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Avatar m tn Benazapril is normally used to treat dogs with Heart Failure or Kidney Disease....Are you sure it's just a murmur? The only natural remedy that I know of that has proved to help dogs with Heart problems is CoQ10..... Here's a link to explain: http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/ubiquinol-coq10.aspx Hope this helps....
1402901 tn?1283138512 Heart murmers are simply abnormal heart sounds. Many aged dogs have clinically insignificant heart murmers. But heart disease does occur and its progression and signs can be mitigated with medications and monitoring. Heart disease is a generic term which groups many different forms of heart ailment, many of which are treated and managed somewhat differently. To decide what is required, the following process is utilized. A thorough history (any coughing?, tiring easily?
Avatar n tn I have a 7yr. old Golden Retriever who was diagnosed three years ago with a "suspected heart murmur." This has now been confirmed, and the blood test result is in the "middle range" and the vet thinks it is a leaking heart valve. The dog is showing no symptoms whatsoever, and the vet suggests that it would be a good idea to start him on Vetmedin before he begins to show symptoms.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had a little chi that was diagnosed with a heart murmur. I ended up having to take her to a cardio specialist who placed her on Lasix, Enapril and Digoxin. Unfortunately, though, it didn't get any better and I didn't want her to suffer. I do hope and pray that yours being a puppy will get better though. Keeping you and yours in our hopes and prayers.....................
Avatar n tn Few days ago, she was diagnosed with Heart Murmur Grade 6. What should I do? She's my first pet and I want her to live.
1077239 tn?1255836526 Monday afternoon, we took him back to the vet and he said that his heart murmur is between 4-5. He said that there is not much we can do about it. My husband is not willing to pay for him to have an specialist to take a look at my puppy. The vet said that the operation could fix his problem with his liver, but that his heart isnt good and there is maybe nothing that we can do because the 2 major organs of his body is shutting down.. I don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn It is not uncommon for older dogs to have heart murmur's and be as-symptomatic. Especially smaller dogs. A heart murmur is nothing more then an abnormal sound when you auscultate (listen to) the heart with a stethoscope. The most common clinical signs that you see are the ones that your veterinarian described. Coughing and tiring easily. Their are 2 approaches one could take. First would be the conservative approach.
Avatar f tn He just started take Hydrocodone for coughing but I think that will just provide temporary relief as I read there is no cure for tracheal collapse, just things you can do to manage it. So will putting him on heart medicine stop the honking cough and is it possible he can have both heart murmur and tracheal collapse and the cough may never go away?
Avatar n tn The vet can listen to your dog's chest and determine if he has a heart murmur, take chest X-Rays, and ideally an echocardiogram. If these are normal, than your dog may have a seizure disorder. Seizures in dogs of his age can be due to infections, metabolic disease and unfortunately, brain tumors. A brain tumor can be diagnosed definitively by an MRI and/or CT scan.
Avatar n tn Happy and loving life one minute and lying on the ground dead the next... very shocking and heart wrenching. We think it must have been her heart, although she had had two episodes of seizures about two years ago, but nothing since. At her last check up the vet said she still had a heart murmur that could have been arythmiatic, but you would never have noticed it the way she ran and played hard her whole life.
Avatar n tn Hopefully some other members will have some personal information for you, but meanwhile, post your question on the Ask-a Vet board here at Med Help. Scroll down on this page and look for the link on the right side under "Related Expert Forums." I wonder if this is something that may eventually be able to be repaired with surgery? No doubt it would be expensive, but I'm curious since I don't know how far that sort of thing has come with veterinary medicine.
793908 tn?1294708709 Hearty Heart for Dog Heart Disease. A Natural Support for Canine Heart Disease It all sounds good but I am hesitant. Does anyone know of this site & if so please read the above 2 meds & tell me what you think. Does anyone have any other suggestions...Alternitive/Natural Medicine vs Conventional (my Vets choice of Lysodren) I am not happy at all with the thought of Lysodren. Julie is a sick dog with a multitude of problems. Feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind.
Avatar n tn I got an 18 mo old female Chihuahua from a breeder last week as a companion since my beloved Chihuahua died of old age earlier this year, and when I took her to the vet to make sure she was healthy, I was told she has a grade 6 heart murmur and likely only has months to live. The doctor took a chest x-ray and her heart is very enlarged and round. It's pushing her windpipe up. Right now, her lungs sound clear and she is not coughing.
10821430 tn?1439584483 X-ray tech said he had a slight enlarged heart no heart symptoms prior to him getting infection in lungs he ran barked and chased other dogs while he was there vet said no heart problems he saw no murmur strong heart beat.
Avatar n tn Ultimately, an echocardiogram (ultrasound) of the heart could be important to determine the cause of the heart murmur. I hope this has helped.
506570 tn?1215839900 I just took my 7 week old Alaskan Malamute puppy for his first vet heck and vaccination. The vet listened to his heart and immediatly told me he suspected a heart murmur. He comment that is was only slight and wanted me to bring him back a couple of days later to let the other vet who works there give a second opinion. Upon a second opinion, the other vet confirmed a heart murmur. I was not given a grade for the murmur.
