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Avatar n tn As far as the murmur goes, I xray quite a few babies with heart murmur and have yet to hear about a complication with the murmur. And these babies have become regular patients of our department. They come in to check up on their progress and happy to say that every baby and young child that comes in has had no serious problems. I wish the best for you and your child. Take care. I hope this message sent some comfort.
Avatar n tn A heart murmur is simply a symptom. Heart murmurs can be completely benign (meaning, they cause no harm at all) or a symptom of a very serious heart defect. If you have a concern about a heart murmur in a newborn, the baby's doctor would have to tell you what they think suspect the problem is from. Most heart murmurs can simply be watched, if there is no other accompanying symptoms of difficulties present with the infants health.
Avatar n tn What are the odds of a heart murmur this severe? How long would the surgery typically take? What is the mortality rate for newborns who undergo this type of surgery?
1374347 tn?1279166992 My advice would be to be persistant with the doctors, at birth I was told me son was fine, had a heart murmur but that is common in newborns, I kept insisting something was wrong, they sent us home. At 11 days i went to A&E with him and was told that because I had a horrid pregnancy I would not accept he was well.
202436 tn?1326477933 In most infants this opening closes very quickly after birth, but it is common for it to take longer. It can be heard with a stethascope as a mild heart murmur and really does typically go away as the infant matures a little bit. So relax and enjoy your nephew!
Avatar n tn My first was born with a VSD and has a residual heart murmur, my second also has a murmur and I imagine in short order they will notice on in my third. The VSD closed in its own with my first and the murmurs have been ruled "innocent" all have nursed well. My husband has a heart condition and our boys are likely affected by genetics. I agree with the others, get together with a lactation consultant about the latching issues. They are most likely not related to the heart issue.
1527052 tn?1291677559 My 2 day old grandson has been diagnosed with a heart murmur and we have been told he has too much oxygen in his blood. His eating habit is good, however after feeding his little burp is more of a man size belch coming from his feet. What would cause too much oxygen and how bad is this rare condition.
932329 tn?1245432435 ) He's beautiful, and healthy. His doctor is slightly concerned about a Heart murmur, but informs me that it is not unusual for newborns to have them, and He seems to be doing very well. Sorry for all the details. I just thought I'd update. I was curious. Those of you who have had an episiotomy how long did it take you to recover? And those of you who had epidurals how long did you have a backache, or a headache (if you did)? What could help make me more comfortable during this time.
Avatar n tn Sorry, ran out of characters. He's doing great, only issue is that he has a slight heart murmur. The peadiatrician doesn't seem too concerned, but has referred us to an infant cardiologist who we see on Friday. Has anyone had any experience with heart murmurs? Congratulations to Blondie on her new bundle of joy!
Avatar f tn A hole in your heart (heart murmur) is actually very common in newborns and usually resolves on its own. In some cases, the baby requires minor surgery, but it most often is asymptomatic. I was born with a murmur and it healed on its own. I am a nurse and this was one of the things I was surprised to learn in nursing school.
Avatar f tn After birth, it is usually detected by a heart murmur. It would be very unusual for an ASD alone to cause the death of a newborn, and in fact, it is uncommon for an ASD even to cause severe symptoms in babies or young children. ASD's are typically closed after the child is two to five years old, if they don't close on their own. But you mention "and Congenital Heart Disease" so there may have been more serious heart abnormalities, in addition to the ASD.
1303813 tn?1303162962 I wanted to add that I was born with a heart murmur. It was considered an innocent murmur, meaning that it wouldn't cause me any trouble. I had an echocardiogram at 17 to check on it, and it was still there. I had one at the beginning of this pregnancy to be safe and it had corrected itsself. There is a chance he will have a murmur, but his ped will inform you that he has one and let you know if it is innocent or requires some form of treatment/monitoring.
Avatar m tn Ventricular septal defects (VSDs) are indeed a very common form of congenital heart disease. In a full term baby, a 5 mm VSD would be at least moderate in size. Clinical symptoms of excess blood flow to the lungs, with rapid breathing and poor weight gain generally would not begin until the lungs relax. This occurs several weeks to months after birth. Depending upon the location of the VSD, there is a chance that with time it can get smaller, or even close.
Avatar m tn tested him for strep and decided it was Scarlet fever, possibly Rheumatic fever. With his heart murmur we have been going through those procedures as well. His knee started working w/in a week and then he was fine. Periodically his foot will hurt at a certain spot or different spots in his body. He was clear of strep as of Nov 6th and then Jan 15 realized he got it again. NO signs at all except for a weird feeling in the top of his foot. I only took him to the Dr.
Avatar f tn , and that no other abnormalities were noted. The doctors noted a loud murmur, heard easily all over her chest. She was quite small, being 5 lbs 15 oz, full term. Otherwise is doing great, gaining weight, good color. However, what I'm wondering, while her color is good and she's gaining weight, I do notice that she has occassionally gotten sweaty, her feet are often cool, and that she very often seems to be breathing fast.
Avatar n tn I guess this is common in bigger newborns? He came around though in a little over a day though. He also has a heart murmur which is going away and he has a small ASD hole in his heart about 2mm, the doctors have said though he will not require surgery as it is so small it poses no risk and should close by the time he is 4 or 5. Here are a couple pics of my lil uh er big boy. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/madisonscreations/Levon004.jpg http://img.photobucket.
Avatar f tn She has had a problem with peripheral cyanosis for quite some time now, but it actually didn't start until she was almost 4 months old. I know that it can be common in newborns and very young babies, but my daughter is almost 8 months old, and she has SEVERE cyanosis. It affects her hands and feet severely, several times a day they turn dark purple/blue, and the darkness/mottling extends up her arms and legs. Sometimes they're cool to touch, sometimes not.
1611319 tn?1378621999 All her organs, with the exception of a heart murmur (both girls have) and a slight hole in her heart. Her cardio feels that it possibly will close on its own. Re-evaluate in 6 months. She will have lip repair, muscle reattached, and skin tags removed hopefully in July at Christus St. Rosa Childrens Hospital in San Antonio, Tx. They were delivered early due to my DIL already had borderline and her platelet levels began to really drop.
559187 tn?1330786456 lol They start talking about my cholestrol, GERD, IBS, asthma, heart murmur, and all of the operations I have had in the past. Doc #1 goes on to say that the family history is extremely interesting. Doc#2 states that the whole family seems to have weakness. Doc#1 says that I had a Trendelenburg's gait, and that I was unable to tandem walk. Doc#2 said that my genetic results were somewhat confusing. My one son and I both have an abnormal chromosome 16.
Avatar n tn this is normal for C-section. My friend has only one kidney, had gestational diabetes, heart murmur. At this time, she is having the third surgery since the c-section. She is septic, has two illiostomies, and we are being told that all they can do is keep going it to "remove" the infection. Does ANYONE know what would cause perforations in the bowel during pregnance? Is this caused by the c-section? (her tubes were tied at the same time).
Avatar f tn He has also been checked for a heart murmur. They told us that he couldn't take his medicine with soy, peanut butter and several other foods because they bind the hormone and don't allow it to absorb. Did your endo. tell you that? We had to be sure his formula was soy free. But we were blessed with the fact that he took right to his formula and never had a problem. It is so great to be able to talk to someone who understands!