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Avatar n tn I adopted a beautiful, solid black, 4-year old, female cat from a veterinary office a little over a year ago. Granted, we already had two older cats and a young dog, we knew that adding yet another cat would take them some time to adjust. That was over a year ago.
Avatar n tn Some cats have had heart murmurs all their lives without any apparent problems. The only really good way to identify the cause of a heart murmur in cats is an ultrasound exam. For this reason, it is best to have this examination done by a veterinary cardiology specialist. I'd go with the specialist. You didn't mention an ultrasound, so you may want to start thinking about it. X-rays are not helpful in determining the existence of a heart murmur.
Avatar n tn The clot is formed in the flaccid heart and travels in the circulation until it becomes lodged in an area in which it is too large to pass, causing a blockage. Most of these cats with a thromboembolism do not recover. It is not lucky for your cat to have cardiomyopathy, but it is lucky that it was discovered since your cat can now be placed on heart medications which will hopefully prevent embolis formation.
Avatar m tn He may also have feline heartworm disease since it is estimated that a good 2/3 of cats with persistant cough and other lung/heart symptoms have feline heartworm disease (in certain high mosquito areas). And of course there could always be concurrent lung disease such as asthma. I assume that Scruffy is not on any heart or lung medications at this time, but these medications can be very effective in prolonging a good quality of life.
506570 tn?1215836300 I just took my 7 week old Alaskan Malamute puppy for his first vet heck and vaccination. The vet listened to his heart and immediatly told me he suspected a heart murmur. He comment that is was only slight and wanted me to bring him back a couple of days later to let the other vet who works there give a second opinion. Upon a second opinion, the other vet confirmed a heart murmur. I was not given a grade for the murmur.
1507801 tn?1289853453 my cat loki has a heart murmur that is grade 3. he's had it for about a year now. he is 6 1/2 years old with no other issues other than needing to lose a pound or two (he weighs about 14lbs). i don't want to pay for an echo because he's health and happy and i won't make him undergo surgery or pills for the rest of his life, but i was wondering if there is anything i can do to prevent it from getting worse. food i should try or vitamins or whatnot....
53833 tn?1234996629 Have you ever looked into the cause of your cats heart murmur? Sometimes, bad teeth will cause an infection on the heart valves. The bacteria in the mouth travel to the heart and settle on the heart valves. It causes pockets of pus to form, and the valves will not close properly. An antibiotic could improve the heart murmur a lot. This also happened with my cat!! It might be worth asking your vet about this. I hope your vet has already told you about this!!
Avatar f tn If the doctor reacted by listening a bit harder, ordering some follow-up tests, and suggesting alterations in lifestyle, then the murmur is more pronounced and will need to be monitored closely. In young children, it is not uncommon to have a pronounced murmur correct itself over time.
Avatar n tn Good day overall! Took cats to vet, worried a bit because Timmy has some heart murmur which might mean he has hyperthyroidism - more expenses in cat meds. Also besides being deaf and slightly senile he may be losing his vision. Bummers of owning a senior cat.
Avatar f tn A few years ago my dr found a strong heart murmur which is being monitored. Apparantly I have a small hole that they cant see on ultrasound. Could the allergy medication have done this? Should I be on the lookout for other organ damage?
Avatar f tn I'm 25 I was diagnosed with a heart murmur when I was 3.I never had symtpoms till now I feel tierd all the time and the other day I was playing basketball and my heart started beating fast and I ran out of breath it took me a while to catch my breath again.
Avatar m tn Well, I figure I should just keep on writing.... My daughter was recently diagnosed with a heart murmur that gets better upon standing but is significant when lying down. She is 3 years and 5 months old and has never been diagnosed with this in the past. She also doesn't seem to get overly tired when playing. I'm kind of freaking out about it.
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Avatar n tn A Functional Murmur is an innocent murmur, where an organic murmur is often pathological, and indicates the blood is having difficulty getting through the heart or that the heart muscle itself is beating in an unusual way. Your pediatrician should be able to identify a functional murmur, where a pathological murmur would require a cardiac specialist to determine it's cause and severity.
Avatar f tn The doctor heard a heart murmur and I have another apt in a week to get it evaluated. I have been doing a lot of research online and I found a lot of info but what I keep finding that in adults, a new murmur is likely to be abnormal. I have been trying to find statistical information to see if I am likely to have an innocent murmur or an abnormal murmur. I am 30 years old, and I have no health problems. Only migraines that I recently started having.
Avatar n tn last visit gave us changes...we were told my son had dilated aortic root, significant murmur,enlarged heart...not real clear if murmur is new or risidual murmur from patches..is there reason to be concerned...my son has been very tired recently and had pale gray color..says he has son chest pain occasionally..
Avatar f tn I don't know what they mean by abnormal QRS based on the settings in the machine? An abnormal QRS could have many underlying causes including heart block. Also, the murmur is a sound, but the severity of the murmur isn't listed. You don't say if you have any symptoms. You are dealing with the weight issue, but the stress is just as high in risk.
Avatar f tn Chris had open heart surgery when he was 3 months and is now 4 1/2 years old. he still has a 1/6-2/6 murmur but is an innocent murmur now. just a word of caution. fevers and running can cause the murmur to be louder so let say your ittle one has a grade 1/6 murmur and he gets sick and your doctor says he can hear a grade 2/6 murmur please don't worry like I freaked. no one told me fevers can cause the murmur to be louder.
Avatar n tn ALL babies are born with a heart murmur caused by a hole in the heart which usually closes up on it's own during the first year of life. Those types of murmurs are called Functional Murmurs and are nothing to be concerned about. Some babies have structure problems with the heart where different types of murmurs can be heard; those babies often times require surgery. The doctor is the best judge on whether or not the problem cna 'wait' or needs immediate attention.
1232362 tn?1333135406 I'm trying to remain optimistic but prepare myself, Bob doesn't seem to well. He won't eat now, he took his meds like a champ. He's not hiding or anything..vet concerned he may have a weak heart that we didn't find at earlier visits because cats don't show a murmur and he's having trouble handling the extra stress. Please think good thoughts for my little guy.
Avatar f tn she said just to keep an eye out for symptoms and she will listen to his heart when he comes in for routine shots, etc. as i said, my dog is very active and has absolutely no symptoms of a murmur. here are my questions: is a wait and see approach ok for something like this if he has no symptoms? would he need heart medication if he has no symptoms? are heart murmurs ever misdiagnosed by a veterinarian (saying he has one when he does not)?
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Avatar n tn t related to her vomiting, although, heart failure related to valvular heart disease can cause abdominal symptoms. I would recommend getting a cardiology consultation and obtaining and echocardiogram. The vomiting should be worked up by a gastroenterologist.