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Avatar f tn How bad is tuna for you while your pregnant? My honey made tuna casserole for dinner and I ate a plate of it. Should I be concerned??!!
5898681 tn?1392221010 Is it ok to eat canned tuna? My mom made tuna casserole & i really want it.
63984 tn?1385437939 I recently had a surgical procedure called a Nissen Fundoplication to control GERD as well as arrest what is called Barrett's Esophagus, a precancerous condition. The procedure involves cutting the top of the stomach and wrapping the dissected material around the esophagus... needless to say, diet after the surgery is challenging, and for quite a while. Complicating the diet issue, I have heart problems that call for a low fat, low salt diet.
Avatar f tn Tuna casserole and chocolate covered strawberries!!
Avatar n tn Sounds yummy. It is 9:20 here in Canada Ontario so dinner was hours ago. I made a tuna casserole and a garden salad. I had to check how much tuna I am allowed before I ate it.
Avatar f tn Nothing beats reheated tuna casserole, right?
Avatar f tn Shortbread biscuits Orange cordial Tuna Casserole (tuna, chips, onion, cheese) fish and chips + pineapple fritter perinaise pub squash apple
Avatar f tn Veggie casserole, tuna casserole. You can even make pre made meal like those hungry mans. My mom makes hers for lunches for work.
Avatar f tn My doctor said tuna is fine as long as you don't eat it more than twice a week. And its good for the baby to get those nutrients. I made a tuna casserole the other day and my family loved it. I don't usually like tuna. But I'm glad to be able to give my baby those nutrients he wouldn't otherwise be getting. Fish is especially good for the baby toward the end of pregnancy because the dha helps with their brain growth and development.
Avatar f tn That sound really good
Avatar f tn Also there are a lot of great healthy casserole recipes that require cooked chicken. I will put the chicken in the crockpot with my preferred seasonings before work, and by the time I get home, all I have to do is assemble the casserole and put it in the oven! That chicken also tastes good on a homemade salad if you start to feel too lazy for a casserole :) I hope th is helps!
4624236 tn?1357891407 Mexican food was a fave of mine when I was pregnant, not Mexican fast food but from a great restaurant near us. Meatloaf. Tuna casserole. Baked chicken.
464337 tn?1237651655 YUM - I like to put tuna in and peas in mine and make kind of a cheesy tuna casserole. Put tonight I think it is just Mac N Cheese w/ chicken or fish (haven't decided yet).
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Avatar n tn I could eat a plate of pasta, such as a casserole, and if there is 1 ounce of tuna in the dish, my urine will smell of tuna for the next couple of hours. No big deal. Also, I'm male so it's not my vagina or a UTI. It's just tuna. You are what you eat. A.H.
Avatar f tn While i was pregnant, i ate a lot of salads with diced chicken, apples with peanut butter, granola bars, rice/chicken/corn, tuna casserole, rice cakes, oatmeal with bananas, cucumbers and ranch, yogurt with granola, carrots with ranch, scrambled eggs with bacon and diced onions, grilled chicken tacos.
7601195 tn?1406663344 Since ive been pregnant ive been craving fries pickles ice cream and tuna noodle casserole. What cravings have you other moms have?
Avatar f tn Med iced coffee - Tortilla chips - Cottage cheese - Yogurt - Almonds - Mozzarella cheese - Spaghetti & meatball - Crackers & hummus x2 - Tuna noodle casserole
Avatar f tn Some suggestions I have for you, Since my husband was trying to be healthier for a while, ( I am Underweight, so I had to eat seperate meals than my husband, but this is what I did for him) Eat Lots and Lots of Chicken, and also tuna. They are High on Protein ad low on Fat. If you are looking to loose weight and like the taste of grapefruit, My husband lost almost 50lbs in a 6 month period by eating one grapefruit and drinking one glass of grapefruit a day.
8377023 tn?1399509160 I have been eating spicy food and everything and never got it.
1076976 tn?1333558365 Binged last night on cheesy tuna noodle casserole, which made my gut pain much worse. Partly constipated, partly diarrhea/mucous.
1082155 tn?1268675169 If you do decide to have tuna, stay away from the Albacore, which has a higher mercury content. Stick with the chunk light, which was recommended by my OB who also said that 6 oz or less per week was fine. I'm not a tuna person myself, but there is certain fish that I miss and can't wait to have after DS is born!
304970 tn?1331425994 Tuna Casserole, minus the tuna and add chicken, so chicken casserole, with corn, peas and garlic bread! And then following pumpkin pie i picked up at Costco! Yum....