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Avatar f tn s a heart murmur which comes and goes. I have had a test done and they said that the heart murmur is caused by a leaky heart valve, Could the pain in my chest be caused by the leaky heart valve and is it anything to worry about?
Avatar f tn t risk anaesthetic until they knew if the murmur was innocent or caused by leaky heart valve. Oh well, what will be will be............................ Hope you keep well and don't have too many episodes of AFib. Take care and thank you so much for your responses.
Avatar n tn I believe most heart murmur conditions are caused by a leaky valve or chamber wall. In the case of the wall, I think that is the type murmur that people can "grow out of", i.e., as the child grows the heart leakage grows shut. I have never seen anyone comment on physical trauma causing a heart murmur. I would guess there is no correlation to the accident you describe and you having a murmur.
Avatar m tn I have a double heart murmur. One valve opens up too fast and one opens too slow. i am very very concerned about cardiomyopathy when i heard it was caused my murmurs. will i die from that? i am only 15. my parents have murmurs as well and to their knowledge, cardiomyopathy does not run in the family. HELP PLEASE!
Avatar n tn Heart murmurs should be watched, but sometimes there is no changes in them for years even 15 to 20 years. My mom had a heart murmur that she was born with (the aortic valve) and hers did not change for over 40 years.
Avatar f tn It could be a flow murmur, which could be innocent or a leaky valve murmur. An ECHO will help detect leaky valves. Flow murmurs can occur with conditions like anemia, which can also cause tachycardia. If it a leaky valve murmur, there could be different clinical outcomes. If this is mild, it may not need any therapy now. As you have been investigated, discuss all the possibilities with your doctor and clear your doubts. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I posted on this site a few weeks ago when at pre-op assessment for shoulder surgery I was told I have a heart murmur and have to have an echocardiogram to eliminate the possibility of murmur being caused by leaky heart valve before they will operate I also have paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation. Today on a visit to my own doctor I asked her to check my heart out.
17198695 tn?1454506553 I eventually went for the test they send you to, some sort of echo I believe it was called, and was then diagnoses with a leaky heart valve of some sort by my doctor once the results came back. He didn't seem overly concerned at all and told me that it was still okay for me to exercise if I wished to. However, since then I can't stop thinking about this condition, and I only know about it from what I've read myself on Google since the doctor didn't really explain anything to me.
Avatar n tn Hey, Generally what they refer to as a heart murmur/leaky valve is called mitral valve prolapse (MVP) most people don't even know they have it--and it may never cause any issues/discomfort. In some cases it can cause chest wall pain but I have been told by the cardiologist that they don't know why. The heart palps or skipping a beat or what I describe as "my heart beating hard and shaking my body"...I was told was premature ventricular contrations.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the reply! I have other symptoms, such as the bleeding under my nail bed. They look like little slivers of blood. They've been present for about 8 years now, almost continuously. I have never had a murmur detected before, but have had my heart checked a few years ago. My daughter is 18 & has a leaky valve, along with a murmur. She was born with hers & her first symptoms began at the age of 10 months. I wonder if that's hereditary? Thanks again!!
Avatar n tn Years ago I was told I had a heart murmur at age 22 when I was in my 30s had an echo done showed I had mild MVP with only the posterior part not closing then in my 40s had another ECHO done which showed mild MVP with mild dilation of my left Atrium, and a leaky tricuspid valve with an EF of 70%.
Avatar n tn My 17 year old son was going into delayed entry program with marines and they found a heart murmur. Took him to doctor, ordered an ECG, came back abnormal, Sent to have an Echo done. Red flags sent up and was told to stop all isometric exercises. Pediatric cardiologist was not available so they sent him to adult cardiologist. He sent us to have a CT scan done. Upon that he sent us to a geneticist. The geneticist ruled out any connective tissue disorder.
Avatar n tn I suffered from a leaky mitral valve, asymptomatic except for AFib, and lived with treatment only for AFib for several years. Conclusion: a leaky valve isn't a big problem if nothing else goes wrong...in my case the leaky mitral caused an enlargement in my left atrium that was becoming dangerous. I had mitral valve repair last November. Not sure this story helps, I send in as one testimony to living with a leaky valve until it caused some serious problems.
Avatar f tn I was told that I have a systolic murmur. Is a leaky valve associated with the blood pressure. Can any body highlight me with some information. I am waiting for my echo result on following monday. The technician told me that I have a systolic murmur in one valve. Can an echocardiogram tell if there is a leak in the heart ? Can somebody please write about this. Thanks for your precious time.
Avatar m tn Yes, Jerry - this originally showed up on the "Birds" forum here on MedHelp. There are many animal/pet forums available. Not sure why it started out there but I'm glad it was shifted here.
722116 tn?1230656321 He was born with lung and heart issues and spent the first 2 years in Childrens Hsp in Cinci, Oh. He was diagnosed with Laringomalcia, Trachiamalcia, A heart murmur. A heart artery that crossed his trachia that made his asthma worse than normal. We fought for years to keep him alive. He began to get better as he grew. Began playing sports at age of 6, with mom holding all meds on the side lines. Has played ball up to this year, where we have had a battle keeping him well.
Avatar f tn My other doctor said I could have a heart valve problem caused by the heart murmur. Can this be possible? Also I have Rugby practice next week and I have to get my echocardiogram this Friday, will it be safe to go to practice? Also, when I found out I had a heart murmur, I still went to practice and my heart was beating even faster thatn it usually beats when I exercise. It waa still beating faster even several hours after practice.
Avatar n tn A fit more about me, my left atrium was continually enlarging due to a leaky mitral valve, thus making my heart more susceptible to AFib. This was a known condition, but here the question was: should I try to live with the leaky valve or take the risk of open heart surgery. The valve answered that question by failing so bad surgery was mandatory. But, it seems too late to stabilize the left atrium size such that NSR could again be invoked with a shock.