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1901568 tn?1339091941 s got a new valentine and its so important for the daddy daughter valentine which is totally the same as a mommy son valentine...im 16w4d with daughter #2 so i dont have a valentine (other than hubby) and he's gonna have his hands full!!!
Avatar m tn Today is Valentine and he called very early, played a joke on me and said that the Valentine card that I bought him (a little risky (lol)...he accidently let on his mother's counter last night, forgot it, and she read it! I was shocked then he said, "just kidding"!!!
Avatar f tn I found the healthy dog foods you recommended and some healthy snacks too. Thanks again for putting me and "Buddy" on the right track.
579258 tn?1250649343 Happy VALENTINE'S DAY!!! I think this holiday should be dedicated to YOU! It is your caring hearts that make this such a great support community and a place where we can all come, be honest about the struggles and successes we experience, and not be judged .. but helped with suggestions, tips and information. You eagerly and freely encourage each other and motivate each other to succeed. You should be very proud of yourself and, on this special "Heart" day ..
Avatar n tn Just giving my two cents like the others . . . this will be the first Valentine's Day that my husband will be in town in about 3 years. He travels for work and last year he was out of the country. He's missed a few of my birthdays as well. I don't get mad personally. I know in my heart that he would rather be with me but has to do what he has to do for his job.
214607 tn?1287677559 HAPPY VALENTINE LISA!!! I am glad u are busy but i sure do miss you!!! How is the sub going???
Avatar f tn I'm due feb 2. Second baby. Hoping as well mine would be a Valentine baby. Husband (which I love) ***** at Valentine gifts lol I'm 9w2d today. Waiting on insurance in order to get a check up.
Avatar f tn You can google food for heart patients. There will be links to food to avoid, food that is helpful....but always check with your doctor and have appropriate blood work done before following any of the research suggestions from any source. You may have comcomitant health issues, an allergy, etc. and your doctor may place certain restrictions based on your over all health.
Avatar m tn If my heart checks out ok, what else would cause the palpitating, or irregular heart beat? How can I be sure, my heart is ok and that I am not having a heart attack? I have been to the ER like 15 to 20 times with these symptoms, and an ekg looks very good, but yet the symptoms continue. Please help!!
Avatar f tn My boy and girl will be here any day now via c section! I'm due on the 28th but could possibly go into labor around Valentines Day (36 weeks) says my doctor. I'd love to have Valentine Babies! I'm anxious, nervous and excited all mixed together. Anyone else in the twin club and/or due this month?
Avatar n tn I believe its the same healthy diet which any heart disease patient should adhere to as much as possible. Omega oil fish, lots of fruit/vegetables, low fats and oils etc. Cakes/biscuits etc are for occassional treats only. Can I ask you, can you hear your valve when in a very quiet place?
285848 tn?1219092313 Ok so I got some ideas...but I really want some good healthy recipes that will not be completely ruined by a beginner! I want something easy that I can't really mess up...So I am going to grill some marinaded steaks on my george foreman...I will make some healthy loaded mashed potatoes...and maybe some garlic toast. Other then that I am lost...he's not a huge salad fan but he does like some veggies. He loves corn, broccoli, and likes green beans too...not together but seperate lol.
Avatar f tn I think im due around the 14th will be nice to keep in touch x was told today im 6 weeks seena little heart beat was so lovely x
535822 tn?1443976780 I am having folks coming for thanksgiving and I wanted to have some good yet healthy dips out, I have tried a spinach dip this last week which was okay but needed a kick, I used low fat sour cream and a packet of the dip powder..what else can I add to it and has anyone any other good recipes I can serve with veggies for appetisers ?
5900973 tn?1396064391 Ii am naming my daughter Anaiah and Valentine for her middle name after her dad, from what I understand dats a boy name but I don't care what anyone has to say about it. I love it Anaiah Valentine......Good luck.
996946 tn?1503249112 My new kitty, Tommy, is thriving, filling out from being so thin, really coming into his own. He is a joy to be around, really a perfect cat in every sense of the word. I do have two concerns. First, he does beg for food. He acts like he would eat anything. I'm strict about only allowing him cat food...but I do buy every flavor of those Friskies Temptations. We give them to him 3-4 times a day. He loves them all but I'm wondering if he's eating them in place of his food.
Avatar m tn Dead easy! Just get a piece of nice lean meat or liver. Cook it (boiling is best as no fat is used in cooking it) When it's cooked, just cut it up into tiny pieces. Then you can keep it in a tupperware box, or a jar in the refrigerator (don't keep it for more than 3 days) If you need some treats for training, or out walking, just transfer some to a plastic bag to put in your pocket. Some dogs love a carrot to chew on. I had a dog once who LOVED carrots.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm a 35 year old healthy female who underwent a partial thyroidectomy in 2004 due to a benign tumor. I have had my thyroid levels tested yearly and appear to be in the normal range. The historical results I can remember are: 6/22/05 Free T4 was 2.1 and most recently 1/26/09 Free T4 was 0.9 and TSH 1.15.
1901568 tn?1339091941 So I'm getting my hubbie and my little Eli both a Valentine this year! I am tryingto get matching teddy bears for them. Any ideas if that falls through?
Avatar n tn Webb goes way beyond and treats the underlying cause and detoxifies the gut and treats the ENTIRE body. Adrenals included. I've found out from him that several of my neurotransmitters are out of wack and I'm on natural herbals to stimulate those, such as my serotonin levels. Also, he tests and treats for TH1/TH2 dominance.