (not just a night light but a 60 watt lamp) on evey night since he was 4. I'm not to worried about it as it sits in the corner of his room and it allows him to sleep peacefully. The lightbulb has gone out a few times and he is fine.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if the darkness of the line is indicative of how much hcg is in your system. I started with a very very faint line at 10DPO and it's gotten slightly darker but is still very faint. I did get a positive on a digital. I'm just surprised the test isn't getting any darker.
5944308 tn?1396478749 yes it's a very freeing experience....hard but it helps in the long run. You are doing great!
390388 tn?1279636213 I am so very confused. Very Sick, Emotional all day, yuk, not me!!!!! Heart feels like it's racing it's butt off 128/78 and 106, not bad maybe but wow... it feels it. Other days, it's sinking for me,. I don't get it. So tired of this and everthing and very sick. not like myself.??? Feling bad. ??? Just need fo figure it out. Frustration once again wow. Sorry just whining agian. Getting hard to cope with.