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579258 tn?1250649343 Happy VALENTINE'S DAY!!! I think this holiday should be dedicated to YOU! It is your caring hearts that make this such a great support community and a place where we can all come, be honest about the struggles and successes we experience, and not be judged .. but helped with suggestions, tips and information. You eagerly and freely encourage each other and motivate each other to succeed. You should be very proud of yourself and, on this special "Heart" day ..
11446880 tn?1442927720 I was so certain I was 10 weeks 4 days (based on my own ovulation tracking) but yesterday at my dating ultrasound I was 9 weeks on the dot! Baby was moving around heart beat of 179BPM and measuing 2.28CM! I wish I was actually 10w4d but as long as baby is healthy!! Looks like it will be a Valentine's baby!!!
1984089 tn?1349482899 would like you lady's to give me some ideas if you can i want this to be special i dont want to buy i would like to make something from the heart do you lady's have any ideas any input would help alot
Avatar m tn If my heart checks out ok, what else would cause the palpitating, or irregular heart beat? How can I be sure, my heart is ok and that I am not having a heart attack? I have been to the ER like 15 to 20 times with these symptoms, and an ekg looks very good, but yet the symptoms continue. Please help!!
404138 tn?1308941656 Just curious, how will you all be spending Valentine's Day? Do you even celebrate it, if so what are your plans? Doing anything special, out of the ordinary, how will you show your other half how much you love them. V-day to me used to be a big deal, but now I dont get why its even a holiday or w/e, just a way for hallmark to make more money, or just a day to show your significant other how much you love them(which should be shown everyday) not just VDay.
Avatar f tn m going to continue exercise and healthy eating, but not with the intent of losing weight. So hopefully weight loss will be easier post-pregnancy. I'm seriously so excited! We weren't trying (not preventing either). My entire goal for being here to lose weight was to have another baby. Happened a little sooner than expected but we're ecstatic!!!
164435 tn?1377102256 t expect much, since he has to leave for Maryland today to bury his step-mother (God bless his heart)...so this year, I forgive him...Love...now that's what Valentine's Day is ALL about.... I want flowers AND chocolate... next year! Happy Valentine's Day!
Avatar f tn Happy Valentine's Day.
Avatar f tn Good luck i was induced last friday and had my munchkin on Valentine's day.. good luck wishing you a healthy and safe delivery. ..
Avatar m tn Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day too...and a healthy one! Take it easy afterward.
Avatar m tn Mine is today and i have no signs of Labor...but that could change at any moment...Wish u a safe delivery and healthy baby...anytime now!!
Avatar f tn I got induced on the 13th and had my baby Valentine's day morning. ..
284738 tn?1283106819 this Valentines day is certainly a special one for Matt & I.. our first v-day with lil miss aubree.. : ) ... Last years v day kinda sucked cus I was pregnant .. fat and vomiting.. yea not much romance there... *aheem .. did I give ya a good enuf mental picture? * Anyway.. so this year we are going away for valentines day to the poconos.. i'm super excited... the gift I want to get df is kind of a toss up... its either I get him his favorite cologne... or some type of chocolate...
21064 tn?1309308733 hi I found a website with great recipes that are heart healthy. I found one on coffee now if that is not a great thing for me. A heart healthly way to drink coffee. The name of the site is www.mayoclinic.com. Key in heart healthy and they have recipes for deserts too:) I have not tryed it let but i think I am going to try the coffee drink.
Avatar m tn I have one pre-existing heart condition; an enlarged heart. My heart itself is only slightly narrower than half the width of my ribcage. I believe anything wider than half is considered a serious danger sign. My resting heart rate is 74bpm. I have tested this regularly over a period of weeks. My blood pressure is 130/90. So do these figures put me in a real danger zone?
8571628 tn?1399056444 Nov 6th! 13 wks today, hello second trimester!
11294269 tn?1422402907 I am 13 weeks and 2 days and the woman who did the sonogram said baby's heart is beating at 153 abandd is doing great. What's the normal range?