Avatar f tn This makes interpretation of a heart murmur in an apparently healthy cat difficult. Does the cat have latent heart disease or no disease at all? Numerous studies looking at cats with heart murmurs and with HCM have been conducted and are difficult to interpret for numerous factors (different criteria for the definition of HCM, circumstances under which murmurs were heard etc.) It is not clear what percentage of apparently healthy cats are hiding HCM.
Avatar n tn Last March he wasn't acting himself. Our vet sent him to a neurologist. Surgery was recommended but he is 13 and has a heart murmur so we opted for the alternative of steroids (prednisone) and strict bed rest for 4 weeks. He was weaned off his steroids and we had a great summer. About a month ago, we put him on a short course of steroids after he was seeming painful. He developed pancreatitis and had a trip to the animal hospital for 2 nights.
Avatar f tn I took him to vets,he has an heart murmur and some kind of blood disease,that is destroying all his red blood cells,he has had massive dose of steroids,the next 48hrs are crucial,thanks for your feedback.
Avatar n tn If your vet doesn't know what this excessive coughing is in relation to chf dump her quick. There are few dvm's who are heart specialists but the one I took my dogs to put them on furosemide (lasix/waterpills), enalapril and Vetmedin. The first two are pretty cheap, like $15 for a month or two's supply; the third is pricey and I'm monitoring to see if I see it really is making difference.
Avatar f tn i thank you soooo much for your responses regarding my 11 yr old beagle - shih tzu mix with the 2-3 asymptomatic heart murmur. i am going to purchase the nordic naturals fish oil and start this dog on them, as well as my other 2 dogs (11 and 12 yr old dacshunds). my 11 yr old long haired dacshund has some arthritis and stiffness and a year ago we started giving him a supplement called "joint strong" and he has much better mobility then he did before.
Avatar m tn As your dog ages, all muscles in the body may become less toned. This reduction in tone includes the heart. The murmur may increase with age. Your best bet for prognosis is to eventually have a cardiac workup including echocardiogram, EKG, chest X-Rays, and bloodwork. Heart medications, if necessary are very effective and some can even help to prevent further deterioration.
Avatar f tn I would however say, if there's doubt in your mind, leave it and keep reassessing as time goes on. Your dog's age, the congestive heart failure and other health concerns are certainly major issues - and complicated ones too. The amount of medications are another problem, because there may be interactions between them that will further affect your dog's health. Over time, this volume of medications will likely also cause other issues.
Avatar n tn She is not eating very much and her weight drops way below average. The Vet said has to put her on heart med to stabilize her heart then might be able to remove her infected teeth. There is a possibility she might not survive during the operation. Her heart medication bill is a continuous treatment. The vet said we have to decide whether to put her to sleep. It is very hard for us to watch her suffering.
2186126 tn?1384961026 Our family had to give up a couple things to be able to afford his treatments but our dogs a member of our family so we don't mind. We are actually putting him back on the Vetroyl but at a lower dose. This way we will continue to treat the symptoms but not cause him to develop Addison's disease. We will continue to treat him for the rest of his life ( he is 10) because we have seen the amazing difference in his quality of life while being treated!!!
1916673 tn?1420236870 If I can keep her happy, eating, playing, and doing what dogs do in life, I think that would be the best. Does anyone have suggestions on diet to entice her more? She will eat the prescription diet but has her good and bad days. At 10 lbs the vet doesn't want her to lose more weight. I will bring that up at vet visit also.
Avatar m tn Dogs usually like the doggie toothpaste better. As for the heart murmur, the treatment depends on exactly what type of heart defect is causing the murmur. Since your vet predicted that the dog would start coughing, and the dog has in fact started coughing, I take it that it is not a benign murmur. In my nonprofessional opinion, most likely the murmur is due to valve disease, and the cough is a symptom of congestive heart failure.
Avatar f tn It is your call as to do the baseline tests now – it is certainly a good idea. Also, heart disease in dogs is a bit different from the major cause of heart disease in people. We are concerned primarily about coronary disease. This can lead to sudden death due to coronary obstruction. However, dogs major cause of heart disease (besides congenital) is valve insufficiency leading to chronic congestive heart failure. (CHF) It sounds bad but remember it can be mild or severe.
Avatar m tn Despite all this the vet said he is not in heart failure yet but is on his way. So we've decided to start him on medication, we just got the meds yesterday but I'm waiting until tomorrow to administer, I just want to give him and us one more normal day before we start on this medication journey. We were initially prescribed lasix (liquid form), enalapril, and vetmedin.
Avatar n tn Is there any way I can help him get better especialy with the heart murmur and liver? He is recently on 1 tab Salurex [deuretic] and 1 tab Thyroxin in the morning and 1 tab Salurex and 1/2 tab Forhtecore 25 in the evening.