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1901568 tn?1339091941 s got a new valentine and its so important for the daddy daughter valentine which is totally the same as a mommy son valentine...im 16w4d with daughter #2 so i dont have a valentine (other than hubby) and he's gonna have his hands full!!!
215752 tn?1278004771 Girls i wanted to wish everyone Happy Valentine Day. Hope you have a day full of love with the people you love. Wishing that everyone has a person + on the next Valentine.
1650006 tn?1333909714 Theres definatley a baby in there and only the one!. They dated me at 6 weeks instead of 6 weeks, 3 days!. We saw the heart flickering but unfortunalty it was too early to hear it so will have to wait until the 12 week. It's finally set in know. it's definate, im going to be a mummy!!! Wooohoooo. Oh and also because they dated me earlier im now due 13th Feb, day before Valantines! yeay!! Very VERY happy right now.
776572 tn?1360290739 Still eating healthy meals, but been indulging in too many treats since Hallowe'en! Am going to try to cut down on sugar/treats. Should also help my immune system.
Avatar n tn Yeah, I noticed when I got up this morning, my heart was racing, and I had a bit of trouble catching my breath. I keep finding myself trying to inhale as much air as possible also. Trying to take it in and then kind of sigh... Before my "attack" happened, I never had that problem, but ever sence then, its just been insane. I try to take my mind off of it, but its really hard. I dont have a family history of heart conditions or anything...
1062553 tn?1546909310 i just feel my husband dose not love me by the way he treats neighbors better than me.
Avatar n tn yeah, so I am a bit nervous, I havent been to the doctor, but I still have trouble breathing it seems like, after my "anxiety attack" happened about 3 months ago. I have a wierd feeling in my chest, almost like butterflys... a bit of stomech pain, and sometimes I have pain radiating from my right arm to my left, and theres almost like a pressure feeling in my chest... on the left side, sometimes the pain shifts to the right side. help?
Avatar f tn Happy Valentine day to you all. I hope you guys have a nice wonderful day on Valentine days.
Avatar m tn Today is Valentine and he called very early, played a joke on me and said that the Valentine card that I bought him (a little risky (lol)...he accidently let on his mother's counter last night, forgot it, and she read it! I was shocked then he said, "just kidding"!!!
Avatar f tn I found the healthy dog foods you recommended and some healthy snacks too. Thanks again for putting me and "Buddy" on the right track.
Avatar f tn A box of Valentine chocolates to each of our fabulous February anniversary honorees: specialmom - 7 years!, 4 years - Relationships, Healthy Cooking Sandman2 - 5 years - ADD/ADHD teddybears4ever2 - 5 years - Epilepsy JGF25 - 4 years - Parenting Young Adults (18-26) nutz19 - 1 year - Pregnancy 25-34 Thank you for all you do and have done for MedHelp members over the years!
Avatar m tn Once again no valentine.
214607 tn?1287677559 HAPPY VALENTINE LISA!!! I am glad u are busy but i sure do miss you!!! How is the sub going???
579258 tn?1250649343 Happy VALENTINE'S DAY!!! I think this holiday should be dedicated to YOU! It is your caring hearts that make this such a great support community and a place where we can all come, be honest about the struggles and successes we experience, and not be judged .. but helped with suggestions, tips and information. You eagerly and freely encourage each other and motivate each other to succeed. You should be very proud of yourself and, on this special "Heart" day ..
Avatar m tn Hi peeps I'm a new bee too the forum so be gentle .....I'm 5 days off fentanyl now.I take Valentine for the pain In my arm and back which was crushed in an accident but I c don't know if it's a good or bad thing switching to them.wot do you guy's think.cheers....
Avatar n tn I believe its the same healthy diet which any heart disease patient should adhere to as much as possible. Omega oil fish, lots of fruit/vegetables, low fats and oils etc. Cakes/biscuits etc are for occassional treats only. Can I ask you, can you hear your valve when in a very quiet place?
Avatar f tn I'm due feb 2. Second baby. Hoping as well mine would be a Valentine baby. Husband (which I love) ***** at Valentine gifts lol I'm 9w2d today. Waiting on insurance in order to get a check up.
Avatar m tn There is now no question that your oral health can affect your overall health, including your heart health. Regular check-ups by your dentist should therefore become a priority for you and your family. (see http://www.calgarydentist.ca).
Avatar f tn You can google food for heart patients. There will be links to food to avoid, food that is helpful....but always check with your doctor and have appropriate blood work done before following any of the research suggestions from any source. You may have comcomitant health issues, an allergy, etc. and your doctor may place certain restrictions based on your over all health.
Avatar f tn what are the best dental treats for dogs?
Avatar n tn Just giving my two cents like the others . . . this will be the first Valentine's Day that my husband will be in town in about 3 years. He travels for work and last year he was out of the country. He's missed a few of my birthdays as well. I don't get mad personally. I know in my heart that he would rather be with me but has to do what he has to do for his job.
Avatar f tn My boy and girl will be here any day now via c section! I'm due on the 28th but could possibly go into labor around Valentines Day (36 weeks) says my doctor. I'd love to have Valentine Babies! I'm anxious, nervous and excited all mixed together. Anyone else in the twin club and/or due this month?
1419501 tn?1320206310 s eyes when he finally say the heart beating away.
Avatar m tn If my heart checks out ok, what else would cause the palpitating, or irregular heart beat? How can I be sure, my heart is ok and that I am not having a heart attack? I have been to the ER like 15 to 20 times with these symptoms, and an ekg looks very good, but yet the symptoms continue. Please help!!
Avatar m tn I have read that supplying your body with nitric oxcide will clear heart desease and insure beter heart health.Is this correct?If so then is there anything you would recommend that suplies nitric oxide to the body?something that does not require a perscription?