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Avatar f tn I have open heart 4 years ago they replaced 5 arteries I went for my yearly check up and now have a heart murmur is this normal to get so long after surgery and can the murmur be why I am sleepy all the time
Avatar n tn No, it's not bad news. It's good news that this was found and that you can get it checked out. A lot of people have heart murmurs that are considered "benign;" in other words the heart murmur doesn't mean anything and won't hurt the person. The reason for you to see a cardiologist is to make sure that's all it is. Probably you will go once and not need to go back.
748902 tn?1286034758 Well Im down 1.4, Im really happy about that.
Avatar f tn I'm 25 I was diagnosed with a heart murmur when I was 3.I never had symtpoms till now I feel tierd all the time and the other day I was playing basketball and my heart started beating fast and I ran out of breath it took me a while to catch my breath again.
Avatar n tn I am a 38-year-old woman with no previous diagnosis of heart murmur. I was under the impression that heart murmurs mostly began during childhood and that people "outgrow" them. I have exercised regularly throughout the past 25 years, and I'm in good health other than some joint and back pain from overuse and old fractures. I also occasionally hyperventilate when I exercise very strenuously for an extended period of time. Oh, and I smoke too (bad, I know).
Avatar f tn My echocardiogram result sys my heart function is normal with mild regurgitation of the valves producing the murmur,no intervention required and will monitor.I was perfectly fine in my previous physical.I'm breast feeding my toddler.I'm 5.4 and weigh 161pds.I was 153pds-156pds initially in nov 2010.I put on extra weight during the holidays. I'm very concerned.Is there anything to be concerned about.I'm planning to reduce weight.Can I excercise in a gym?
Avatar n tn Two week old infant girl diagnosed with a heart murmur. Eats and sleeps well, not in distress, examined by pediatric cardiologist and reassured should take care of itself within 6-8 months, but vomiting (not just spitting up) and losing weight. Need information regarding heart murmur and possible treatment.
Avatar n tn n hear the heart murmur but then i switched to a different one. she heard the murmur she said it was a squeaking sound.... they sent us to a cardioligist adn they said he has two holes one connecting the upper two chambers and another connecting the two lower chambers.. even though they said that they were small and the top hole is normal in most infants, do you think that the holes will close up? what will happen if they dont? is their any signs of distress that i should look for?
Avatar n tn He also gets bluish lips quite often when it is cold and coughs a lot after running (a dry cough). When he was 6 we got told by a hospital that he had a heart murmur we therefore went to a cardiologist, an echo was done and conclusion was that his heart was normal. We have tried giving him his ventolin prior to sport to see if this helps but it doesnt, he still gets very puffed out. Not sure what the answer is, can anyone shed any light?
Avatar n tn does Lyme cause heart murmur? And should I get this checked out by a cardiologist? (In other words, is this heart murmur anything I should be concerned about?) My internist doesn't seem concerned about it, but given the fact that she treated my lab results so cavalierly, I am not sure I trust her anymore. She also never told me what I should do when I finish the antibiotics - go back for another test? Help!
Avatar f tn I have a son that was diagnosed with a single ventricle, asd, vsd, transposition of great arteries. (He's had a modified norwood, sk damus, and glenn, waiting on fontan.) Along with this he has a history of svt's (on meds for this) and a murmur -- aortic insuffiency - decending. Otherwise he's a very active and thriving toddler. At the last visit his murmur by stethoscope was a 1/6 and been that way for a while. From what I've read this means minor.
1402901 tn?1283134912 Our dog has been diagnosed with a heart murmur. The vet said it's getting worse. She's about 5 or 6 pounds overweight and we only take her for short walks now. Her legs tremble quite a bit now and then. Other than low-salt diet and medication - what can we do for her? Thanks for your time!
Avatar n tn If your cat was diagnosed with a heart murmur as a kitten he had a congenital problem. Congestive heart failure is also a congenital disease. Your cat had this problem from birth. The neutering procedure uses injectable anesthetics which are usually not cardiotoxic (toxic to the heart). However, any surgery is a stress to the body, and stress could have expiated the development of worsening symptoms, or it could have just been coincidental due to the timing of the surgery.
Avatar m tn As your dog ages, all muscles in the body may become less toned. This reduction in tone includes the heart. The murmur may increase with age. Your best bet for prognosis is to eventually have a cardiac workup including echocardiogram, EKG, chest X-Rays, and bloodwork. Heart medications, if necessary are very effective and some can even help to prevent further deterioration.
Avatar n tn My questions and concerns are how can a heart murmur effect, bring about symptoms of depression? Is a heart murmur relavant? Thank you for your time and response. Dear Debbie, The link between the heart and the emotions has been described for thousands of years in religious writings and ancient medical texts. Increasing attention has been paid to the interaction of psychiatric disorders, cardiac symptoms (chest pain and tachycardia ), and cardiac disease.
Avatar f tn Went to the vet and toto has a heart murmur and jack may have something terrible.
4565515 tn?1373411085 I have a congenital heart murmur and I haven''t seen a doctor for it for about four years... I have been advised to see a doctor by a doctor but I can't afford it, I just wanna know how dangerous it is for me to keep putting this off and what exactly am I at risk to happen to me? Also my arms go numb when I try to sleep with them above my head and I was wondering if that has anything to do with my heart problems?
Avatar n tn ve read a lot about Heart Murmurs (especially since I was diagnosed with an Innocent Heart Murmur.) They can happen in anyone of any age. Apparently innocent Heart Murmurs are commonly heard in children, as their heart is so close to their chest. I went for all these tests of my citizenship. The doctor found an innocent heart murmur. Innocent means harmless, the heart structures and blood flow are normal - just noisy. No treatment is necessary. I went for echocardiagram, everything was fine.
Avatar n tn I've had a murmur for decades and never experienced any heart pain.
Avatar n tn Dear Srikanth, A murmur is a sound heard during the cardiac examination that sounds like a 'swoosh or rumble'. It may indicate one of several different things. The most common finding in children is what is called an 'innocent murmur'. In this case the sound is due to blood flowing through the normal heart structures. In other cases it may be due to a heart valve leakage or narrowing. Finally a murmur is sometimes due to a 'hole' between chambers of the heart.