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393709 tn?1295964416 Will someone please tell me what all these codes mean before I have a brain hemorage?! REALLY, I don't get them. There must be some person out there that can break the code for me. C-mon! I had a rough day, screaming kids, running late, now I have to stay till like midnight. Someone take pitty on me. IAC ( my new code for I am clueless).
Avatar n tn click on the windows button on your keyboard - start button on desk top, then, programs, accessories, system tools, character map. Once here, click on the character you are interested in and it will tell you the code to display it (use the numbers on the key pad - not on the top row).
5509293 tn?1428531475 m aware, the code used is generally justification for the type of tests the doctor wants you to have, and has no relevance to diagnosis as such but what your being assessed for eg heart disease = heart disease code, unspecified demyelingating disease = demyelingating disease code, MS = MS code etc lol did that make sense? Cheers.........
Avatar n tn t laugh, I took an electronic communications course where I had to compose 3 sentences using nothing but abbreviations and keyboard made emoticons. I should have come on here asking for help,lol! Ever seen an email or text written by a teenager, it is as if they have their own universal code...
Avatar n tn A full code means that every measure is taken to keep a person alive. This could mean intubation and being placed on a ventilator to assist with the work of breathing in the event that respiratory failure is present, be given medications to help sustain life (such as in extreme shock or blood loss), and being shocked or defibrillated if the heart stops breathing, as well as dialysis. I know that there is a more detailed version of what a full code entails, but this pretty much summarizes it.
1742220 tn?1331356727 ya. so its late, midnight, and the biggest hurdle ive faced lately is lack of sleep but i love the night so much and i don't feel like going to bed! wah i am relieved that DT is just being a azzhole (sorry ppl) bc i thought after a couple of days in office he'd have brought the world to a screeching halt and killed everyone. phew. give him time tho. anyway when i listen to NPR / news, so far my reaction is always "Oh, he's just being himself he's being a azzhole.
Avatar m tn Would their be a risk if I rubbed my eyes after typing on my keyboard if their was some fluid but I didn't seem to see it only after rubbing my eyes, this happened more than an hour after I came back from my lunch break, if someone has tampered with my keyboard and computer, could there be a risk of Hiv after I rubbed my eyes and touched them with my hands pretty hard after I has watery eyes, if it was blood or semen
366811 tn?1217422672 Some folks have reported to me a little problem they have experienced when originating a PM to someone. You know the little box (see picture) where you put in the random letter code? The reason for that little exercise is to keep "bots at bay." "Bots" are software robots that explore web pages looking to pick up emails, personally identifying information -anything useful to someone who would like to exploit you financially or worse.
Avatar m tn If I type in anything but one of the new Office programs it seems as if my keyboard is going bad and I miss letters and spaces and such unless I type really slow. I am now trying to go back to before I loaded the beta version but wanted to warn others it may NOT be a good idea to install the Office 2010 Beta at this time.
1438412 tn?1315507919 This asked me to enter code but where code should be there was nothing
Avatar f tn I know I'm not loosing it. To send a message to someone on a discussion, you have to copy a code. If you can't get the code correct, you don't get through. Again, I don't understand how to read or put the code down correctly. O really hope I'm making sense.
506791 tn?1439842983 ...from 0700 CDT, 9 July, 2009 until near midnight on 14 July. I'm making an unplanned visit back east; had an overwhelming feeling I need to see my family and Anita agreed. Think good of me and mine, as the feeling I had that if I didn't go back now, someone of great importance wouldn't be there if I waited until the trip in October to see another niece wedded. Short notice tickets weren't as bad as I thought they might be.
Avatar f tn Alrighty. Just to keep track: "Exercise" means I had sex. "BCP" means I got shot down because he was too tired and/or busy.
Avatar f tn I love REBOX and I especially love using the codes to get FREE movies. Here are the current codes in case anyone else needs them! Here are the current Redbox FREE rental codes! Each code can be used once per card (so if you and your spouse both have a credit card, you can each use the codes!
Avatar f tn I have been in contact with our community manager and she has come up with some fun ideas, as well as my good friend JSGeare. The first little idea is mine, I call it keyboard art. I came up with this idea awhile back while working in a very busy and sometimes a stress filled environment. My office! lol When I would have to submit a report that I was sure would....well ....lets just say not make my boss real happy!
Avatar n tn I don't understand why you sit pounding away on a computer keyboard instead of going to the ER to be examined by a doctor. Left side chest pains can be associated with heart or lung problems, or something originating from your stomach or gall bladder. Having blood sugar levels of 425 mg/dl can elevate heart issues too. Get off the computer and go see a doctor NOW.
Avatar n tn which method is best for patient having 1 block in his main heart vessel with 70-80% block??????????
1187071 tn?1279369698 I got ahold of a cop the first one I saw and told him I lost my son and told him what all he was wearing and they did a code adam on him. They had all the cops out looking for him. The whole team and the coachs and me and my husband and daughter was out walking the whole town looking for my son. I was so scared and freaking out. I couldn't find him anywhere and all this nasty stuff started going thru my head. One of the coachs got in his car and drove around looking for him.
406412 tn?1217438384 ..... and maybe you could locate the 'Caps Lock' key on your keyboard?
Avatar n tn Her first code was 8 hours after surgery and they had to do an emergency reopening of her incision in the ICU room to get her heart beating, and to remove a blood clot near the heart. Her longest code was for 32 minutes and occurred after a procedure to close a hole in her heart that is hard to detect, and was suspected a few days after surgery as they could not stabilize her. She is still in the ICU and suffered mild to moderate strokes, but she seems to be mentally aware.
Avatar n tn I am a 30 year old male that runs all the time. Just a few months ago i started to feel my heart skipping a beat mabey once a week then fijnally last week a big "off rythem" beat that lasted about 5 seconds. No pain when i run or exercise,I have also recently done a stress test along with a EKG that was normal. Now i just started running hard in the beggining of 2008 year ,and have not run at all in over 10 + years before this( only weight lift).
Avatar f tn I have a question about feeling a weak puls in the neck and wrist, i have done all tests like, holter test, echo, and the stress test. When i feel the weak beats i know that it is a sinus rhytim but it scares me, because i'm scared that my heart is not pumping enough blood through my body or that my heart suddenly can stop with pumping because off the weak beats. My question is. Is it really important that you pulse can feeling weak, should i be concerned about this ?